Young and Restless: Casting News

Two familiar faces will be making their returns to Genoa City. Laura Stone returns as Skye, Adam’s (Chris Engen) former flame and card shark hustler will make her way back into his life July 7 and 8. Wonder what she will think about Adam’s new romance and will she drop that he knew about David’s (Vincent Irizarry) gambling to Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott)…

Kathy Hilton, mother imfamous socialite Paris, will reprises her role of well herself on July 8. Guess the Restless Style gang’s trying to get some of that fanfare back for their magazine like they did for the first issue.

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    I liked that Skye girl when she was on! She actually made me pay attention to Adam. I’m looking forward to her return. When Momma Hilton was on last time, wasn’t  it for like 2 scenes. Did she really make that much on an impact? I don’t know maybe she did and I missed it. I tend to not pay that much attention to Restless Style.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Melodie, lets just say that Kathy didn’t make an impact as fans would have liked… As for Skye I’m down for her wrecking havoc on Adam’s personal life so that we can see who the real Adam is. I also want her to snitch on him with the David gambling ace he thinks he has.

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