Young and Restless Axes Another Star

Young and The Restless star Raya Meddine (Sabrina) has been given the pink slip. This comes off the heels of the news that cast mate Vincent Irizarry (David) was also let go which was reported by Daytime Confidential two weeks ago.

Sources are reporting that the actress was stunned by her dismissal since its been said that she was under contract but, rumors are swirling that her days were numbered since the character never caught on with viewers, especially her pairing with Victor (Eric Braeden).

No word yet on her last airdate but it is hinted that she will be a victim of a tragedy that will befall the charity gala that is coming up in Genoa City.

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    Hurray!!! I’m very glad about it. It’s not that I can’t stand Raya Meddine, but I never got to Sabrina the minute she was on. And her paring with Victor is/was really not a good one. There was no chemistry there and this stupid baby storyline got the rest done.
    Hopefully they will bring Ashley back now for Victor… =)

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    HOT DAMN!!! Now all we need is Heather and Colleen gone and I will dance all over my room! But Colleen can come back if it’s Adrienne Leon!  I don’t know much about Hogan but if he’s doing stuff like this already I like him! Thanks for the GREAT news Jillian.

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    *doing the happy dance*

    I wanted Sabrina under a moving bus as soon as she got her hooks in Victor. I will settle for a car crash. I still wonder who the father of her baby is. I would never accept Victor as being the father after two vasectomies no matter how it was written.

    Now that she and VI are leaving, how about bringing Ashley back!!!

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    Hogan Sheffer has a lot to fix before this show keeps my interest again. And to be blunt, things have been so bad that I am not even in the mood to watch another Victor/Nikki wedding.

    They need to break up Nick/Phyllis. Reunite Nick and Sharon. Jack needs to be with someone that at the very least, he has some chemistry with. Gloria needs to drown and Kevin and his English girlfriend need to drop off of the face of the this earth. Why that professor is still there, I don’t know. Michael and Lauren I can take or leave. And Neil…if they can’t him a decent love interest then they might as well send him packing too. And the actress that plays Lily is pitiful. There is no way a wimp like that could come from Dru. The other actress that played her, maybe, but not this one.

    In other words, the show is messed up. And getting rid of Sabrina is just a baby step in cleaning things up.

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    I agree with Melodie, we need to get rid of Colleen and bring back AL.
    And if we could just get rid of GLORIA (what is it that you like about her Luke, seriously?), Jana, and Lilly, then it might be safe to watch Y&R again.
    And bring Dru back.

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    I’m probably in the minority here… but it’s okay. I liked the character of Sabrina. I thought she was very articulate, intelligent, cultured, and also earned her career through her academic smarts, not through a marriage or a man. That’s pretty rare on daytime.

    Yeah, the Victor pairing was a little off age-wise, but I was looking forward to the story potential with the Sabrina, Victor, and the 1st Newman family conflicts. Oh well, I know her leaving will probably create many more compelling stories that will payoff down the road.

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    Raya is a great actress i just think the way she was brought on was horrible.Cmon she married her best friends father for petes sake.This characther was never written well

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    Since this post is about the actress who plays(ed) Sabrina leaving, I am going to stick to that topic. Bringing on a rebound for Victor was not an entirely bad idea but they did it so fast, with no build up, we as viewers were not allotted the time to care about this character who was Victoria’s best friend. If the romance was JUST beginning now, it might be a whole different story. I happen to like the actress, but I think she was brought into a messy situation and they moved the pace along too quickly. Was Eric Braeden angry that Nikki got a man before he got a new love interest? It makes me wonder about who is running the show sometimes. Anyway, I am not sure if she will be the victim of the gala tragedy that is going to happen because I thought the location shoot to Paris would be the perfect place for Victor to finally find out that he has been played by Sabrina, her mother and the ex-beau artiste or a combination of them for art and money’s sake. I was hoping she would be thrown off the Eiffel Tower but they need to get rid of her because she was not written correctly and has not effectively affected the story. Now I am thinking the whole pregnancy is a lie and if she does die, Victor will find out then that she was never with his child. Duh, with your 2 vasectomies!!

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    One more thing – already with ONE single show, there was a noticeable difference in atmosphere, story structure, plotting, pacing and dialogue from Hogan Sheffer. I was amazed that a show that I have been dreading to watch, despite it being my favorite show, was so much more compelling. From Amber and Daniel to the gala planning and accepting David as the fundraiser to the plot for Gloria and family wanting to takeover Jabot, there are actual stories with potential and dramatic complexity being developed. I am not ready to call Hogan the messiah yet but boy it was the first enjoyable Y&R I have watched in 6 months. Tune into tomorrow…

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    Hopefully this is just the beginning of things to come! I’m not sad to see the character of Sabrina go and I agree, Colleen needs to go and return as Adrianne Leon, ASAP!

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    Im in the minority here i kind of started liking Sabrina, when her mom came to town, I dont mind the character and the actress. I would ten times rather see Colleen & Adrian leave before her, Though now i haven’t liked the direction they took Sabrina, I haven’t liked anything on Y&R since Glo & Jeff’s wedding! Well at least with Sabrina going, we know Nikki & Victor will be having a reunion, esspecially with David going as well

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