Top 10 Ways to Improve “Guiding Light”

Calling all Guiging Light fans to put on your thinking caps. In the next few days we’ll be recording our Top 10 Ways to Improve Guiding Light episode as part of our ongoing summer series the Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Favorite Soaps.

Each week as part of our Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Favorite Soaps series we’ll be going in depth and discussing how to improve each show. We had planned to have two shows per episode it turned out that they each need to be their own individual episode. 

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    It’s Long :)

    10. Blow up the Beacon. Kill Natalia and Rafe

    9.More Dialouge. Less Montages

    8. Have Cassie become the town’s Crazy Slut.

    7. Bring back cliffhanger Fridays. Nothing is suspenseful anymore. Everyday seems like it could be the last episode. Nothing is making you want to go to the next episode.

    6.Less outside shots and more sets

    5.Change back to the old filming style or have it seem less drastic i.e. less close-ups less wide screen shots.

    4. Don’t bring up the dead unless your going to bring them back alive i.e. TAMMY.

    3. Drop SL’s and Pick up new ones: Cyrus and Dinah could team up to get Mallet and Marina back.Then Cyrus and Marina and Dinah and Mallet would form there own detective agency. Cyrina would get married and have children and so would Malah but they would have to do AI or adopt. Reva and Josh would be back together and focus on there children. Marah could come back as someone who is struggling with their weight because where she lived in France as a fashion designer and inspired to be a model and did everything possible to loose the weight and Coop would fall for her. I would drop the Preacher Storyline for Josh and bring back Father Ray. I would drop the Alan sees Gus and tells Alan how to be a better person Storyline.I want to have him be ruthless and get the company back. I believe that Alan has paired enough for Tammy’s death because he lost everything and is going through this terrible Storyline.

    2 .Bring back core characters: Michelle and Danny Santos with their children Robbie and Hope, Phillip and Alan- Micheal Spaulding. Marah, Shayne and Dylan Lewis Jonathan ,Tammy and Sarah Randall. Edmund Winslow Father Ray and Tony and Carmen Santos.

    1. Let there be romance! Bring back couples: Billy and Vanessa Alex Buzz Lillian (Triangle) Josh and Reva Jeffery and Cassie – Olivia and Rick, (QUAD) Frank and Blake Phillip and Beth. Mallet and Dinah, Cyrus and Marina, Tammy and Jonathan, Lizzie and Bill, Coop and Marah, G and Daisy Ava (recast her with Adriene Leon?) Alan Micheal

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    Bring back all of the Spualdings,buarers,coopers,readons.
    Bring back Danny, MIchelle (and thier kids), Caromon, M(Of course this would really hard to do, put can be done (Exaple: Taylor, Jesse)), Edmund.
    Jeffrey is really Richard. Or Edmund had Richard lock in that daugon..
    Keep Jeva together.
    Have Tammy a twin.
    Bring back Tammy/Jon/Sarah

    GL/AMC/ATWT/GH/B&B/Y&R Fans!!!!!!!!!

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    #1: Reva & Josh have a reunion
    #2: Have Cassie go on a rampage after Josh dumps her and Kills Cyrus, Grady, Natalie, Rafe, & Ava.
    #3: Giving Alan Spaulding a real story have Alan & Alexandra fight and scheme (blackmail or whatever else they can do to get back Spaulding Enterprise and destroy Bill’s ego.
    #4: Alexandra needs a real story and AIRTIME
    #5: Bring back Phillip,Alan Michael, & Edmund (to help crazy Cassie after she kills all the bad characters on the show!)
    #6: A Dinah/Mallet/Matt storyline, i loved that late last year.
    #7: Use Mel more often and have her fall in love with Rick Bauer
    #8: Beth & Alan reunite
    #9: Lillian & Buzz have more airtime
    #10: Lizze & Bill have trouble along the way of there romance, now that Alan is back to his old self, and wants revenge on Bill.
    #11: Lizze & Bill get married!
    #12: Coop/Blake/Ashlee triangle, Blake should win in the fight for Coop, so she has a STORY!
    Though Guiding Light is starting to improve, we need to see big improvments, to see at least a 2.0 in the ratings!

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    1. Cassie finally snaps and she goes on a killing spree. She kills Cryus/Grady,Natalia/Rafe/Jeffrey and Leah.
    2. Coop bores himself to death which causes Frank to change careers.
    3. Marina devestated by Cyrus death decides to go back to California for good.
    4. Alex takes back Spaulding with the help of a mysterious young man that eventually turns out to be her grand son.
    5. Alan with the help of Alan Michael decides to team up to get Spaulding back from Alex.
    6. Ed,Mike,Hope and a newly recasted Michelle returns to town with her kids. Danny is killed off screen after someone pulls the plug on Carmen.
    7. Phillip and Nick returns to Springfield and they fight for Beth.
    8. Reva and Josh are reunited after Josh grovels for many months and he leaves the church.
    9. Vanessa and Billy get Lewis oil back and they decide to teach their wayward kids a lesson.
    10. They will go back to the old format.

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    1. Reva and Josh reunite!
    2. Bring back Danny and Michelle
    3. Knock Cassie off her self righteous pedestal
    4. Bill and Lizzie cut the BS and just start this relationship!
    5. Get Beth away from Alan.
    6. Bring Philip back.
    7. Sorry I love Blake, but give her a real storyline and not this Cooplee stuff.
    8. GIVE FRANK A WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!
    9. Ship Grady back to Australia……and send Daisey with him.
    10. Maura and Shayne need to visit their parents like now!

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    1. Stop following “The Hills” reality and go to back to the old format.

    2. P&G, spend more money on your soap.

    3. Stop making this soap an music video montage.

    4. Break up Josh and Cassie, permanently.

    5. Stop treating your stars like crap and making them leave the soap.

    6. Bring back the Bauer family back on.

    7. Bring Reva Shayne Lewis back front burner and bring back the hellion in her.

    8. Have a big rivalry between Reva and Olivia.

    9 Get Tom Phelphrey back and have a Bill/Lizzy/Jon triangle.

    10. Do whatever it takes to get Grant Alezander back.

    11. Have sharp, character driven dialogue.


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    1. Give us JEVA BACK! 2. Keep them together for a good long while! 3. Give Cassie some happness for a change, More Vanassa please she is a great actress I missed her!, make Alan. . . Alan again he’s much better being a trouble maker!6. Give Mel a storyline that makes sense! 7. Get rid of “G”, 8. get a recast for Harely! 9. Get Marina and Cyrus back together they are reall a great couple! 10. Give Dinah and Mallet back together and allow them to work together! More storylines that have everyone in SF trying to find out”who dunuit?” Give Jeffery a mystery to work on! Give us good dialogue, sharpe and witty please! I could go on and on but this will work! Thanks!

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    1.Bring back Danny and Michelle and their kids ,Give Marina a backbone and let her have a relateionship that really work were the man has some resecpt for herand make her a stronger woman and not so weak.Bring back couples and love in afternoon .Better storylines for the characters and coulples.

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    Ok I just thought of something Lucy from AS THE WORLD TURNS is on the run from Craig and the cops so she meets and fall in love with Shane when she and move there to hide in plaine sight ,Marina does a back ground check on Lucy`s using a fake and ID card and arrests her but Shane stands up for her and understands why she took Johnny ,The rest of the storyline could be that Paul and Meg raiae Johnny together and leave Spring filed him and go back to Oakdale to live ,Leaving Lucy to have her own life with Shane which disappoints Marina hoping for a break up but it backfries on her and Shane fall more in love with Lucy ,That would be a good story to tell to.

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    Saving Guiding Light? Now THIS is going to be a long post. Please forgive the massive typos and errors; doing this as fast as I can. You have been warned!

    I want to approach this issue from two completely different Top Ten Ways to improve GL. The SECOND is what I would do if I had ultimate control over every aspect of the show, which we know in real life that these responsibilities are divided among several camps. The FIRST is based on what we/I know of GL’s current real world, cash strapped position; in other words, working with what you’ve got. Both scenarios are based on a broad based analysis of what affects the entire show (i.e. not assuming that “better” writing or bringing back “favorite” characters will do the trick alone, as both have a spotty record in terms of results for various shows).


    10. Hire an experienced consultant like John Conboy (previous GL EP) or even ask Chris Goutman to come in from ATWT and advise the show on how to make its current production model sing. There have been vast improvements in lighting, sound, camera work, and editing since the new model made its debut, and credit must be given where that is due. But GL needs not to be “reality” but “heightened reality” and it takes someone like Conboy to make these lemons into lemonade.

    9. Get rid of the goddamned emo music soundtrack. GL needs to return to a more traditional style score or even a more subtle version of that of telenovelas. This cheap indie music is aggravating and needs to be changed.

    8. Hire more extras or at least recruit Peapack, NJ residents to appear in scenes. Why? Because extras set in public (like a mall, school, or church) give scenes a certain life, texture and vibrancy that all but vanished not only when the new production model hit, but at least a couple of years prior to its inception.

    7. Cut down on “action” setups. The viewer doesn’t need a setup to know a character is walking in a park or getting in a car. To that end, end the practice of characters playing scenes with themselves. Unless it advances plot (Reva finds a secret letter; Olivia putting poison in someone’s coffee) or is deeply reflective, these scenes serve no purpose. Scenes of Cassie folding clothes for 3 minutes serves no purpose. Scenes of Cassie and Josh trying and failing to reconnect as they are cleaning up after the 4th of July barbecue does serve a purpose. More of the latter, no more of the former.

    6. Rethink the demographics. GL, like most soaps, is produced as if the primary and sole audience are Midwestern housewives and young women 18-54 who watch soaps from about 12 noon-4PM depending on market. A complete rundown of why this is so offbase and out of date is painfully obvious to everybody it seems but the networks and advertisers who drive these things. Instead of the old demos, those in charge need to start rethinking not only who is watching but who WANTS to watch soaps. Gay men, straight men, people of color, working women (yes, those with DVRs), and just about anybody who likes a good, juicy story. GL needs to lead the way with bold, convention breaking storytelling to attract non-traditional demos. (I’ll expand on this in the next segment…)

    5. Shoot in New York City more. Long ago it was established that Springfield had grown beyond a small town (going so far, in fact, that Ellen Weston had named Springfield as THE Springfield, capital of Illinois, during her tenure as head writer). Springfield needs to be more metropolitan in scope while maintaining that small town aura.

    4. Negotiate better terms with the city of Peapack, NJ to extend shooting locations around the city. With this amazing resource at their disposal, the show should utilize as much of the actual town as possible rather than the 7 or 8 locations they seem to shoot in all the time. If GL is going to be a mostly location soap, then it needs to utilize the locations much better and with greater variety. And make them scene-appropriate and cohesive.

    3. Recognize that history can be and often is overrated. Instead of bringing back this Spaulding or that Bauer, first look at the current canvas and strengthen these families and characters. Bringing back old characters, no matter how popular back in the day (and the day did not start in the 1980’s or 90’s), is no guarantee that a) they will be utilized correctly, b) that the original actor will be as well received or that a recast will be accepted or c) that ratings will rise as a result. Instead, good storytelling — the first goal of good soap — relies on using the building blocks at one’s disposal. And part of that in GL’s case means getting away from Cooper/Spaulding fetishism. To that end, GL needs to rebuild the Boudreaux’s through Remy (glimmers of which we’ve seen), give Frank a real romance (instead of dilly dallying around with Natalia, just move that story forward), reinvigorate the Marlers through Clarissa AND Blake’s boys, age Harley’s son’s, and make Vanessa and Matt genuine players instead of day players. And if anyone needs bringing back, it’s Holly.

    2. CBS and Proctor & Gamble need to promote & market GL aggressively more than ever if it is to survive. Unfortunately. far too many fans seem to live in a “Field of Dreams” mentality when it comes to soaps: if you write it (or bring back a fave), the masses will come. This is not true. Many a well-written soap has fallen by the wayside. And the competition in all forms of entertainment (not to mention life) is greater than ever. So the network and the producer need to take a page out of the ABC Daytime playbook and brand (or re-brand) Guiding Light back into the public consciousness. As much goodwill as finding one’s light might generate and new production models might yield lots of positive press, sometimes you need some catchy songs and ubiquitous commercials to get folks attention. OMFG!

    1. To all these ends, CBS and P&G need to spend some goddamn money. not just on GL but also ATWT. But since GL is our focus, the network and producer needs to take advantage of the fact that having the longest running series on broadcast television is an asset they can exploit, rather than slowly strangle to death. They need to stop the budget cutting, the crew firings, and placing unreasonable expectations on the actors. If anything, raise GL’s budget (and the actors’ salaries) and then — if they can work it out with the unions and agents — institute a freeze in budget (and salary hikes) for 3 years. In exchange, the network renews the show for 3 years and this, in turn, would allow the writing and production team to stop spinning their wheels on certain storylines and project out a year or two of stories in advance. This would require the network and affiliates to say that it will accept a certain viewership/Nielsen floor without threat of cancellation. The actors, writers, and producers (as well as the network) need some breathing room and this kind of structure would give it to them and for viewers to return in larger numbers. And if it fails, then not even the fans can say that the show wasn’t given a proper chance at a comeback.


    10. Hire a new executive producer. Re-assign Ellen Wheeler to handle things she does best, such as thinking outside the box with initiatives like Find Your Light, podcasts, and exploring alternative media. All of these avenues are quite valuable, but her lack of a cohesive vision for GL itself has been disheartening.

    9. I’d take a page out of ABC’s book. Assuming I would not be able to hire a dream team of my choice, I would instead do what AMC does with Agnes Nixon as a consultant and tap Pam Long, Bridget & Jerome Dobson, and some of GL’s other more successful headwriters and assign them as consultants to the new headwriting quartet, focusing on their signature characters the way Nixon has done with the Angie/Jessie resurrection on All My Children.

    8. Instead of bringing back A,B, C, or D characters from GL’s own past (and not just those from the 80’s or 90s), I would more broadly experiment with bringing over characters from P&G soaps that are no longer with us, an idea I would try to influence Chris Gutman to rethink, too. On my list, in no particular order: Rachel Cory Hutchins and Carl Hutchins, Cass & Lila Winthrop and Felicia Gallant from Another World. I would re-introduce the Sky & Raven Whitney and her son Jamey from the Edge of Night as Springfield’s newest power family and foils for the Spauldings. Any number of characters from the soap Texas could be connected to the Lewis’. I would put a few on contract, a few with substantial recurring roles and a couple of guest stars. There are legions of fans who would pay good money to see THESE characters again, alive, kicking and vital. And that, my friends, could translate into ratings gold.

    7. Bill & Lizzie. Dinah & Mallet. Josh-Reva-Jeffrey-Olivia. Edmund.

    6. I would cross pollinate with ATWT much more. Since Oakdale and Springfield inhabit the same universe, I would try to coordinate crossovers where possible. I always thought that GL & ATWT missed a golden opportunity to intersect when Reva and Lucinda both battled cancer at the same time; these two women could have become friends through support groups or even enemies based on their vastly different approaches to handing their illnesses. Kim Zimmer & Liz Hubbard together? Think of it! I’ve always thought that Vanessa Reardon & Kim Hughes merge their media empires to start their own network (and spawn more story for both shows). Even little stuff, like scandals hitting the papers and news from each show bleeding into the other (Brad & Katie could interview Alan Spaulding about going from having it all to being a psychic nutcase; Ashley could be working on a story about the murder of Sophie Duran). Deepen the universe and fans will invest in it (or them) more.

    5. SORAS almost every kid over a certain age (like Zack & Jude) in Springfield. These are the children of legacy characters who all come from complex personal backgrounds in their own right and have seen their parents go through some crazy shit. There is so much built-in story in those children (who suck up so much oxygen in their current form) waiting to be unleashed. (A side note: Out of all these casting issues I’ve thrown out as things I would do or would like to do, they all address the fact that Guiding Light’s contract cast is way too small for an hour long show and these casting decisions are designed to deepen the canvas).

    4. STORIES I WOULD DO: Introduce a complex Muslim family, divided between traditional beliefs and modern sensibilities and craft a Romeo/Juliet-style love story around them. Josh’s Fall from Grace: he would be stripped of his collar and develop into an alcoholic. Cassie would become the new Annie, but would stick around: Springfield needs a balls out villainess and Cassie is primed. The Grady family would deepen by two: what if it turned out that Cyrus & Grady’s parents were not only alive, but were filthy rich and had abandoned the kids so that they would not interfere with their lifestyle? (Murray Bartlett is one of GL’s great finds and needs to be elevated as a true star of the show). Coop has a brother Ian “Rocky” Bradshaw; the character needs to come back to Springfield with with an English accent and a chip on his shoulder against Buzz and Coop and a huge, genuine crush for Ashley: a brotherly rivalry is born.

    3. Redecorate. When the current production model was launched, Wheeler & Bloom declared that there were something like 30 permanent smaller scale sets that were in place to provide more spaces for the characters to play. A couple of sets, like the expanded Spaulding mansion, the expanded 360 degree Towers set and the interior of Company, have been great. Unfortunately, many of the rest have been flat or utilized poorly. (That tacky nail salon has to go!). Under my regime it would. And about half the other sets would, too. Instead, I would double the size of the some sets by cutting down the number from 30 to about 15. This would give Springfield some scale, allow the actors and camera crew to breathe and be less claustrophobic for the audience.

    2. Grant Alexander as Phillip Spaulding. Whatever it takes.

    2a. Find a production/financial partner for GL (or GL and ATWT). See if CBS would be willing to buy part of the P&G soap machine. If not CBS, then an independent production company, even a foreign distributor. Pump some money into these shows in exchange for a platform to promote or sell their wares, products or services. After all, this is exactly what daytime serials were developed to do in the first place: sell stuff. Get a partner outside of P&G under a multiyear agreement and it might not matter much what ratings GL gets as long as the built-in advertising dollars pay for it.

    1. NOT LISTEN TO THE FANS. I know, it’s heresay. I know it’s anathema to all this site stands for and risks the ire of all those folk who clamor that the powers that be need to listen to “the fans” more. But the problem is that, unless there is an overwhelmingly negative or positive response to a certain aspect of a show, my belief has always been that writers should be ABLE to write the best stories they can with as little interference from the top as possible, show runners shold produce that vision to the best of their ability, and that fans should voice their opinion (certainly) but ultimately accept or reject the final product. See, the issue here is that “the fans” are not always united, “the fans” are often contradictory in their factional wishes, “the fans” have a thousand great ideas but none of the responsibility of producing those visions with responsibilities to advertisers, network executives, budget considerations or their own production houses. And “the fans” frequently dismiss these realities and even the idea that soaps have to compete against other entertainment forms and the shifting tides of the time and tastes. So….I would not really listen to “the fans” except in rare situations and would trust my gut as a writer/producer to tell the best stories possible using the tools at my disposal. Some might say this is why Ellen Wheeler’s tenure has been less than successful, but there is a counter argument that it is what made so many other legendary producers and/or writers so well-respected. My sense is that you get the best people possible together and TRUST them to do the best job they can do. Otherwise, with too much interference (bordering on outright sabotage) you get the wasted talents of Claire Labine when she was at GL or Hogan Sheffer’s when he was most recently at Days.

    Many of the issues from both “ten” lists are somewhat interchangeable but it boils down to this: strengthen the production, deepen the canvas, and pinch a little from the past while building toward the future.

    THE EDGE OF NIGHT: 2008 – Hi-Octane Version

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    How to fix GL in 10 easy steps!

    10. Get rid of all the crappy music. Go back to the old slow piano/instrumental opera type music. It truly makes or breaks a scene. See Y&R for a good example. They have kept the same music since I was a kid and I know what each tune means. Take notes GL. So, in short,  less music and much more dialogue.

    9. Either hire new writers or get ones that KNOW the history of this show! That’s one of GL’s biggest problems: lack of history knowledge. They keep rewriting important history and it hurts the stories rather than helps them.

    8. Bring back the suspense and mystery. I hate being able to predict exactly what happens with a story before it actually airs. I want to be surprised all the time and not just everyonce in a while. I want my Cliffhangers!

    7. Bring back or create a TRUE GL villian. This show doesn’t  have any really bad guys. They’ve all been reformed, domesticated, or neutered. We need a true baddie, like Edmund. I’ll even settle for Olivia, Dinah, or Alan going slap crazy. Just someone whose bad and LOVES it!

    6. Spend some money on this soap! That way, maybe we can have a good bit of extras in the background and not 2 or 3. Bill and Ava’s wedding audience was pathetic, wasn’t it? Or maybe we could buy some more lights and possibly go on a real location shoot.

    5. Everyone does NOT need to live at the Beacon! I’m so sick of that set I could scream. I really miss when everyone had a house or their own apartment. The way someone lives says whole lot about their character. We really don’t get that when everyone lives in a hotel with identical rooms.

    4. Bring the full Bauer, Lewis, or Spaulding families back into town. I would adore it if the Bauers came back. For them to be a core family on the show, it is a sin and a shame that their is only ONE of them left in town. I wouldn’t mind if the Lewises came back either. How great would it be if Marah, Shayne and Mindy popped back up in SF. I wonder how they would react to Josh and Reva’s movie? The Spualdings need to come back and reclaim the city. I would LOVE to see Alan, Alan-Michael, Alex, Amanda, India, and even Vicki tearing the city up. It would be GREAT!  

    3. Get the characers back to their true selves. Which means: Alan needs to be ruthless, Alex needs to be knee deep in Dinah behind, Olivia and Dinah need to be evil, Marina needs to be a badass with a good heart, Josh shouldn’t be a minister, Frank needs a woman etc. So many characters have been assassinated it’s not even funny. They need to brought back to their true character pronto!

    2. Find all the missing characters, which are mostly vets, and put them back on the front burner. Where in the Guiding Light are Alex, Billy, Vanessa, Mel, Lillian, Rick, and a slew of other characters. Why are all these people in soap limbo land? Get them out of there and back on screen. Find a story for your vets. They are one of the main reasons this show has lasted so long. Soap fans, or at least this one, LOVES storylines with vets on the frontburner. Bring them and the missing characters back.

    1. ROMANCE!!! I don’t remember the last time there was an actual true old fashioned romance story told of GL. A few have come close but no cigar. Honestly, is there one truly happy couple on this show? I really don’t think there is. Every show needs at least one truly happy couple, even if for a little bit. A go to couple, so to speak.  I don’t remember the last time a couple was happy for more than 4 months. For the love of soap operas reunite, Josh and Reva, Dinah and Mallet, Bill and Lizzie, and Cyrus and Marina! Those four couples are the best the show has right now. All them have chemistry coming out of thier eyeballs and have been destroyed almost to the point of no return. Find a way to fix them and the romance on this show. Starting with Josh and Reva is a very VERY good idea! Just FIX THINGS!

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    Get rid of the hand held cameras and supercloseups.
    Stop filming scenes with 2 people like both actors were on separate vacations and they had to film the shots at 2 different times and then try and make it seem like the actors were in front of the camera at the same time.
    Get Bizzy together.
    Get Josh & Reva back together.
    Give Crystal Chappell a real storyline…ok give anyone a real storyline.
    Less scenery, more dialouge.

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    10. Stop trying to make the show “cutting edge” in videography. It has become the Blair Witch Project of daytime. If I want that much camera play I would watch scenes of people riding roller coasters.

    9. VH1 and MTV don’t play music videos anymore, why does Guiding Light think they need to now pick up the gauntlet? I am sick to death of the music montages! There is a time and place for music, it is not DAILY!

    8. This is the longest running show in television history, USE IT! Promote the heck out of that. I am sick to death of seeing OLTL and DOOL promoted in SOD and SOW, with a short token snippet of GL news thrown in here and there. Unacceptable.

    7. Stop letting the dollar run the show. Every soap on daytime is struggling to hold on the an audience and do not use that as an excuse to cut, cut, cut. GL’s lifeline is beyond bleeding, its now hemorrhaging!

    6. Ellen Wheeler may have been a fine actress, but if she continues to run this show she will be a world-class killer. She ruined the CASTING, writing, directing, sets, and on and on and on. I agree with another post, she does somethings well. Pod casts, Find Your Light, the traveling Emmy were all good ideas. How did they improve this mess of a show?

    5. Say it with me….HISTORY!!
    Stop trying to make up backstories and use what is there! The best shows I have seen in the last few months have been the flashbacks to Josh and Reva’s wedding. They may not be the real HB or Sarah, but they certainly captured the feel of having Larry Gates and Audrey Peters back in the day.

    4. There is a well of villains from GL past. Bring SOMEONE BACK! If a reunion of Josh and Reva might be on the horizon, then the possibility of Annie or Sonni/Solita or Edmond turning up would be awesome.

    3. There is no Spaulding Family without Grant Alexander as Phillip…PERIOD! His character walks the fine line of hero and villain better than any other. Fighting cousin Dinah to regain the family’s business…Father and son competing for a woman… best friends reunited to try to win back the woman they both love….a father caring and supporting his child that has had more tragedy than any one person should have. Have him find Jonathan and Sarah and bring them back to Springfield. HELLO!! THAT IS DAYTIME DRAMA! Can you imagine Phillip and Jonathan going head to head?? Or uniting to fight Alan and his dream of the perfect Spaulding family.

    2. Bring back India Von Halkein and Baroness Alexandra Spaulding and their disdain for each other. Watching these two power hungry woman going toe to toe was some of the best story of the past. Even better… bring back India married to Alex’s son! BAM!! The shot heard round Springfield….wooowoooo.

    1. Find someone who can take the show from the toilet and get the priorities worked out. My beloved light is not just floundering…IT IS DYING. Stop the insanity!! Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and just go with what has worked in the past. Character driven stories that are worth watching. Get back to the roots of this show and bring it back to the powerhouse that the Grande Dame of television use to be.

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    My top ten ways to save GL

    10. Stop trying to make the show into The Hills. Focus on what the show’s strengths and weaknesses right now, and try to fix them as best as you.

    9. Add more dialogue.

    8. Do not kill off legacy characters. Maureen Bauer was probably the single worst mistake that show has ever made. Killing off Phillip (the key star of show) was the second worst mistake. You’re killing off your future when you kill off your legacy characters. Just to name that have departed within the last ten years – Roger, Jenna, Nadine, Gus, Phillip (even though he’s not really dead) Tammy, Hart, and etc. GL kills off way too many characters.

    7. Have a B-I-T-C-H on the show. Remember Annie! Hello. Every show needs a psycho bitch. There are no real villains on the show since Alan is a joke. You need a strong female character to have adversarial relationship with a Lizzie, Reva, or Cassie on show. Villains with no conscience always make good soap.

    6. More family interaction among the characters. Soaps have lost their way with that and I think there needs to be a reason why we root and care for these characters,

    5. Less Spauldings, More Bauers. What about bringing back Danny and Michelle back. Ed Bauer is needed as moral conscience on the show.

    4. Bring back Mindy and Nick.

    3. Stop with the ghost stories/visions – if Tammy is not coming back as alive person than stop letting Cassie have visions of her. Alan is looking like a complete idiot with his ghost visions. Ghost stories are soaps don’t work period.

    2. Reunite Reva and Josh. We need a couple to root for and they are still a supercouple after all of these years.

    1. Ellen Wheeler stop trying to write for the show and produce it.

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