General Hospital: Is Graham Shiels Returning?


Remember Cody?  They paired him with Kent Masters King’s Lainey on Night Shift and introduced him on General Hospital as an Iraq veteran who served with Logan and Cooper.  Graham Shiels quickly became a fan favorite and just as quickly disappeared from our screens.  From fan reports, Graham was at the Girls Night Out Fan Event at General Hospital’s Fan Club Weekend and our pal Nelson Branco has a juicy bit of info in his latest Suds Report

Scene-stealer Graham Shiels returns as troubled war veteran Cody.

Hey Nelson… should we be asking why this great news was posted under General Hospital and not Night Shift?

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    Luke Kerr

    Boy I hope he returns. I really liked him and was sort of hoping he’d be integrated into the cast. If anything I think he’d make a great bodyguard for Nikolas since it seems Nikolas may be going to the dark side.

    It also sucks they didn’t pursue the Cody/Laney pairing.

    I wonder if he’ll be back on NS?

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    ITA! He is hot!! Love this pic of him too, even more hot, love his eyes. Wonder if he’ll really be on GH or back to NS? Either way as long as he’s on our TV’s. :) Although I hope it’s as more than a bodyguard please……..get Milo or Max for that please.

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    I LOVE that boy eyes! Is Lainey back on NS also. I haven’t seen her in any pictures. I really hope she’s and Regina is on NS. I hope they have released Cody so him and Lainey can be together. It would be nice to see Lainey help him transition from being in the war then to jail to regular life.

    Spinelli does need to be limited. He is getting annoying now.

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    I am sooo glad he’s returning. I really couldn’t understand it and it made absolutely no sense because

    “for once”

    GH had an “original” interesting storyline that didn’t put my feet to sleep, had me riveted, got my adrenalin flowing. I was actually looking forward to this character. He was hard but soft with so many layers in such a short time.

    First I didn’t like him at all, then I thought he was slick willy, then I felt sorry for him with the pill addicction and Iraq and all that then I began to like him a little bit when he did the hand thing in the garage and it was such a good scene. By the time he put Lainey’s Dad shoes on with the salute I was in total admiration.

    I realized he genuinely cared about Mr. Winters andwhen he took the fall I was blubbering like a newborn baby.

    When he sat in the audience of the 60’s group looking gorgeous because I hadn’t seen him dressed up; I was cheering him on. This guy took me on a range of an emotional journey I hadn’t been on watching a drama in quite some time.

    There is soo much they can do with Cody, then poof nothing, another dropped storyline… Even the way he left was dramatic Lainey knew what he had done and why. He went to jail for her and her dad so he could die with dignity and so she wouldn’t have to see him suffer. Its a different kind of story, not the same ole same old. She was scared of him then she started seeing him in a new way and each eppy I could just see him transform…and I transformed right along with her.

    Then I waited and she made some quick statement prior to the one at GNO that is how they wrapped up this awesome tale. So I do a WTH?

    There was awesome “natural” chemistry between him and Kent. Since they never use this great actress and regulated her to bench duty when they could have capitalized on their popularity they had a pretty descent size fanbase (together and individually from what I could tell several fanbase forums).

    they could have rocked their acting off each other was off the chain.

    This guy is a trained actor from (Harvard or Yale I forgot) and I wanted more of him. Instead, I get a bevy of newbie du jours with mediocre to null acting skills in redundant dialog and storylines. It wasn’t a good thing letting him go and I for one will tune in for Cody if he returns.

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