The Devil Is SO Busy!

What would Mr. Belding say?
Entertainment industry hustleman Mario Lopez-who I swear has booked every Reality TV gig since Eve seduced Adam into eating that apple-is seen here on the set of his new movie Step Up 3: Back Dat Thang Up…or on the set of his MTV series America’s Best Dance Crew. It depends on how much Vodka you’ve had!

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    Mario, bless. I think he’s the only one having fun in that picture…but as I has Mario’s butt in my face last week at A Chorus Line, I could tell you she is a lucky girl.

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    Luke, as a latino reader, when I see “oye…” I see the spanish verb “to listen”. I think you actually mean “oy” as in the yiddish expression to express frustration, as in “Oy, how crazy do these people get when discussing Mario Lopez!”

    And certainly, no matter which way you swing, you can appreciate the irony that we are actually discussing the many facets of the once afro-wearing A.C. Slater from Saved By The Bell!

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