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Welcome to Daytime Confidential’s first ever Top 20 soap star ranking. Since this is the first time we’ve published the DC Top 20 you may be wondering what it’s all about and how this list was determined.

The DC Top 20 is based on the raw data of Daytime Confidential from May 15, 2008 – June 15, 2008 and will be published after the fifteenth of each month in the future. It is not subjective or based on the preferences of any Daytime Confidential contributor. Each and every one of the stars that made the list has done so because you, our loyal readers and listeners, have determined it through the use of Daytime Confidential.

Needless to say our results generated some surprising appearances and even more surprising omissions. Any soap star, past or present, is eligible to make the list. Every TV network is represented and their shows eligible. Whether or not a star appears on the list is determined by the interests of visitors and not a subjective requirement that each show be represented.



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    I use to be a big Jason Morgan fan back in the day, but the way the Guza has been writing him lately, the character has been a unemotional bastard for the past few years and I and the fans are sick of how Jason and Sonny is hogging all up GH’s s/ls and time and not getting to still be a part of the Quartermaine family all these years. I feel the show needs to rehabilitate Jason so the fans get to know and like him again or at least back burner him for awhile, lets hope


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    I have no idea how you compiled this list. Was there a survey that I missed? I have a daily appointment with DC and have not missed a day yet. I never saw anything regarding a Top 20 List to comment on. First of all, it seems like it was put together by your ABC crew because there are hardly any CBS or DOOL actors on here. VANESSA MARCIL as #1? She is NOT even on a show now. I don’t think any actor who isn’t currently on a soap should even be allowed on this list. Who made these rules – too many cooks with not enough ingredients? in fact, many of the actors on the list are not currently on air. Where are the great, brilliant veteran actors? And, like I said , it is incredulous that the list is so tilted towards, not just ABC, but GH, in particular. This list is a piece of fluff and absolutely no research whatsoever went into this. Once again, any actors not currently on air should be off of this list. It is biased and seems like Bob Guza/Frons themselves had a hand in it. This is an absolute low for this website. I want the rules intricately explained, how this list was compiled since it was glossed over in the intro and I will have to think twice about taking other things on this website seriously. Vanessa Marcil as #1 is laughable. What about Kim Zimmer, Michelle Stafford, Erika Slezak, Peter Bregman, Christian LeBlanc? These are the real actors on daytime. My Top 20 would be based on talent, story for the year and passion for their craft. Very frustrating for a fan of great soap to see so many bad actors and non-characters on this list. What so-called data was used? Have you ever seen a Forbes list that wasn’t based on actual, real data and research? I think not. This list is most definitely fan-fiction.

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    I just re-read the post and the fact that you are so mysterious about how this list was put together tells me a lot. More then half the list are actors from GH or who used to be on GH. 1 B&B actor, 1 Y&R actor who is not on the show. I do no think actors from the past should be allowed on a monthly Top 20 list. It should be based on talent, story, ratings and use for that month. Something is rotten in Genoa City when the #1 rated show has zero current actors on this list. and even into the Top 50, yet another past actress, Adrienne Leon, makes it. She is not on the show anymore. I don’t like her replacement anymore then most fans but she doesn’t belong on this list. This list seems to have been compiled by GH nuts who still think that show is good when it’s one of the worst shows on today, along with GL and ATWT. I think your readers should have more imput. This is the most unscientific, fictional list of anything I have ever seen. Like I said in previous post, you guys need to take a lesson from Forbes magazine and their lists. I am very, very disappointed in DC today. I love this site and it never fails to entertain me. So I guess you could say that today you made me laugh really hard with a really bad joke. I mean seriously, who put this list together, the GH fan club? Either explain the rules better, change them or just drop this silly attempt at having an unbiased, serious list. I will not be reading next month’s, I can tell you that.

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    This is an interesting list. The first two, Vanessa Marcil and Beth Ehlers, make a lot of sense as they have been generating a lot of talk and speculation about their futures. I was surprised that Caitlin Van Zandt made it in at #3, but good for her. I imagine this list will fluctuate wildly based on the topics du jour.

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    Regan Cellura

    I believe the list is based on clicks… i.e.  what our readers are clicking on.  Vanessa Marcil was the #1 Actress/Actor, not necessarily the #1 topic.  I am sure once Luke is available, he will clarify.

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     I don’t agree with any of the listings but then again its based on clicking on stories.  
    PS Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams would be my top 2 and the rest would the cast of OLTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I love jason morgan, and even thogh he sometimes annoys me
    with his decision, i cant stop watch him every day.
    and probably when he will get toghther with liz, they both will be higher in the chrts….

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    This list is determined by what you, the readers, are reading. It’s based on the stories you are clicking on and the links you are using. It is as unbaised as the readers of the site are. 
    The list is computer generated and we have nothing to do with how it comes out. I actually think it is very accurate with what is happening in daytime and with what our readers are reading and commenting on. 

    As for the comparison to the Forbes list, they would have compiled the same exact list from the same raw data we used. There are no rules or polls. There is no way to influence what the Top 20 is. Basically, it is all up to what you, the readers, are reading. 

    SO go to it, comment and read as usual. We’ll see what pops out next month :)

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    Luke Kerr

    This list is based on raw clicks. On who our readers and listeners are looking up based on their interest in a star. There is no fancy formula based on all kinds of different criteria. Simply who are the most clicked on stars within DC according to Google. Stat’s wise Vanessa Marcil has double the amount of clicks than Beth Ehlers at number two.

    In addition, I do not think that it is improbable or unlikely that General Hospital or ABC stars would comprise a large chuck of the list while past stars of shows such as Rowell and Leon would appear A) ABC content is DC’s strength. We are working to improve our CBS and Days coverage but ABC is our strength. B) ABC shows have the largest online fan bases looking for information and any regular visitor to DC knows that ABC content gets more clicks and comments than any of the CBS or Days content. C) People are always more interested in who isn’t on the show and wanting to find out when or if stars such as VR or AL will return. I would be very surprised to see VM at the top of the list should she return to GH and then leave again.

    This list seems to have been compiled by GH nuts who still think that show is good when it’s one of the worst shows on today, along with GL and ATWT. I think your readers should have more imput. This is the most unscientific, fictional list of anything I have ever seen.

    No one other than myself compiled the list using the data straight from Google. Believe you me, If this were "fan fiction", as you put it,  a whole bunch of people wouldn’t be on the list and more than likely Rebecca Budig would be in my Top 10. lol

    KingTV just because you don’t agree with the results or the data they are based on doesn’t make them untrue and or us liars.

  10. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I can understand disappointment when our favorites don’t make “Top” Lists, but maybe it’s best to just really look at what this list is. It’s not a “Best of Daytime” or an overall indicator of popularity/quality on soaps. It only takes the DC site into account – and when you look at it that way, the list seems pretty accurate.

    The DC site is ABC/GH content heavy, so it would make sense that those are going to be the “top clicks.” The more blogs on certain characters/actors/shows, the more of those fans you’ll be attracting, the more clicks they’ll get, the higher they’ll rank in DC’s list. So in that sense, the list seems pretty spot on.

    Now if this was a Best of Daytime list, then I’d have something to argue about! :D

  11. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    Now if this was a Best of Daytime list, then I’d have something to argue about!

    Oh most definately! I would be arguing with this list as a Best of Daytime. lol This is in no way shape or form a Best of Daytime list and we have not advertised it as such. We said up front that the DC Top 20 is based on "Whether or not a star appears on the list is determined by the interests of visitors."

  12. Profile photo of KingTV

    I never called anyone a liar. Since DaisyClover so easily explained what I couldn’t get across is this list is not the Top 20 BEST of daytime. And yes, I understand ABC show fans are quite a rabid bunch when it comes to their shows. So, I concur. But if that is the criteria then it is not a list or a science that I am interested in. Thank you for the clarification. Now it makes perfect sense to me why I would not understand the need for something like this. It comes down to being a popularity contest, like in high school. I wasn’t popular in high school. I was getting called names like “faggot” and “queer” and getting beat up in the hallway.

  13. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    I’m not sure if I should be insulted. To have something like a simple list equated with discrimination and slurs takes the fun out of creating it. 

  14. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I don’t think you should feel insulted. Maybe confused. I know I am.

    A top 20 – Best of daytime list would also be a popularity contest since it would be subjective. My top 20 list would be completely different from many others. I only ever really watch ABC daytime so my list wouldn’t include any actors from other soaps. There are folks out there who have never watched ABC soaps so their lists wouldn’t include anyone I would put on my list. The list that is generated here is much better because it simply rates interests of the fans. I have clicked on plenty of stories about Vanessa Maril. She is a personal favorite. I have also clicked on actors who I don’t particularly care for but I was interested in where their stories were headed. I am interested to see how the list changes from month to month.

  15. Profile photo of Kacelee

    I love lists so I think it’s a great idea for a list. I like the fact that it will probably change as the soaps and characters/actors change unlike polls where we are all devoted to our favorites and no matter what we would vote for them. This seems to give credit to the people that are causing an interest or having click worthy articles. No popularity contest. Great idea!

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