Guiding Light: Montel Williams Guest Stars

According to the Official Guiding Light Newsletter, Montel Williams is set to guest star as Clayton Boudreau on August 1st and 5th to help his son Remy through at hard time. If you think that’s shocking, then get ready to fall out of our seat. Kim Brockington reprises her role as Felicia Boudreau and joins her husband, Clayton, on August 5th. For one day only, The Boudreau family finally returns to Guiding Light.

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    While never in a million years would I have thought of that casting and I’m not exactly a fan of Montell, I have to admit that he is a fantastic choice following the late Richard Biggs. (The less said about Peter Francis James, the better).

    Something tells me this latest turn of events is the work of head writers Chris Dunna and Lloyd Gold, who created the Boudreaux’s in the first place. If they were smart, they’d bring that family back full time (or whatever passes for full-time on GL these days).

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    Well Montel … kind of odd for GL, but idk i will keep my hopes up. But I wish Kim Brockington would stay, we need more characters since we lost almost 4 of them already! I am noticing they are finally using Mel on the show agian, two days in a row, i almost died of shock, since usually its once every 4 or 5 monthes!

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    Baby steps GL, baby steps. I actually like the casting, why not bring them back full-time. They don’t have anything else going on. Good call DS9 on the origin.

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