Are You Enjoying What “GH” is Cooking?

I was reading Regan’s wonderful General Hospital Spoilers and Scoop for today and I noticed in the comments that many of our readers expressed disappointment in Jason Cook’s introduction as Dr. Matt Hunter on General Hospital. Here are a couple of our readers comments.

Christy-Delancy wrote: "Matt has not grown on me yet and I am doubting he will. He hasn’t had enough time on screen yet, but I already don’t care for him."

Aunti23gl wrote: "Yeh this Matt guy isn’t growing on me either…I’m not big on newbies I guess only because I wish they’d concentrate on the actors/characters they have, esp the vets aka the underused. As for his beard, I think it was to make him look older, because I’m sure some (possibly) watched Days and would still see him as Shawn D – Bo and Hopes kid. At least that’s what I think…"

So what do you think? Has General Hospital botched Jason Cook’s introduction as Dr. Matt? Are you enjoying his knew character or are you having a hard time warming up to or caring about the character?

What do you think?

Are You Enjoying What "GH" is Cooking?

  • GH seems to have outright botched such huge potential. (26%, 156 Votes)
  • I'm terribly disappointed in how GH is handling this, hopefully it will get better. (31%, 183 Votes)
  • I'm willing to give the character some more time but I'm not holding out hope. (31%, 183 Votes)
  • I'm loving Jason Cook as Dr. Hunter, I can't wait for more! (12%, 70 Votes)

Total Voters: 592


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13 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Danielle

    I never watched DOOL, so I don’t mean to sound stupid, but is it hard for all those who watched him DOOL to see him with a beard and connect with him because of it? I mean am having a hard time connecting with him and I don’t even see his chemistry with Maxie!

  2. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I adore JC, but I don’t think they’ve handled his introduction well.

    Some problems:
    1)Most people know he’s coming in specifically to be paired with Maxie, which right off the bat is going to alienate some fans because a lot of them are rooting for a Maxie/Spin pairing. And fans resent it when they know TPTB are going to try to do a Hard Sell on a couple. So right away, you’re starting off on shaky ground.

    2)Fans, GH fans in particular, can be very weary of newbies, especially because so many of our beloved Vets are completely ignored. Heck, half the cast seems to be ignored. Fans see newbies as taking away precious time from their faves. Plus the fact that we know TPTB are expecting us to like him and Matt/Maxie right away because of their history on DAYS. Knowing that TPTB are sort of taking certain things for granted, makes people predisposed to not liking him.

    3)Where is his charm and charisma? JC is a delightful and immensely likeable actor, but that just isn’t coming out. His character so far is coming across as unlikeable – BIG MISTAKE when introducing a newbie.

    4)THE BEARD. There are all these things kind of working against him, so you would think that TPTB would at least make him as HOT as possible, right? I mean, that’s always a ++++++! But what do they do? Hide his gorgeous face behind a horrible beard-‘stache! NOOOO!

  3. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    Another always excellent observation by daisyclover. I agree with all your points.

    I really hold hope that GH can turn it around, but right now (for me) he is about as welcome as Logan was on my screen when Lulu hit it off with Johnny. I might have been in the minority, but I was really pulling for Logan and Lulu, but then Johnny came along and they showed chemistry and heck, Johnny’s character was just so much more exciting. I really wanted to see Logan lose his tough exterior by falling in love with Lulu, but I got sick of the back and forth between the two suiters and ultimately wanted Logan paired with someone else.

    I am a sucker for character transformation and that is why I am loving Patrick’s transformation so much (albeit without much help from Robin). :-)

    That being said, I am just so afraid that the Matt character is going to result in a speedy exit for him if they don’t change direction fast, just like what happened with Seamus.

    I also do not see any potential with Maxie at this point just based on how things have been going so far. His character is arrogant. The way he talked to Nikolas was just terrible.

    If they make him undercover then I can see a chance for potential (like they did with Coop, but ultimately they wasted him too).

    Also, they are wasting Jay Pickett. He deserves more than he is getting. He did a good job on Port Charles.

    I could probably learn to live with the beard, but there’s something about it that just isn’t sexy. Maybe it is too groomed or something?

  4. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Chrystie-Delancey, thanks! And ITA with what you wrote!! Especially about Jay Pickett. He is such a fantastic actor and fairly well-known, yet they basically have him doing nothing…why?? And yeah, I’m thinking JC is going to be out really quick if things don’t change fast :(

    You’re so right about the beard too!! It’s overly manicured! Honestly, to me it looks like it’s been drawn on with a brown marker :sick: It’s funny, I thought I was finally getting used to it – but I guess not, lol!

  5. Profile photo of kpv88

    IA with everything you said Daisy. Dozens of more people deserve more time on screen and than someone else who is just swooping in. Like Cassius, for example. He’s around the same age as Matt, I assume, and he’s been given nothing so far. It doesn’t help that Matt has no personality what so ever. He has forced chemistry with Maxie and the only person who he does have chemistry is Nadine. But you know the writers won’t go there because of shelle 2.0

  6. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    I agree with you kpv88 about Cassius. I have been saying that for some time. He is so nice, handsome, loads of potential, but they don’t do anything with him.

    What about pairing him up with Spinelli to track down Stanford’s killer like they were supposed to? I bet Kiko A. left the role of Stanford because they didn’t have anything for him either.

    They will probably ruin Jagger too!

    Daisyclover, you used the word I should have “manicured.” And yes, it DOES look like it was drawn on with a brown marker! Too funny!

  7. Profile photo of ghaddict

    I agree with most of what your saying but I don’t think that a character has to be likeable when he’s new….it would make for a pretty boring show if everyone was likeable…I think it all comes down to the actor and how they portray their character…..When Claudia first came on to the show everyone on th MB’s were saying that her character was a huge flop and many people disliked her….but now that people have come to understand her she’s much more accepted….I personally think that character would have been gone by now if we didn’t have the wonderful Sarah Brown playing her….
    I’ll wait for the character to be fleshed out a little more before I decide whether or not I like him…

  8. Profile photo of Beth

    Not that I’ve really watched a lot of him, but from what I’ve been reading, it seems he has no purpose other than to be a “get” for ABC to try to capitalize on the Shelle audience from Days. Guza probably didn’t lobby for him and now that he’s on, he doesn’t have a clue what to do with him. Just my observation.

  9. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    pchca, ITA JC is a great actor and if written properly I think he’ll be a wonderful addition to the cast. And you’re right, he really hasn’t had much screentime, but I do think one reason people seem already to dislike him is because of the idea that this “newbie” will be taking away time from their faves.

    Plus JC joining the show has gotten a lot of press and has been so pumped up, that they’re almost asking for a little backlash.

  10. Profile photo of pchca

    I wish everyone would give him a chance. And how dare people think he’s taking up too much screen time – he’s had like FIVE scenes since he came on! Give it a rest people. Even if Matt didn’t exist, I still 100% believe Maxie would never end up with Spinelli. Their friendship is way too strong and their sexual chemistry is literally non-existent. Whether or not Matt and Maxie end up together is still up in the air, and I definitely don’t see a resolution soon. For all you Matt haters, just think back to when Kirsten first came on GH. You all hated her too! But now look, four years later everyone loves her. GH is going to have a hard time attracting new viewers if they don’t introduce new characters – soaps can’t survive on their long-term fans alone!
    Jason is a great actor, and it’s not his fault if the writers are giving him crap to work with. I wish they’d have him and Kirsten in more scenes – then you’d see how great their chemistry is. And for those who say they didn’t see anything between them yet… try rewatching their scenes from 6/30/08. They both could barely stop from smiling at each other.

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