Young and Restless: Throwing Fish Grease

Like the title and video says, Victor is definately being vindictive.

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    Finally, Victor is going to hit those kids where it hurts….their pocketbooks. I love it, I love it, I love it…..I love Jack, but I really love it when Victor does vindictive things that affect the dynamics of the entire town.

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    I fully agree with you miajere!

    It is about time that Nicky and Vicky get their just dessert!

    With a friend like Vicky you don’t need enemies, she is vindictive, mean, and untrustworthy ; the fast one she pull by having Jabot being on the forefront of the charity event instead of Newman cosmetic, that was a dirty thrick played on both Sabrina AND Victor!

    And she is plain cruel with Sabrina, and all that coming NOT from a Sabrina fan.

    But it is not enough for me, after all Victor is NOT dying is he? I want my share of cold revenge serve just right, and I know Victor will deliver!

    Love, love Victor on the war path!

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