Days of our Lives: What’s Next for Sami?


Days of our Lives’ Samantha Brady knows how to make an impact. Ever since she was a teenager she has done horrible things to people to further her own agenda. Blackmail, seduction or a little shotgun castration is all in a day’s work for this fan favorite. Sadly, Sami has not been herself, much to the consternation of those who love to watch a villainess in action. Sami’s life over the last few years has been frought with tears. After four (yes four) annullments, what’s a girl to do?

Unexpected children complicate relationships, but the downside is the lifelong bond to the father(s). Sami is trapped in the DiMera mansion and I can’t help but feel this character is at a crossroads. She hangs on to Lucas like grim death. I can’t imagine she is really in love with him. She denies her attraction to EJ, but is angered by the fact that he slept with another woman. She’s on a perpetual roller coaster of indecision. Not the kind of woman who has always gone after what she wants.

Over the past several weeks, it seems as though others around her have no trouble calling her out on her faults. Lucas branded her a whore while Nicole and Chloe label her selfish for her treatment of the men in her life. She leaves them both hanging while she tries to figure out who she wants and expects them both to wait.  Will is barely an afterthought as she struggles with the twins’ fathers.

It wasn’t until Sami stepped up and threatened to move out that I saw that old spark. I know she and EJ have their fans, but after watching this domesticated version of him, I find them a bit dull. They’re better when they fight, and they both fight dirty. Now that EJ decreed she cannot leave, what is next for Sami? What direction will she take? Was the flashback a foreshadowing of what’s to come? Too many questions, not so many answers. I know I like the fighter. It’s hard to watch her and NOT want her to be bad. I sometimes wish she wasn’t saddled with children because she will get it from both EJ and Lucas and I’m not up for endless custody battles. Nicole and Chloe gave her back her snark and living in the DiMera mansion with John has created some great interaction, but I can’t help but think she needs more.

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    Jillian Bowe

    You are so right Mike, Sami needs her old spark back. She can still be Ms. Huxtable but also have that fire that she had before. EJ brings that out of her, he wanted the old fire and brimstone Sami not the podSami that she’s become since her nesting with Lucas. I think we’ll see the Sami of old come back this summer but a more mature one.

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    Hoosier Daddy

    I think they should do a return here with Brandon Walker (Matt Cedeno). He not only can potentially reunite w/ Sami, but he is also Nicole’s brother and can play a role in this storyline with Trent. In addition, he is Abe Carver’s son with Fay Walker and can be put into the autism storyline with Lexie and Theo. Abe feels guilty b/c his son isn’t “normal” and Brandon, while an estranged son, can fill the void of a “normal” son for Abe and it can bring them closer together.

    This could bring Sami in a different direction with Brandon’s return and give her a break from Lucas and EJ.

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    Thanks for bringing this up Mike, I could write a book on this topic.
    If it’s possible to emasculate a woman, Hogan Sheffer and now Dena Higley have done that. I was hoping with the return of Nicole we would see more of the old Sami but we have only seen flashes. I’m not talking about the paternity changing blackmailing version but just a more mature but still scheming Sami. So far all Sami has done since Lucas has returned has been to grovel, beg and cry for him to forgive her, even though she did absolutely nothing wrong. The fact that he called her a whore had my blood boiling…and yet she did nothing. The old Sami would have slugged him..but not this weak version of Sami.
    I even wonder if Dena likes the character.

    The reason so many people are EJami fans (other than their off-the-charts chemistry) is because EJ loves her as is and has never asked her to change. He actually loves that side of Sami and I think he is hoping that she will resort to some of her old tactics to fight for him. Fingers crossed!! Plus their fights have more passion than most couples love scenes. We now just need EJ and Sami to have more love scenes ;)

    I’m not worried right now about any custody fights because I think the return of Stefano will put an end to all the fighting as they work together to protect their twins (yes I said their twins..I’m still convinced Allie is EJ’s).

    And as for domesticated EJ, I think we are finally going to see “grey” EJ emerge as he starts to work with John. So I don’t anticipate a lot of domesticated EJ scenes..Not that I mind since I love seeing EJ/James with the babies.. :)

    BTW..Love the pic you chose of Sami. It’s from the episodes where Lucas “complimented” Sami by telling her she reminded him of a stripper…Ahhh..such romance :sick:

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    I also missed the fire and villainousness Sami since she married Lucas and having her change for him. I hope the Sami of old comes out and be a force to be reckoned with.


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    I think the problem with Sami for several years is that TPTB always seem to want it both ways from her. They want her to be the scheming, but complex vixen that causes trouble but always ends up self destructing.

    At the same time they’ve wanted her to be the show’s younger generation heroine. Victimized, crying all the time, someone who things happen to (instead of her making things happen), etc…

    The show can’t have it both ways. They need to have Sami be the vixen that we all want her to be. And have someone else be the more typical “heroine.”

    Also, I think it’s one of the drawbacks of her relationship with EJ. If he’s the rogue, then they think that means they have to tone her down. And vice versa. If she gets her b*tch back, they’ll feel they’ve got to emasculate EJ…

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    ITA daisyclover! God forbid Days figures out a way to make both EJ and Sami “grey”?!? I don’t want Sami as a heroine. There are plenty of other women on the show who can have that role. Leave Sami and EJ as the devious but well-intentioned couple of Salem. Days needs to embrace the grey characters more, not everything needs to be black and white.

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    I want EJ and Sami to get their sparks back TOGEHTHER! Angmc is right, those two have more chemistry fighting then most couples do in bed. (And there love scene was HOT AS HELL!) Her marriage to Lucas turned her into this crying, stepford wife version of Sami. And don’t get me started on that “whore” comment. I don’t Lucas could do anything to redeem himself in my eyes after that.

    Sami needs to get her balls back. And I believe it will be EJ to finally force the real Sami to come out and play. These two will be a blast to watch, when they are finally allowed to have the relationship they were always meant to have. A “grey”, scheming, dark romance that would be a breath of fresh air to the sometimes sugar sweet pairings on Days. If they do this right then we can have the “real” Sami be with the “real” EJ and have a lot of fun. No one will be emasculated if they write a good story for these too. Sami and EJ are the same, and once Sami pulls her head out of her butt and let’s go of the Lumi death grip, she’ll realize this too. Samantha needs to be herself in a relationship. And EJ wants that too.

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    You hit the nail on the head they need to make a decision with Sami as to where her character should go. The crying victim indecisive version of Sami has worn. I agree that she is not in love with Lucas anymore and she needs to let this fantasy go. Lucas already has apparently.

    They need to let some of the old Sami Brady re-emerge and come to terms with her feelings for EJ because is a lot like her. They also need to give EJ his cajones back so he can return to being a DiMera. Domesticated white washed EJ was a bore. Together they can unite be a force to be reckoned with. Now if they have to fight a little with each other on the way to get there so be it. This is not a hearts and flowers couple and their fans like them that way. Neither family would approve of this union and that is the best part. Sami and EJ could unite aganst the Brady’s or the DiMeras or whatever Salem throws their way. This is where I think the story needs to go.

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    The problem is that they’ve been trying to make Sami more like Carrie now that Carrie and Austin flew off to Switzerland.
    It is walking a fine line trying to have Sami mature while maintaining her edge.
    Not sure what that photo posted of EJ carrying Nicole dressed as a bride was about, but it would be interesting to have EJ & Nicole married.
    Then we would have EJ, Sami, her nemesis Nicole and RoboJohn under the same roof.
    Then Nicole could invite her brother Brandon to live with them as well…paving the way for a Sami/Brandon reunion.
    And if Lucas moves back in somehow, and he hooks up with Chloe, it would be great to have her living there as well.
    Also not sure where Tony & Anna live but they could potentially move into RoboJohn’s mansion.

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    ITA Steph! EJami is not for the faint at heart and I love them that way. They are what brought me back to Days. I really wish that TPTB at Days would stop stalling and just give us our fun, dark couple!

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