Bold and Beautiful: The Quest

In a time when legends of the past are fading away. In an age where Logans rule the land with an oppressive hand. There comes one woman, one Forrester, to the defense of viewer kind. Her quest? To save her father and fandom from the treachery of Logan’s spawn and break the evil spell of Donna Logan that covers the land. She is Felicia Forrester!

Thank you for making it possible for me to keep watching The Bold and the Beautiful. You are truly your mother’s daughter. Without you B&B would be as desolate as the Sahara and as painful to watch as Gloria’s tainted cream.

Thank you for having the balls to do what no one else in your family does. Thank you for going after what you want. Thank you for seeing the opportunity of Owen’s arrival. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a little somethin somethin from Owen while you’re at it.

Your quest is not without peril. Your challenges great. Hold fast to the knowledge that better times are possible. Without you all is lost.

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    Darren Lomas

    Felicia truly is the one to take this show forward and bring the Forresters front and centre again. Enough of The Logan Show already – as much as I love Heather Tom, Katie is boring and Donna shouldn’t be a lead when Lesli Kay has been languishing in storyline hell for years. Felicia has twice the charisma of Ridge and makes Eric look like a complete wuss… more Felicia pleeease!

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    I would be a kick if Owen would turn out to be Clarke’s son. It would tied him to long term character that is not a Forrester or a Logan and get Clarke involve this s/l. I am loving Felicia’s scheming ways and hopes that she breaks up the Logan crap that is on the screen. I don’t want Dumbo Eric back with Stephanie, but to get the Logans out of Forresters Creations.


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    Lesli Kay is a great actress and it’s really sad & depressing that shes very underused on B&B.

    but then again BandB is only 22 minutes long (minus commercials), and not everyone can be onscreen.

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    Lesli Kay was one of the only good reasons to watch Todays episode of B&B, because Nick & Bridget’s wedding was so (yawn) I am so sick of him being the only man for every woman In TOWN! What happened to Katie & Thorne last year, they would have been perfect together, but the writers think we want to see Nick wed each woman at least once – or TWICE!!! Felicia is becoming her mothers daughter and it is what the show needs! With Stephanie changing her ways, Felicia was the perfect woman to take the bad girl shoes, and get her daddy away from that “Honeybear” calling Bimbo, Donna!

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    Lesli Kay is what B&B needs to come raging back in the ratings. Taking up where Stephanie left of will be one for the books. Hopefully, Brad Bell will give us what we want.

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    Speak for yourself, I dread the winey Felicia scenes! lol She is a 40 year old woman who needs a life. I don’t mind Lesley Kay, but I can’t stand the character of Felicia. And I pray that they don’t put her with Owen. If they do…I’ll be hitting FF >> as fast Bridget brought Katie back to life!

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