Young and Restless: Christian LeBlanc Interview

Young and the Restless star Christian LeBlanc recently sat down with Soap Opera Digest online to discuss his character Michael Baldwin’s crazy family. In the interview, Christian speaks about how the Baldwin-Fisher clan came about and the special relationship Michael and Gloria share. Here is a little snippet of what he had to say about that, but be sure to check out the entire interview. 

Weekly: Your scenes with Judith are wonderful, and so is the dynamic between Gloria and Michael. Do you realize how special it is?
LeBlanc: Judith is brilliant, and Gloria and Michael’s relationship is special. They never say they love each other. He never calls her Mother. It’s always Gloria. When you’re on a daytime show, it’s like doing a play on Broadway. How do you keep yourself from being bored and make it fresh and new every day? I tell you, when I have scenes opposite those characters, Gloria and Kevin, I just don’t know what to expect. I can’t tell you what reading Judith or Greg will give, because they’re that good. It keeps me interested, and that’s such a joy.

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    He is just as eloquent an interviewee as he is an actor. I was so bummed to see Geary win his 6th Emmy for that going to hell crap the writers clearly thought was a genius piece of writing. Geary IS, though, such a great actor that he can turn crap into gold. But that was not the case this time. It did not feel like a hardcore emotional journey that Luke was going on. It was either poorly written comedy or an unintentionally funny spoof of soaps. Even Viki Lord’s heavenly ride on a spaceship had more depth and real emotional grit to it.

    But this is about Christian. I think when daytime is long gone (hopefully not for ahwile), he will be know as one of the best this genre ever had. He expresses his character and imbibes him with so much quirkiness and intelligence and is ALWAYS in the moment. He never phones it in or pushes re-play in his brain. His reel was riveting. Especially, the, what?, 10-page monologue he played out talking to a paralyzed, mute William Bardwell. It had so much sub-text and levels of emotion coming from so many different sources. His old, bad self, his mother and feeling shameful for loving her and wanting to protect her to his very own father issues that are just being addressed currently on the show to just having it with the circus going on around him. Unfortunately, his other show included scenes with an another cast member who likes to chew scenery sometimes (even though I absolutely love this character) and spit it out in tiny pieces. It may have distracted the voters from his work in those scenes.

    Of all the reels, Christian’s, in my opinion, was the most well-acted, filled with emotional layers and a natural patter to his tone of voice that makes Michael Baldwin so real. I adore him.

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