Young and the Restless: Scoops and Spoilers

People get ready for some showdowns that are about to go down!

Victor and mini Victor in training Adam fall out of love yet again, when he invites his lady friend Heather to come for a dip at the Newman ranch. At first Ms. Stevens is a bit reluctant (don’t blame her) because Slick Vic can’t stand her for suspecting him in the still unsolved Ji-Min murder investigation. Of course Adam breaks the cardinal rule of loyalty in families especially the Newman household because he chalks it up to her doing her job.

Turns out Adam isn’t as smart as he thinks he is because it all hits the fan when Victor shows up and doesn’t hide his hatred of Heather, going out of his way to be rude and prompts a showdown between father and son. Victor forbids Adam from seeing Heather which prompts Jr. to tell pop that he can’t control his love life. The tiff is an eye opener for junior Newman and makes him a bit jaded on his idolization of The Great Victor Newman. He decides to continue seeing Heather and not dump her.

I bet Adam wished he listened to his siblings and associates when they warned him about the man. Harvard didn’t teach him that I guess…

Speaking of Victor, he and Paul decide to join forces. Now remember that spoiler I gave about Adam and Heather’s family this could be it or maybe Victor decides to break out his cape and run to Nikki’s rescue.

Chloe’s knocked up (WTF!?) and decides that she wants Cane to be the baby daddy even though he loathes her and has a girl already. Ok when the HELL did Chloe get some in order to be with child and doesn’t that girl know that Cane’s mama Jill and Grandma Kay do NOT play that when it comes to their kin?

Meanwhile the latest Mrs. Newman Sabrina’s whole world is about to get even more crazy due to her ex boyfriend showing up to Genoa City to make her life hell.

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    Chloe’s preggers! I wonder who the real daddy is? I hope it’s someone we know like Brad or Adam. Not Devon though.

    I think Sabrina’s secret is that she was a prostitute.

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    Love the Victor/Adam war about to blow up. It is just like Victor to try to control his children’s life. i think Adam has ignored his sibling’s warnings because he doesn’t think they apply to him. It will be interesting to see how Adam and Heather are going to sneak around to continue to see each other. Victor could easily fire him or banish him from the Newman kingdom.

    I think Victor and Paul will be teaming up to totally expose David for Nikki’s sake and rid him of her and their lives. But, I think it would be really cool if they also address the fact that Victor hates Paul’s daughter and doesn’t want her dating his son. That could drive a wedge in their “David” arrangement. Or maybe Paul could convince him that it’s OK, that Heather is a good person who was just doing her job. She is serious about her job and works very hard. That has most certainly been defined.

    Chloe is PREGNANT!!!! Is she knocked up for real or will she be stuffing a pillow up her shirt until she has already gotten Cane to “love” her and then devise a crafty way to have a “miscarriage?” Did she have off-screen drunken sex with Devon and they decided to keep it a secret and he, hating her, decides to help her pass it off as Cane’s. Or would it be juicy if she had off-screen sex with Daniel right before he left on tour and she barely remembers because she was so drunk. Alcohol definitely played apart in some of this somehow. I am not sure the point of this but I do know that I really like Chloe as a spitfire trouble-maker and Maggie Williamson is a really perky, cool, charming good actress. I love her addition to the show and I have been waiting for them to beef up her role. So hopefully, this is the start of something Hogan Sheffer discussed with them. It could be like the Philip/Nina story except that Nina was really in pregnant by Philip. I do not think Chloe is really pregnant with Cane’s. Maybe Jill and Kay will fall for it and take her in and guide Cane to doing the right thing by her and marrying her and having to dump Lily. That could be soapy goodness. But who would the baby’s real daddy be? Maybe it could be Adrian? Maybe one night, depressed over his book and Colleen, he went to the club, got drunk and had a one night affair with Chloe. I do not think they have ever met so they could run into each other at “Restless Style” one day and both think “Oh no! There is the person I had drunken sex with.” And she then it is revealed that they did indeed sleep together. This could be really good the more I think about it.

    And Sabrina’s so-called ex-boyfriend comes to town. I recently read in one of Nelson Branco’s columns, the actress who plays her said that she knows Sabrina’s back-story and some big secrets will be revealed in the next few weeks. Could it have something to do with the ex? Is he blackmailing her (too reminiscent of Tom Fisher), could she have been a prostitute? Or have the been working together all this time and they plan on killing Victor so she inherits all his money once her plan to turn him against his entire family works. That might be juicy too.

    I am not sure. These are some good ideas but how they are written and executed are two different things. Y&R has been setting up story for 2-3 years now and many of them have yet to be resolved or will they ever. (Cane’s secret phone call, Ji-Min’s murder, Gloria poisoning the cream, better follow up on the Jana story. So because she had a brain tumor, she has been totally cleared of Carmen’s murder, trying to kill Colleen and Kevin, her criminal father and the reliquary et al. It was alittle too pat and dried for a redemption if you ask me. especially for a girl who is so into Karma and what fate and life mean. Also, Victor’s epilepsy s/l was never truly resolved. His illness has just disappeared.) So, I am a little worried that some of these ideas could just go “poof” one day and not move the show along. Y&R hasn’t progressed or tapped into it’s rich history and amazing characterizations for too long. It’s time that they worf for the long-term and stick to it!

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    I am sleepy so i am sorry for all the typos in my previous post. I also wanted to mention the Newman jet crashing with Nick in it and the female doctor who lived in a cave and rescued him. The investigation into the crash was never solved, barely even mentioned most of the time since. And the new pretty, smart, cool female doctor came to live in GC, got a job at the hospital and I assume she still works there but we just do not see her anymore. I do not remember her leaving town. Does anyone?

    My point is that there have been too many instances in the last few years where s/l’s have gone completely by the wayside and ignored like they never happened. Bill Bell would be ashamed, not just at Y&R, but at the condition of the genre in general. He never dumped a story halfway through. If it wasn’t working, he found a reasonable, simple way to end the situation and move on. I am normally a cross the t’s and dot the i’s kind of guy, really into the details and everything must be dealt with, mentioned or resolved somehow in order to justify it’s existence. LML did so much damage to this show, that it is going to take the likes, I hope, of Hogan Sheffer and maybe another year to truly turn it around so we can find the young and restless in all of us again in all of it’s brilliance.

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    I like the idea of Sabrina being a High Class Call girl in Europe. It would make senes. Remember when Victoria was trying to reach her after she came home with Reed, and she couldn’t get in touch with her, and then, poof!!, she arrives in GC one day out of the blue. That could be interesting.

    As for Adam, well, I think there is more to him thatn just seeing Heather behind Victors back.

    Now about the most intriguing rumor…..I don’t think Chloe will really be pregnat, I think she will fake it until she can get Cane in bed, and then once she has him where she wants him, she will have a “miscarraige”. Whatever happens, I think it will have a devastating effect on Lily, who will go away for the rest of teh summer, and hopefully come back, as someone else, perhaps soras’ed a few years. Either CK better step up her game, or they need to soras and recast Lily. I think Cane and Lily could work, if the actress who portrays Lily had some of Dru’s fire. This lackluster Lily is still a silly little schoolgirl, no matter how much they push it.

    I mean, seriously, can you imagine Dru letting something like a drunken kiss on her man, get swept under the rug? Dru, would be all up in Chloe;s face everytime she saw her anywhere near her man. Dru’s daughter would have at least some of that fire, not this girl, though.

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