Bold and Beautiful: Update

I really hope that mental asylum Bridget is headed for is big enough for two. I think Stephanie Forrester is headed straight for the four rubber walls as well. Rocking in a chair? In the dark? Depressed? Glaring at family photos like it’s all about to come to an end? What is going on?

We didn’t even see Eric pay her a visit-a promise he made to Felicia. Eric even had the key to the beach house. Where are Bold and the Beautiful going with this? A little creepy? Maybe. Especially since Susan Flannery’s portrayal as Laura Horton on Days of Our Lives many moons ago had her end up in a loony bin. Is this depression starting to surface or is there something more to what we are witnessing? It’s confirmed, Felicia Forrester is the best possible stand in to help bring her mother back from the brink or take over the complete dynasty.

As always in true soap fashion a wedding is held up because there is a need for another member of an opposing family wishing to confess their undying love for the groom. Was anyone else’ guts turning when Nick told Stephen Logan that it was ‘something the Logan woman do for him’? What’s with that? It’s like saying – I’ve had your daughter, her daughter and I want your other daughter. Come off it!

Good to see Owen Knight at the party. He’s really working on something that kid. Donna is about to get sucked in and write the boy a cheque, but it’s Felicia Forrester who seems to have plans for him. A proposition maybe? Let’s hope Felicia really has enough fire in the belly to rip Donna to shreds and blow her out of the water. I’m enjoying Marcus coming down a notch whenever Owen is around. Can you picture his face if and when he sees his mother kissing or going one further with Owen? Enter Felicia…

For the first time today I enjoyed seeing Rick and Taylor together, although they really need to stop spending 90% of their time in between the sheets. The pool party was great and was nice to see Pammy there too. If only she got a decent story to keep her around for longer periods of time. I see her and Jackie as miniature Sally’s – they have potential.

Highlights from this week – Eric grabbing Beth’s hand by the pool and watching Stephen’s jaw drop. Katie finally coming to her senses and ‘keeping it real’ – with an audience. The look Felicia gave Donna when Donna was dobbing Pam in to Eric about wanting her fired from Forrester and messing up with her catering. Ridge’s face when Rick says he and Taylor are soon to announce a wedding date. Donna’s face when she saw a ‘different side’ to Owen Knight by the pool. The green dress Jackie wore and Stephanie – well her hiding away in her little beach house. Something tells me it won’t be long before a major turning point is played out – be it on screen or in real life. We wait with bated breath.

Side note: Nick Marone – you’re getting married. You could have at least had a haircut. That mop of hair looks ridiculous.

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    Thank you for mentioning Nick’s hair! His bleachy shaggy mane is sooo distracting, and you think a man could get a trim for his wedding. As for Stephanie, I’m hoping she pulls a Sally Spectra and takes up with some gigolo, (a OLTL David Vickers type) driving Eric crazy with jealousy.

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    I am so hoping that if Ms. Susan Flannery is retiring that not only do they giver her a huge, dramatic exit where she has F***** up everybody’s lives and then leaves for parts unknown or how about she gets in touch with Massimo, they re-fall in love and go off into the sunset after she has burned the Forrester mansion down. Plus, we can already see that Felicia is ready to take her rightful place as head of the Forrester family and if they would bring her son Dante back, she could become the new manipulative, controlling female of the family, easing into Stephanie’s role.

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    Mike Jubinville

    Funny thing about the hair…I notice it all the time! He’s too old for that look! Stephanie…depressed? So all these years she’s manifested her depression into a torture chamber for everyone else but no longer has the fight to even do that? If Susan Flannery trusts Brad Bell’s writing, I suppose I can give it a shot. Maybe Steph is in a cool down, plotting away while pretending to be depressed!

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    Brian Peel

    I would love to think that Stephanie is plotting the biggest revenge EVER and ruin everyone’s lives in the process. She needs a tin of gasoline and a box of matches to set that mansionon fire with Donna finding that there is no way out! As for Nick’s hair – well let’s just say if Darla was around she would have had him chained to a chair.

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