BREAKING NEWS: Vincent Irizarry OUT


Looks like the walls have finally closed on on Vincent Irizarry’s David Chow.

The verteran daytime actor will be leaving his role as the newly married husband and gambling addict of Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott).

No word yet on when his last air date is and the official word came via Irizarry’s official My Space page.

Now that he’s leaving Genoa City, maybe Vincent’s other character Nick McHenry (Guiding Light) will turn up in Springfield or even Port Charles as David to shoot the breeze with his ex-wife Anna Devane (Finola Hughes).

Here’s hoping another soap will pick up this talented actor.

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  1. Profile photo of elbugten

    Y&R’s loss is some other lucky soaps gain. Vincent Irizarry needs to be in a soap, ANY soap. He is too good an actor to languish by the wayside. Someone needs to snap him up, pronto.

    I’d love to see him back on AMC, although David hardly has any family left there.

    I alon like the idea of him following Anna to Port Charles. Maybe once he’s there (and Anna goes back to spying again) he could hook up with Monica (a la her Pierce Dorman days) or even Alexis. Woudln’t that be a hot triangle? I’d tune in to watch Nancy Lee Grahn and Vincent Irizarry in scenes together. Throw Jane Elliot and Tony Geary in the mix, and you’ve got dynamite. So many s/l possibilities. Please, Soap Gods, hear my prayer!

  2. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    Long live Lujack! VI is exactly what GL would need to start a creative s/l turnaround. Let’s hope they seriously consider bringinging on this vet!

  3. Profile photo of sweetiepie

    I like Victor Irrazary, but I am sorry, he had absolutely no chemistry with Melody. Seriously, they were truly boring. I always thought David had something to do with Ji Mins death, so at least let this play out so we can close out this s/l at last.

  4. Profile photo of Jorpa

    I love VI, but I’m glad to see him leave Y&R. He was totally wasted as an actor there. GL does need him, but he would be just as wasted there as Y&R if not more. I hope one of the ABC soaps picks him up. I wouldn’t mind seeing him on Days either.

  5. Profile photo of KingTV

    I think it’s perfect. I love Vincent Irrizarry as an actor but David Chow is part of LML’s garbage heap that she dumped on the show. It is very wise and smart for Maria and the producers to have made this decision. david was a poorly fleshed out character from the beginning. We never really got to know him and finding out he’s this gambling addict who married Nikki to save his hide has been a waste of time. Now we know he killed Ji-Min, he can wither go to jail or be murdered and start a really good murder mystery on the show because there are plenty of suspects to be had. Or maybe, he will go psucho and kidnap Nikki for ransom and Paul/Victor will come to her rescue. If he’s gonna go, then they should do it in some dramatic fashion and give the show some story to leave with. I actually applaud this and know that he will have no problem getting a job on another soap fast. But, thank you lordy, David Chow is gone!

  6. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    "And really…can I get used to the name Nikki Chow? No way!"

    LMAO! Mike I don’t think anyone including the writers were able to get behind that name hence Nikki still being called, Nicole Newman.

  7. Profile photo of Melodie

    The Soap Gods do answer prayers! VI is a fantastic actor but let’s be real, the character of David Chow is awful! I can’t wait until he leaves. Now that Vincent is free, hopefully Ellen Wheeler uses the eighth of a brain she has left and snatches him up for GL. We sure could use him over there!

  8. Profile photo of Rockets GL
    Rockets GL

    It’s time for him to come home to GL and save those Spauldings (more of Marj Dusay as well) since Dinah/Bill has taken over the mansion and Spaulding Enterprises. What a great storyline potential.

  9. Profile photo of muze

    I think Wheeler et al want GL to fail and they’ll never bring back VI or Rick Hearst. And Hearst, despite his waste of time job with GH, knows GL is a career killer.

    I’d love to see a candid interview with VI so we can find out what he was told about this character to begin with. What were the plans? I’d bet everything I own that they just made his character up as they went along. And I’m annoyed that they started the Ji Min story with no idea of who killed him. This was the inevitable way to wrap up Chow and Ji Min, which is good, but the story still bugs me because it should’ve lead to Victor’s downfall. We should be witnessing Victor clawing back to the power from the bottom. He lost his company, his family, his money and his freedom for a bit. Then after a 2 year arc he can get back what he lost. In the meantime his character is reinvented a bit. Instead we got this bullshit Sabrina s/l. Big deal.

  10. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    "Maybe he can be THE REAL Jerry Jacks?"

    Belinda you watch yourself with that type of talk! *LOL* Now I feel for VI but the ONLY Jerry for me is Julian Stone! Bring him back.

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