General Hospital Night Shift: Robert Scorpio Returns!

We dished yesterday that Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio) was heading back to Port Charles via Night Shift and now official word comes from the actor himself.  On his official message board, the actor relayed the news to his fans.

OK, this is now the worst kept secret in SoapOpryLand. I start in NS sometime in the first week of July. I come in at the third episode and I am absolutely delighted about this. Took a meeting with the EP and HW and the story sounds great.

I will not be making any regular posts regarding the show or answering any questions for sometime. As much as this is a part of GH I have a totally open mind and intend to keep it that way. Working with Kimberly and Jason will be wonderful.

And thats it.


Daytime Confidential wishes Tristan a very happy return. 

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    I’m very excited Robert Scorpio is going to appear on NightShift2. I’m still a little apprehensive after what happened to his character on GH – but I’m hopeful.

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    NOW I’m officially intrigued about NS2! And is it wrong that I get a little thrill over Tristan’s “As much as this is a part of GH I have a totally open mind…” diss? He rocks.

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    NS is better than GH. The problem is that the show was created to center around the night shift at the hospital, surrounding stories around the hospital. Is it me or was GH centered around the hospital at one time? I am excited and I will watch but why dont they just make a separate show around the mob and get GH back to what it was in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. 

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    NS had pretty good ratings last summer. How funny would it be if it ended up doing better than GH (most likely in the demographics)? I will definitely be watching since Robert and Jagger will be back!

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    I think this is the effort to give the mob their own show: General Hospital. NS seems to be what I remember Gh use to be and what I have been begging for Gh to be again. If they want to give me what i want in its own prime time Soapnet show I’m fine and freaking dandy with that. Robert Scorpio is back? Sans Members Only jacket I hope (LOL)? Thats one more reason I’ll be there. Now, please announce that Leslie Charleson has been signed and that Rachel Ames and Denise Alexander will AT LEAST be on recurring and I will no doubt WET MYSELF in uncontrollable joy.

    The Daytime Diva, Daytime Confidential~ ABC Edition, View from the Recliners Edge

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    Regan Cellura

    Well, Rachel Ames retired… so I doubt that’ll happen.  I believe I did see a mention that Denise may pop up on GH in a scene with Nikolas.  Leslie C. may get a scene on GH as well, Tracey may be paying her sister-in-law a visit.

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