A “Likely Story” For Strasser, Tam and Underwood


If you are a One Life to Live fan and live in the greater New York City area and were looking for something to do today (Thursday June 26th) you may want to make plans to drop by the Time Warner Center branch of Borders at 6pm for a special book reading and signing of "Likely Story", a young adult novel by Chris Van Etten. I’ve posted the description of the book below but the reason One Life to Live fans will be interested is because Robin Strasser, Jason Tam, and Brittany Underwood will be the voices of the book’s three main characters.

"Likely Story" is the first part of a trilogy of books about Mallory Hayden, the daughter of a famous and famously difficult soap star. A conflict with her mother leads Mallory to believe she can out-do anything that Daytime currently has to offer, and through a series of (wacky) events, she’s given the chance to write her own network soap opera. What ought to be a cause for celebration quickly becomes a greater-than-normal personal challenge, as Mallory’s loyalties to her boyfriend, as well as her best friend, are tested.

A Q&A and signing will follow the reading. 

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    I am going to get out of work early. Thankfully, I do not work too far from the Time Warner Building. I will even buy the book and hope to talk to and get a picture with the one and only, fabulous, Robin Strasser. If I can, I will send it you guys. I will gladly buy the book, not just to meet Robin but because it sounds kind of good. I have read what they categorize as young adult fiction and I especially like the "Twilight" series by Stephanie Meyer about a vampire and a ware wolf and the human girl who loves them both. I highly recommend it to any soap fans.

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