Tess Is Back and She’s Pissed!

One Life to Live’s Tess is back and she’s pissed! Check out this new promo. Welcome back Tess, we’ve missed you!

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    Wow, Ron wasn’t kidding when he said killing Nash would kick off some good story! Tess is back (love her!) and summer will be crazy with Tess vs. Natalie in full swing – and not to mention how the feud leads into the 40th anniversary episodes!

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    OMG! This looks AWESOME! Leave it to Todd to publish a story about his own neice in The Sun. I had to freeze the video, but it’s The Sun and it says “Mayhen at funeral: Widow accuses Sister and Boyfriend of murder”. Leave it to Todd to exploit his own family like that. Vicki will NOT be happy! So sorry Nash had to go, but at least it’s creating great story.

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    LOL, not that I’m saying this won’t be a good story, but let me quote from my site’s Soap Cliche Bible ( http://www.soaphunks.net/cliches.php#V ):

    Viki/Niki Principle. The concept of split personalities is fair game for all soaps, but the Viki/Niki Principle is specific to OLTL. At least every three years, either Victoria Buchanan Davidson or one of her offspring must develop a sinister alternate personality.

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    I haven’t watched OLTL in awhile, but I love, love, LOVE Tess. If she’s back, then so am I.

    Psst,……GH take notice, fans like stories not just random plot points strung together with obligatory violence and recycled lines.

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