General Hospital: Who is Carly to You?

On the Performer of the Week episode, which will air later today, Regan and Jamey mention how even though Sarah Brown is on General Hospital that Laura Wright has become Carly for them. Of course I thought this would make a great poll. Be sure to tune into Daytime Confidential’s Performer of the Week episode when it airs later today to hear more.

Who is Carly to you?  

General Hospital: Who is Carly to You?

  • Jennifer Bransford is Carly to me. (2%, 30 Votes)
  • Tamara Braun will always be Carly to me. (27%, 445 Votes)
  • Sarah Brown is Carly for me and I want her back as Carly. (17%, 287 Votes)
  • Laura Wright is Carly for me now, I don't want anyone else. (54%, 879 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,641


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23 Responses

  1. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    ooh, this one was tough! I ended up picking Tamara because she’s the only Carly I ever liked. But I could have just as easily picked Sara Brown because she defined who Carly was. To me SBr’s Carly was the young guttersnipe and TBr is the “grown up” version of Carly. While LW and JB are fine, I’ll always see them as just recasts. I would give anything for TB or SBr to play Carly again!!

  2. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I doubt JB will get any votes.  When we were discussing this on the podcast, I was only thinking in terms of Sarah or Laura.  I never factored the other two in and I really enjoyed Tamara’s Carly.  But for me, LW is Carly.  She has done some amazing work lately and has really made that role her own. 

  3. Profile photo of williamjc

    Tamara will always be the “true” Carly for me. The growth is what did for me. It was organic. At first LW was continuing that but now she’s back being the same shrew like everything she learned has gone out the window. I like LW, don’t get me wrong and I’d rather her instead of SB as Carly. SB is Claudia and she owns it now.

  4. Profile photo of AlexB

    I voted for Tamara Braun. SBr orginated Carly, and for a long time I wanted her to come back as Carly…but after Claudia…at least for me, she can’t. The ship has sailed. The Claudia character ruined SBr. Nothing against LW, but that is not the Carly that is needed right now…or ever again. I want Tams back. I want grown up (to an extent lol) Carly back.

  5. Profile photo of peachez282

    I voted for Tamara. She was the Carly that was on when I started watching the show. I like LW but Carly will always be Tam. I think LW is to “classy” to be Carly if that makes sense. Carly is supposed to be a person who grew up in a trailer in FL and while she has money now….when Tam played her you still had a sense of her past…I don’t get that with LW….Does that make sense?? :)

  6. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Okay I MUST clarify here so that I am not booted out of the Tamara-4-Life Club. Yes, Laura Wright has made the role of Carly her own and I do now see her as Carly, which is no surprise as she is a phenomenal actress, BUT and here’s a huge Dunkin Donuts filled BUT, my FAVORITE Carly is now and forever will be Miss Tamara Braun.

  7. Profile photo of Tongee

    I voted for LW because she has made the role her,but honestly Tamara played the character with feelings and a different range of emotions . Right now I am so sick of Carly and all the attitude she portrays I think they can send her on vacation and give the fans a break.

  8. Profile photo of Boidiva02

    To me Carly has always and will always be Sarah Brown. She had the most edge and passion in her performance. nobody will top her.

    Wishing Lucy Coe was still around!

  9. Profile photo of kelseyrae89

    I loved Sarah Brown as Carly, to me she is Carly, because she made Carly who she is. The entire history with Bobbie, finding out she was her daughter, Jason Pool games, the lie about Michaels father and, the first miscarriage and marriage to Sonny. It was all SB, so when i think of Carly those are the scenes i think of. None of the other actresses can top her, talent wise. But, the writers have ruined Carly for me, and i like Claudia. So no I could not stand to have her back in the role, when the character is no longer the one i used to love.

  10. Profile photo of elbugten

    I have watched through all the Carlys and my favorite was always SBr. That is until LW arrived and made Carly her own. SBr. is Claudia now and that’s fine with me. ITA w/ GenHospFan95 that we could use a Carly break. Maybe CarJax and Skate could take a nice long vacation togeither? Somewhere offscreen? Please?

  11. Profile photo of terrifictam

    Anyone who knows me knows Tamara Braun’s Carly is the REASON why I am the soapfan I am today. She hooked me into GH and the rest of daytime fell into place for me. She will always be Carly to me. Her talent just blows me away. I love her on Days but there’s always been a void in PORT CHARLES since Tam’s Carly left. How come there’s no picture of Tamara and Jennifer?? Just to refresh people’s memories on how hot Tams is :)

  12. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    I have been a fan of all 3 actresses that played Carly and I’m not including Jennifer B in this as she only played her for like…….5 mins? When Sarah left I was so bummed and could never see anyone else in the role, she was the bomb as Carly, she and Sonny rocked it! When Tamara took over, it took me a LONG time but she won me over. Then she left…….then Laura popped onto our screens and I was won over. Laura as taken this role and run with it! She’s made it her own and her version of Carly has really grown (this isn’t however based on her s/l lately). So as big a fan of Sarahs and even bigger of Tamaras I like Lauras Carly the best. :)

  13. Profile photo of BigDede

    It’s hard for me to understand how anyone can like LW as Carly. I started watching GH in 91 but I became obessed with GH when SJB started as Carly. I loved to hate her. She was needy but not as needy as this hypocrite Carly is. I hate how much LW’s Carly is so needy with Jason. It doesn’t look healthy. Also all her yelling, LW NEVER uses her inside voice! Also I don’t recall Carly crying every single second. Not counting the Michael incident, Carly cries at the drop of a hat yet barks likes she’s all tough. I hate this Carly. She is too old to be acting like a 16 year old teenager. I have always hated that they aged Carly to fit that stupid Reese is Carly storyline. Because it makes her look like a fool for acting 16 but being 37.

  14. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Gosh, this is hard! I see SB only as Claudia now. LW has made the role her own, but my favorite Carly was TB. That was the only Carly that didn’t rake my nerves all the time.

    ***///Living In The World Of Soaps Since 1985\\\***

  15. Profile photo of Eleonora87

    Who is sigmund? – is he a duck? or was that Friends? loll
    Lucy would be great right now. Tryin to get Scotty back. maybe throw Mac in the mix. How bout the Nurse’s Ball!!! I remember watching GH as a kid just for the Ball

  16. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I never liked this character since day 1. So actually she could just disappear and I wouldn’t miss her.

    But I’ve liked all the actresses that portrayed her so I’ll went with which actress made me like her the most which was Laura until recent weeks so I’ll have to go with Tamara.

    IMO she wasn’t as arrogant and self absorbed (for me) this Carly is way too smug and historically incorrect Tamara kept more in tune with the history of the character this version 4.0 is like they are rewriting history to fit LW which doesn’t work for me eg when she made costumes for the boys errr never knew she could sew. Leticia pretty much raised her kids now its Mercedes she’s been totally clueless and not all there as a mom then she’s all upset because she didn’t know what Michael was up to during that time she had her nose in “other people’s business” so? She should have been more focused on her kids.

    For me Tamara’s Carly took ownership for being a pimple on Jason’s bum that ONS that will never go away but this one is totally illogical, dialog is just horrible and her treating my fav like something you scrape off the bottom of her shoe isn’t endearing me to her.

    Just can’t stand this Carly of late.

    The dialog has been so repetitive until I just have to change the channel. If she says “you are my best friend one more time take my side” like an aging teenybopper; I think I’ll lose it and do an Elvis.

    for new schoolers who may be too young to remember. back in the day.
    (he didn’t like what was showing on the TV one night in his Vegas suite PH and shot the TV)

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