Ph.D. in Horribleness

If you haven’t checked out Nathian Fillion (f. One Life to Live) and Neil Patrick Harris’ hilarious Dr. Horrible then you are missing an online gem. Yesterday we brougth you screencaps from Dr. Horrible Act 1 and today we bring you screencaps from Dr. Horrible Act 2.

USATODAY is reporting that Dr. Horrible has become such an online sensation that people visiting crashed the website and once it came back up they have been getting 1,000 hits a second.

If you haven’t check out Dr. Horrible Act 1 & 2 they are currently available for free at the website and Act 3 will be available on Saturday. You can also buy them through iTunes.

To watch this hilarious show visit Dr. Horrible.

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    The only question that left me here … why only for the internet? This has hit potential for the big screen!!! Harris is great and I just love him. And Fillion is great too. Hopefully we will hear more from Doc Horrible after the three acts are over.

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    Luke Kerr

    The thing about Dr. Horrible is that it was written and filmed during the Writers Strike since it was intended for the internet it didn’t get anyone in trouble. According to the USA Today article they are considering turning it into a musical but I’m not sure why kind of speedbumps they’d run into if they tried to turn it into a film or tv show…personally I think it could make an awesome tv show.

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    Luke, thanks for for talking this up so much! I’ve loved the mind of Joss Whedon since Buffy the Vampire Slayer first aired, and this is a masterful piece of silliness. From what I’ve been reading about it, they are going to release this on DVD (with a singing commentary, natch) eventually, and it will be available for download at a price on iTunes after Sunday. Whedon’s hoping to make his money back so he can actually pay the people who worked on it! Sounds like he won’t have any problems.

    Favorite line from Part 2? “The hammer is my penis.” LMAO!

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