General Hospital Night Shift Scoop!

 The first episode, appropriately titled "Crash".  


Jagger and Robin!  Good to see that Night Shift its using more than just the hospital set.


I mentioned that Jagger was shirtless, didn’t I?  Enjoy!

Patrick and Robin are obviously together as RUMORS have said.  Are they living together?  Is Robin letting Jagger stay at her place since she’s moved in with Patrick? Wouldn’t that mean Jagger’s son is sleeping in the closet dressing area?

Hey Scrubbies!  Your couple is looks OK to me!  

Will Jagger have a love interest?  He SHOULD be!  It’s a soap after all!  Antonio Sabato Jr. had an interview with TVGuide where the actor once again sparked the Vaness Marcil RUMORS by suggesting Brenda MAY return.  In the interview, he also talks about why his character returns to Port Charles with his five year old son who suffers from autism. 

Billy Dee Williams reprises his role as custodian Touissant.  He’ll return to General Hospital after touring with his musical group The Saints and Epiphany’s crush on the singing janitor will be revisited.

The newbies?  They’ll have a hard time with their superiors and in a Grey’s Anatomy like story, they’ll bond over it.  

EDITED TO ADD: A press release was issued regarding the first episode of Season Two.  As we’ve shown you above, the first episode of Season Two, titled "Crash" starts with a car crashing through the ER.  Robin’s hurt and a staff member is killed! 

Photos courtesy of Soapnet. Thanks Tina!!!!

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  1. Profile photo of roe0824

    Wow Jagger looks really hot. Too bad Robin has Patrick or I would have liked to see them together. Looking forward to watching the show.

  2. Profile photo of NikkiM

    Well, at this point I’m disgusted with how GH and Night Shift have destroyed Scrubs. After being a monster to Robin for a year, she’s suddenly the villain, and him the victim. Please!

    At this point, I would love to see Robin and Jagger storyline. I’m excited about NS 2, especially after hearing about the first episode. I don’t want to get my hopes up though, after last season. It was quite a disappointment. I hope they make up for it.


  3. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    Too bad Karen Wexler is dead, I’d love to see her pop up in PC. Then again….that WAS PC where there were vampires looming and the two shows were never in line with one another, such as GH’s first season of Night Shift. Anyways, would love to see Karen Back, but only if Marie Wilson or the orig played her….

  4. Profile photo of general hospital mob
    general hospital mob

    to answer your question MUZE…it’s a no..i think it’s just a Coincidence that two daytime soaps wanna write about autism. but when it comes down to it..nightshift writers will likely write it better. with the reputation of DOOL having sloppy writing..IMO i happen to Agree. the Lexie/Aba s/l with theo hasn’t really shown through since they found out that theo had autism..unlike nightsehift..i have faith that when jaggers son is diagnosed with autism..their will be a full well written s/l surrounding it. and only it. it wont be some backstory that lasted 10 minutes like that of theo on DOOL. it’s gonna be handled with the respect it deserves.

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