Mark Consuelos to Officiate Howard Stern’s Wedding?

Could former All My Children star Mark Consuelos be marrying Sirius shock jock Howard Stern and finance Beth Ostrosky? According to and their blow by blow transcript of the Howard Stern show and this clip found on Sirius, that may very well be what will happen. Here is a quote from the transcript.

Lisa said that she ran into Mark Consuelos and he is an ordained minister so he will be able to perform the ceremony. Howard said that they sat down and thought about who they wanted to marry them and they’re not into the whole religious thing. He said that Beth told him that she wanted Mark to marry them. Artie thought that was kind of strange. He said that broads melt when they hear that guy’s name brought up. He thinks that it’s going to be competition for Howard.

Artie said he doesn’t want any competition when he gets married so he wouldn’t allow something like that. He told him he should have the fat guy from the Borat movie marrying them instead.

Robin said that she doesn’t approve of this either and she knows that Howard would make fun of other people if they did something like that.

Howard said that Mark happens to be Beth’s spiritual counselor so that’s why she’s having him do this.

Thanks to Daytime Confidential reader and listener DSRBroadway for the tip!

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    I have been a Howard Stern fan for 20 some-odd years and I am so happy to see a post about him on this site. I would love for there to be a regular Howard update once in awhile but I have the feeling that this is more about Mark Consuelos, who used to be a soap star and will probably never, ever go back to AMC or any soap ever again. While I love DC for everything soap, I do realize that it can be a tad conservative and and politically correct for the posters to handle anything Howard, even though, if you think about it, each day with Howard is like a soap, starring him and his co-hosts, talking a lot about their lives, from the small things to the big events. It’s not just x-rated girls and porn, they actually discuss all things human in an intelligent way. So, here’s to a Howard Stern post once in awhile and not just when it involves a has-been soap star.

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    Yay KingTV, I’m glad I’m not the only Howard lover. And you’re right about it being a soap opera; the last three days themselves have been a major soap in itself, from half the crew going on a USO Tour and encountering mortar fire in Afghanistan, so the emotional problems of Artie and his on/off girlfriend (THAT is a sweeps storyline in itself), along with Howard’s wedding details, it’s dishy stuff! It ain’t all strippers anymore, not that it really ever was, that just got the most attention.

    PS…the “Howard said that Mark happens to be Beth’s spiritual counselor” comments are in jest…he jokes that Beth and Mark go away for hours at a time alone for “spiritual guidance.” Nudge, nudge.

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