General Hospital: Attack of Maxie and Lulu Promo

Well we knew Logan’s days were numbered the day that Johnny arrived in town. Now you can check out the beginning of the end in this General Hospital promo of Logan attacking Lulu and Maxie.

Once again I just have to say what a waste. How does one bring in the son of Scotty Baldwin, tie him romantically to the daughter of Scotty’s oldest foe Luke Spencer, and then just throw it all away? So many wasted opportunities to pull on the shows amazing history.

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    Ah, once again I see that the only GH knows how to write off a character is by killing him. And to top it off, trash him completely before they kill him. AND show yet more violence against women. Count me out.

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    Guza is the KING of wasted opportunities. When is Frons going to wake up and realize that GH needs an overhaul like AMC is getting and like OLTL has gotten? It’s like GL damn near. What is it going to take to get the changes that are needed?

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    I with you on this, Gh has becoming a big joke on the message boards and people are tired of the same bs over and over again and sick of the violence against women or anyone for that matter. This is suppose to be love in the afternoon, not violence in the afternoon. It is mostly women that watching soaps and guys, but I don’t feel they want to see women being attacked or killed as entertainment on soaps. They want action and adventure and romance. Not what Frons and Guza has been giving us for the past ten years. No wonder the ratings is declining for this soap. It is a wasted opportunity for Josh and Kin and the fans who want history and legacy characters instead of the trinity of the same bs that they keep putting out there.


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    I also feel the attack on Lulu is to like sympathy for the character because fans actually can’t stand her attitude and I feel it will backfired because it is not organic to make Lulu sympathetic to fans. They really need to undo what they did to the character.


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    Well another storyline wasted. They really could have done so much with the Lulu/Logan/Johnny story. Come on, Scott had a son, Spencer daughter, there was so much more to tell. I like Johnny but Lulu/Logan never really got a chance and we could have saw Scott and Luke at their best going at it with their offsprings.If they wanted to get rid of Logan they should have just made him leave and come back at a later time.Why do they have to kill all these characters only to make them come back as ghosts?

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    Jamey Giddens

    Okay why is it okay for OLTL to kill off Nash, one half of an actual, viable supercouple, but heaven forbid GH get rid of Junior Mumbles? I don’t see it as a wasted opportunity for a soap to get rid of a contrived, long lost kid that we never heard of. It’s not this was Serena who we watched Scott and Dom conceive and Lucy carry to term then come back to town as an adorable tyke. This was a thrown together character at best and no great and lasting loss.

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    I say good riddance to bad rubbish. Sorry folks but I never bought into Logan being Scotty’s kid. Yes, Logan will attck Maxie and Lulu but that isn’t new. He has been all about attacks on women since he came on and I don’t like it. It looks to me like one of them fight back. Why is everyone upset with that? There was a similar uproar when Lulu defended herself and struck him with a wrench. She put him in the hospital. If she had done the job right at that time, we wouldn’t have to put up with more violence against women now. The character never worked for me. He wasted a lot of screentime that could have been better utilized by vets. I hope the actor finds a role soon and is successful, just not on GH.

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    Jamey: Personally, I was shocked when they killed Nash. I thought there was huge potential with that character, and considering how popular he was with many fans I thought it was a complete waste. It’s so hard to find a new actor/character that really clicks with the audience, so when it happens I say go with it, and don’t blow it by killing off the character. I understand why RC made the decision, because the aftermath of his death will/is having a big effect on other characters, but I do see losing that character as a shame.

    But that said, I feel just as strongly about losing Logan/JD. You’re right, the writing for the character was crap and essentially his death isn’t going to cause much of a stir for the show (which is a good reason not to kill him – unlike Nash, this will not produce a riveting story.) And Sueboo, you’re also right, the character was written as someone who roughed up women and was clearly hostile towards them (yet more shades of Diego here).

    But that’s where the loss opportunity lies. This was Scotty Baldwin’s son. I have adored Scotty for a gazillion years (yes, a gazillion, lol!) and so I did care about Logan. Logan started out as somewhat of a caricature, but there were shades of redeeming qualities to him. There was father/son chemistry between Scott/Logan. There was the hope of an actualy story for Scotty and a re-introduction of the Baldwin Clan. JD grew tremendously as an actor during his time on the show and I felt could have handled (and deserved) better material.

    I hated that he came on as a Neanderthal, but I felt there was more than enough opportunity to evolve the character into someone we cared about. I wanted him to go into therapy with Lainey, I wanted to understand why he had these anger issues, I wanted to find out what happened in the war, I wanted him to get to know his family, I wanted him to become a likeable sweetie pie and have a May/December fling with Alexis (sorry, I thought I’d throw that in there.)

    I can’t speak for others, but I can say for myself that I’m not sad he’s leaving because of a giant hole he’ll be leaving on the canvas (because that’s not the case). I’m upset because done differently a complex character, the son of a fan favorite, played by a likeable, HOT actor would have been a wonderful addition to the cast (instead of what it turned out to be.)

    I think people are lamenting what could have been, not what was… :(

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    This is a waste on a couple different levels. Wasted storyline potential and wasted talent. They didn’t give JD a chance to really shine. He has grown as an actor. He just needed something to prove it.

    As for the attacks, its too bad they couldn’t come up with another way to kill him off. Over the past year (or longer), there has been way too much violence in Port Charles. Granted, it can add more to a storyline. However, too much overshadows the show in general. It should be use more sparingly.

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    I am so glad that trash is dying in a horrible way! The way he use to push around Maxie made me hate him. He was a waste of a character when he first came on the show. The way he use to treat Spinelli, the way he would kiss Sonny’s behind to work for him was annoying and when he pushed Maxie against the wall outside of Kelly’s, that was it for me. I don’t care who he is related to, I’m glad he’s gone.

    I also think they are trying to redeem Lulu by making her a victim so we feel sorry for her but I will hate Lulu no matter what she does. Unless she kills Leyla, I will always hate her. Also SHE IS NOT LIKE LAURA! I’m sick of everyone saying that crap.

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    This is beginning to resemble another case of trashing one character to make another character look good or better. The only way you can make Lulu sympathetic these days is if you make her the victim instead of the shrieking mimi she’s become. How do you do that? Have the man she once “loved” (I’m not even sure you can go that far and say THAT) attack her. Lulu’s already brained him with a wrench and he forgave her… and he’s warned her to stay away from the dangerous Zacrazies. But nooooo… they’ve decided to make him into a instant psycho. If you’re going to make him into the bad guy, let’s see character development. I want to see him go bad…I don’t want to see instant bad guy. They’ve done that far too often on the show… guys become instantly bad with no regard to past character history or development.

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    i was and am very upset they killed nash. i loved him and tess. why no coma? that would have upset jess into becoming tess. i like how tess always gets to be pregnant. i really can’t stand natalie the whole way back to her coming to town to con the B’s. she deserves everything she gets. which leads me to why is anyone concerned about greenlee after all the harm she’s caused? she’s like lulu. but i digress. i miss nash.

    ps don’t you think the girl that plays langston looks like she could be related to kelly monaco? i smell a crossover…

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