BREAKING NEWS: Kristoff St. John Wins Supporting Actor

Congrats to The Young and The Restless’ Kristoff St. John on winning Supporting Actor.

Supporting Actor

  • Trent Dawson – As the World Turns
  • Daniel Cosgrove – Guiding Light
  • Brian Kerwin – One Life to Live
  • Kristoff St. John – Young & Restless
  • Greg Rikaart – Young & Restless

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    Rockets GL

    Muze, how does he always wins this category??? If you read my earlier post, it’s been 16 years since his last Emmy win which was Best Younger Actor category. It’s usually Rick Hearst from GH winning the supporting actor awards, Kristoff may had multiple nominations in this category but his win last night was well-deserved.

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    Yeah, since when does Kristoff always win this category. He has deservedly been nominated a lot but has always lost out to the Ric Hearsts and Justin Deas’s of the soap world. Not that they did not earn their wins but this year Kristoff earned his. His reel was power-packed with great acting. Drinking at Indigo when Olivia arrived and catches him and then up on the cliff saying goodbye to the love of his life and soul-mate. Pretty powerful stuff. I know many people thought Trent Dawson should have won but his reel was weak if you ask me and comedy rarely gets you a Daytime Emmy award. Soaps are dramas not sitcoms. I could see Mr. Dawson on one of these CBS 3-camera sitcoms that they still produce and he would be wonderful but based on reels, Trent did not shine the way Kristoff or his cast mate, Greg Rikaart did.

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