“Army Wives” Inspires Ehlers and Paull Goldin’s AMC Storyline

It seems Lifetime’s monster hit soap Army Wives served as a bit of inspiration for All My Children‘s upcoming front burner storyline featuring Guiding Light defectors Ricky Paull Goldin and Beth Ehlers.

AMC’s new head scribe Charles Pratt Jr. informed TV Guide‘s Michael Logan that the planned romance between Paull Goldin’s Dr. Jake Martin and Ehler’s- Lt. Taylor McBride-which he says will be "born of conflict"-was inspired in part by the Kim Delaney hit.

Left-leaning Jake, who was in Iraq with Doctors Without Borders, will clash with conservative GI Jane-Taylor over political views regarding the War in Iraq. This could prove very interesting and topical for AMC,  a soap that cut it’s teeth by doing controversial, political storylines. Jake’s own mother Ruth famously protested the Vietnam War back in the 70’s. Kudos to AMC for embarking on a storyline that is so timely and relevant.

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    Sounds good and interesting on paper. I hope it’s a really great story and that Ricky & Beth are still awesome together. I can’t wait to see their characters at odds because they can play that very well. Hopefully during this story we’ll finally find out what Jake is hiding. And maybe Taylor is hiding something too… I bet at some point they’ll connect emotionally. :)

    —Kate (or Katie)
    Lover of Ricky Paull Goldin & Beth Ehlers!!

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    Sounds like a good storyline idea, nothing like peanut butter pancakes! Thank Goodness!! But I want my Jake with Greenlee. There is no guarantee that Gush chemistry will cross over to AMC. But him and Greenlee have great chemistry!!

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    Well, I’m excited by the premise, and hopefully Pratt will give it the time and relevence it deserves. And can’t wait to see these two together!

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    This sounds like the kind of story that’s incapable of being mediocre. It’ll either be great, classic soap or a pathetic joke like when DOOL did their Iraq story or the way Guza portrays vets on GH. I hope Pratt knows what he’s doing.

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