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Here’s the Scoop!  06.26.08

Is it a Dead Ted re-do?  Remember that drug dealing storyline when Emily, then played by Amber Tamblyn, woke up after a rave and Ted was dead in the bed next to her?  It was a great GH storyline, where the teen set consisting of Nikolas, Emily, Elizabeth, Lucky and Zander engaged in a huge cover-up and hid Ted’s body in a freezer.  Then Gia joined in as Emily’s blackmailer.  Why am I bringing up Dead Ted you may ask?  Well with Logan’s death on the horizon the RUMORS are all over the place.  The LATEST? That Logan has been dealing drugs (I always wondered where he was getting money) and somehow that’s all tied into his death. 

RUMORS are pointing in ZaCrazy’s direction as the one who orders Logan’s death.  Is he doing the killing himself?  Not sure.  All Anthony cares about is that Logan dies and Johnny doesn’t take the fall for it.  Where do the drugs play in?  There were RUMORS that Lulu is drugged and thinks she was the one who killed Logan.  NOW, I am seeing that Maxie may play a larger role than just helping with the cover-up.  Will Maxie find out that Logan is a drug dealer?  Possibly.  There is some TALK that Logan and Maxie get in to it and Lulu witnesses Logan getting a little too angry with Maxie.  Could this be when Lulu can’t calm Logan down?  Logan’s winds up dead, Lulu thinks it was her fault and really it’s Anthony who is behind the killing.  Jason is implicated due to some evidence left behind, most likely thanks to his roomie Spinelli.  Does Jason have an alibi?

I mentioned the possibility of that OLD RUMOR resurfacing.  The one where Elizabeth provides Jason with an alibi.  At the time of Logan’s death, Jason may be at the Safe House with Elizabeth.  RUMORS are now saying that Jason calls Elizabeth and asks her to meet him at their place.  The RUMORS go on to say that someone follows Jason out there and spies him kissing Elizabeth at the door.  Who’s the spy?  Claudia!  Remember, Claudia takes an interest in Nurse Webber and this SHOULD be why.  She’ll see them together, do a little digging, find out about Jake and put two and two together.  Keep your grains of salt handy… Liason fans are SUPPOSED to be rewarded for their patience in July.  We’ll see if Guza gives a fanbase a bone.

We should have a few OLD RUMORS popping up IF this is true.  We’ll have Elizabeth coming forward and providing Jason with an alibi when all the evidence points in his direction.  The reporter SPOILER should come back around as Elizabeth is said to be questioned by one in light of Jason’s arrest and her being the alibi.  Then we SHOULD see Elizabeth telling the reporter that Lucky is Jake’s dad and those RUMORS of a fake reunion for LL2 JUST MAY pop back up.  How about the plan with Sam? Remember Sam was SUPPOSED to team up with Lucky and Elizabeth to keep the boys safe?  We MAY see that one happening.  Again… keep your salt grains around.

Scrubs… Anna’s back and in grandma mode.  She’ll take Patrick’s side and tell the dad to be that Robin has trust issues especially when it comes to family and them sticking around.

Claudia’s MOC?  Has it been dropped?  ONLINE RUMORS say that it has.  Funny considering it was in print but it was Sarah Brown telling the mag about the marriage of convenience and she possibly could have been jumping the gun a bit. 

Naudia… still going to hit the sheets from what I can see.

Alexis and Jerry… they sleep together again.  We don’t see it but they talk about it.  She’ll tell him today about Anthony’s threats.  He goes to ZaCrazy’s room at the MetroCourt and Ric is there.  Ric, however, says nothing while Jerry tells Anthony he’ll kill him if anything happens to Alexis or her daughters.  Jerry also is RUMORED to being issuing a threat to Claudia.  He tells the Mafia Princess, he will tell all he knows about Michael’s shooting if anything happens to Alexis.  Will Jerry give Alexis a little insurance policy?  RUMORS say he hands Alexis an envelope of information to be opened if anything happens to him.

Spinelli does a little explaining… to Elizabeth.  He’ll try to clarify what she overheard regarding Claudia and proceeds to stick his foot in his mouth even more.  RUMORS say Elizabeth tells the Jackal that she and Jason are living their own lives now.

Random RUMORS… Jason comes to Nadine’s rescue during a mugging.  Logan has a partner.  Ric knows that Alexis is skipping town with his daughter.  Johnny will become Jason’s enforcer.


Am I trying to give you all an overdose of sodium?  No, LOL.  As I’ve mentioned, SPOILERS are hard to come by lately and the RUMBLINGS have been that TPTB are trying to stop the leaks of information.  Leave a comment and weigh in on the current SCOOP!

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  1. Profile photo of crazy4gh

    Thanks rmcosu, I look for these spoilers everyday. Well as a Liason fan I hope they get more airtime in July, Guza is killing me. Oddly enough I like Naudia, I think they are just so different from Emily with Nik and I like it. I liked Emily, but could not stand the long dragged out story after her death.

  2. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    Logan’s been a non-character of late and it makes it difficult to really care about him BUT he is the son of legacy character and he did start off on the show with promise. That said, why must they make him into a drug dealer? Couldn’t they have at least one heroic death in all these senseless ones? It’s hard to feel sorry about the death of a character when the character is a drug dealer.

    It’s also hard to stomach when you realize there have been absolutely no signs of Logan dealing drugs before this. Kind of reminds me of how Monica’s alcoholism all of a sudden popped up. The writers don’t seem to have the patience to develop the stories anymore…they think of something, no matter how incredulous, and then go run with it.

  3. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    ITA with pxlbarrel, I’m not liking the whole Logan the Drug Dealer thing – though I guess it’s a little better than having to watch him try and rape Lulu :(

    Too bad that Claudia’s MOC might not happen – I was actually looking forward to that one.

    I know JMB is taking time off for her wedding, so I’m wondering about the timing… With Logan’s Murder being their “teen” summer story, I’m wondering if JMB’s leave is going to be after summer or if her leave is going to be during this story and maybe they’ll just pre-tape some stuff so her abscence onscreen is brief?

    I’m looking forward to some LuSam stuff :)

  4. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Thank ou so much rmcosu. i dont know what to belive, becouse the stories always changing, i just hope that the liason rumors are true and that jake’s paternity will come out, and that Jason and Elizabeth and the kids will be toghther at last.

  5. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I hope so too GH LOVER…  I’m sick of waiting.  Was I happy to see that scene yesterday and more dialogue than SPOILED?  Absolutely but as a fan of this couple, GUZA better sh*t or get off the pot.  

    Sorry had to vent a little bit.

  6. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    I am so disgusted with Guza right now that while I DVR’d GH I couldn’t stand watching and finally stopped, but I still come and read….I (was) such a loyal follower of GH FOR SO LONG….and in the past couple of months I’ve become so disgusted. We need NEW FRESH writers. I’m so sick of Guza, the teases of Liason possibly getting together and not, I’ve waited 10 LONG yrs (not to say I wasn’t a fan of L&L2), cause I did love Liz and Lucky, but I love Liz with Jason SO MUCH MORE. Stop teasing us Guza, give us less mob, more love and more s/l’s that make sense and maybe, just maybe I’ll tune back in, but until then, I’m done……..sadly. 30 yrs of watching down the drain.

  7. Profile photo of Kelev Ra
    Kelev Ra

    Good rumors in the Liason dept. Again the wait goes on :(
    I only hope this story line moves along soon and the Liason fans get what they have been waiting for. Patience is the virtue I’m running out of…

  8. Profile photo of BigDede

    I really hope the spoiler about Liason at the Safehouse is true, I need my Liason scenes. But I really really hope the one about LnL and Sam covering up saying Liz and Lucky got back together is true. I can just picture Lucky and Sam sneaking around hooking up so they can see each other. I know it will be real cute because everything LuSam does is cute.

    Anyone heard the news that KeMo is pregnant?

  9. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Kelly Monaco is NOT pregnant.  The rumor was that a message was posted at her official message board and then removed.  According to her message board admin (who I think may actually be her real life boyfriend) :

    Kelly is not pregnant it was never posted here or on myspace

  10. Profile photo of mrsnoahdrake

    I loved Amber T as Emily and cared what happened to her character when Amber was on.
    Can’t say the same for ShrewLu.
    I like Logan a lot more than ShrewLu so I doubt the recycled storyline will work.
    Gee, Johnny gets to be Jason’s enforcer, how creative!
    Not holding my breath for Liason anymore.
    Other soaps would not wait 10 years to give fans what they want.

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