Daytime Confidential Top 20, June 2008

Welcome to second edition of the Daytime Confidential’s Top 20 soap star ranking. The DC Top 20 is our monthly ranking of each and every current and former soap star we cover here at Daytime Confidential and needless to say this month’s ranking has one or two surprises.

Will Vanessa Marcil be able to retain her spot at No. 1 from last month’s ranking? Did Days of Our Live’s James Scott move up or fall from his spot as the highest ranked non ABC male actor? Were Forbes March and Ambyr Childers able to hang on to their ranking after leaving their respective shows? Does Victoria Rowell still have what it takes to make the Top 20? Which actors were knocked off the list and who had what it took to replace them.


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  1. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Go Steve and Becky!!!

    Love me some Buffy the Vampire Slayer but what do you mean by “clicked on”? I don’t remember even reading anything about sarah Michelle Gellar on this site.

    I am a fan though. She rocks!

  2. Profile photo of angmc

    I can’t say I’m surprised that James Scott dropped so drastically. As much as I love the actor/character, I prefer to read about EJ/Sami, EJ/John or EJ the man with a job rather than EJ on the rebound in some skanky storyline. JMO.
    Is this summer of “love/romance” almost over?!? I’m counting the days till Stefano comes back and kicks some @ss!! Ok, venting over :)

  3. Profile photo of snowi

    I’m with angmc. Higley has all but destroyed poor EJ. He needs to get his umm….manhood….back. And that doesn’t include being tied down with the HO Nicole and being her white knight. Bring Eric Brady back if you need to find Nicole a man. I want EJami, and I don’t plan on tuning in until they are back on track.

  4. Profile photo of angmc

    Amen snowi!! EJ really needs to grow a new set and fast!!

    I do get the impression that Higley has fallen in love with the Nicole character and is inserting her into every storyline..Umm..No thanks. Nicole is best as a supporting character, specifically in comic relief moments like the Chloe/Sami fight. Plus I’m not feeling any love for the Sami character right now from our oh-so-creative headwriter. Sheffer really destroyed Sami but Higley is really just piling on. I guess my summer boycott of Days will continue but now I’ve found GH so screw Days and it’s summer of obscene crap. Rant part 2 now over. ;)

  5. Profile photo of KingTV

    I understand that this list is based on clicks and hits and all of that cyber-jazz-ma-tazz but I cannot fathom having people who are not currently or never will be again on a soap actors on this list. Mario Lopez, the will do anything for attention and PR wannabe who has nothing but memories of “Saved By The Bell” to enforce his ego or the wonderful, beautiful, talented Sarah Michelle Gellar, who played the definitive Kendall Hart on AMC but will never again be on a daytime soap, on this list at all. So here’s to the non-soap actors who have made a Top 20 DAYTIME list. The closest thing Lopez comes to daytime is occasionally being a fill-in co-host on “Live W/Regis and Kelly.” But I understand the premise of this compiled list is what it is so no gripes, just an observation with a few witty barbs thrown in.

  6. Profile photo of inahsan

    Steve Burton should be at the top position #1…..always.. he is the best no doubt about it…….
    I just want him to get the place he deserves, that’s #1

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