One Life to Live: Susan Haskell’s Return

One Life to Live’s Susan Haskell returned to Llanview as the original Marty. So far we’ve seen Cole’s mother spend most of her time in bed and though it’s unlikely she will escape Todd’s grasp any time soon I thought I’d take a moment to see what everyone thinks of her return and the character’s storyline possibilities.

Have you enjoyed Susan Haskell’s return as Marty? Do you like that they have her spending so much time in Todd’s grasp?

What do you think of Susan Haskell’s return so far?

One Life to Live: Susan Haskell's Return

  • I'm bored with it, something needs to happen already. (44%, 181 Votes)
  • It's a bit slow but give it time, I have faith in TPTB at OLTL. (37%, 151 Votes)
  • I'm loving it, can't wait to see more! (19%, 81 Votes)

Total Voters: 413


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  1. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I’m loving Marty’s return! Mostly because I love seeing Susan Haskell back! They are telling the story at a slower pace, but I like that because it allows them to play all the beats in the story. Watching Todd and amnesiac Marty interact is completely freaking me out, and it makes me hate Todd even more (which is a good thing).

    Plus, it’s adding depth to Cole’s storyline. Knowing how much pain he’s in and listening to him talk about his mom, when I know she’s still alive, just makes me want their reunion even more (and it’s going to make it that much better once it finally happens).

    And I loved watching John lurking around Todd’s home! I was like “Find her John, FIND HER!!!” It was driving me crazy, but in a good way!! By going slowly, I think they’re building anticipation.

    I cannot wait for John to find out what Todd is doing and for him to beat the living crap out of him!! :)

  2. Profile photo of Desertrose

    I’ll take whatever Carlivati dishes out…EXCEPT having any romantic stuff between Todd & Marty.

    I will never ever forget watching the gang rape of Marty (even though Todd was played by Roger Howarth at the time). I will tune out if they go down that road- memory or no memory, its just not right.

  3. Profile photo of ABCJunky73


    I’m enjoying Susan Haskell’s return to OLTL, the only thing I wish for is that she starts to remember things (like Todd raping her). Everytime I see Todd filling her head with BS I want to scream “HE RAPED YOU MARTY!!! REMEMBER THAT!!!”

    I hope John or Cole soon finds her and that she starts to remember her life, because if they throw Marty and Todd together, that whould be a slap in the face to all Marty fans!


  4. Profile photo of podcastjunkie

    Its boring the hell outta me. I know this is a soap but damn how long is she gonna lay in bed??? I’m just wondering how much longer she’s gonna do this and when will other viewers get tired of it like I have.

  5. Profile photo of sb_fan

    ok, Can someone please explain to me why Todd is keeping her there instead of telling people she’s alive? I haven’t been watching for a while, I’m confused.

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