Brawn and Glamour Trailer Debut

From the stars who brought us Hope & Regret comes a new web based series, Brawn and Glamour. That’s right folks, Smallville’s Justin Hartley and Passions’ Lindsey Harltey are back! Check out the trailer above and then visit You Tube to comment and subscribe.

Word has it that Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and Passionsstar Kim Johnston Urlich (Ivy) joined the project and will be appearing on the show.

WARNING: If watching at work you may want to turn down the volume or plug in an ear phone. The Brawn and Glamour trailer includes swearing.

Thanks to LondonMami for the tip!

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    It does indeed.

    Lindsay should do more comedy – we’ve never seen that aspect of her acting [on Passions] before. I just love the crazy guy who walks in the house asking if everything is fine. He’s the best!

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