DC #271: Top 10 Ways To Improve “The Bold and the Beautiful”

On today’s episode Daytime Confidential begins the first of eight episodes focusing on The Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Favorite Soaps.

Join Luke, Mike and Jamey as the discuss and debate The Top 10 Ways to Improve The Bold and the Beautiful.

In each of The Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Favorite Soaps the Daytime Confidential gang will discuss some of the common issues facing the soaps as well as some of the unique problems facing each show.

This along with your comments on the blog and on the Daytime Confidential Comment Line makes for an entertaining discussion on the ills facing The Bold and the Beautiful and its fans.

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  1. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I agree with Jamey that the show needs to go back to the fashion s/ls instead of who is screwing who and need to balance the soap needs to get rid of dead weight and get this show back to what is about: fashion and romance and rivalries.


  2. Profile photo of bandbfan

    Worst “How To Save” ever.
    So bad I actually registered to comment. So amateurish and embarrassing (who ever led the podcast has never seen B&B and bases everything he says on “comments from the blog”).

    Beside getting half their facts wrong (Kristen’s son Zande is not HIv+) they were probably not watching the same show I did.
    Brooke being a bitch? Brooke was always the heart of the show, she is the misunderstood heroine. The self made woman. Forrester’s most successful CEO. She didn’t “seduce” Eric, he came after her. Stop making up things.
    There is no need to turn Stephanie into a saint, the incompetent writers of B&B are doing it already. Why roll your eyes when Brooke comments about Taylor revenge affair with Rick, and blame her for sleeping with all the men on the show, but not a word about Taylor sleeping with more Forrester men? or about Felicia not being around for 17 out of the show’s 20 years, having no chemistry with any other man on the show, yet she is supposed to be the new Stephanie?
    It is obvious that who ever spoke on the podcast is biased against the Logans. MOVE ON! NO ONE LIKES THE FORRESTERS. Ridge is a jerk, Felicia is childish and stupid, Thorne is boring. The show is not bad because they are not on. The show is bad because of bad writing. Giving more airtime to bad actors that no one cares about (and cringes when they are on) will only ruin the show.
    They show should get rid of Katie and Nick, make Brooke the new CEO of Forrester and kill Taylor again.

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