What do you think of Frankie and Randi?

Everytime my Hubbard’s are on television screen I am a happy gal!  Lately though I cannot wrap my head around why Frankie Hubbard, handsome, smart and resourceful is chasing after ‘Iacceptcashonly’ Randi Morgan? 

Ms. Morgan puts Frankie down every chance she gets and he just takes it.  Hello! Are you really Jesse Hubbard’s son?   I would personally much rather see Frankie with someone like Amanda Dillon, they would at least have something in common both of their dads worked for the Pine Valley Police Department.  Don’t get me wrong, Denise Vasi (Randi Morgan) is a wonderful and gorgeous actress, I would much prefer her character with someone like Jake Martin. Both are sassy, stubborn and good with come back lines! 


What do you think of Frankie and Randi?

  • Frankie and Amanda!!!! (15%, 63 Votes)
  • Frankie is too good for Randi, dumb her! (10%, 42 Votes)
  • They have smokin hot chemistry, give me more! (45%, 186 Votes)
  • This storyline has no depth, let's hope Charles Pratt can fix it! (30%, 120 Votes)

Total Voters: 411


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14 Responses

  1. Profile photo of weareclouds

    I think they’re sexy together. And, that’s about it. The storyline SUCKS.

    Therefore, I voted “Lets see what Pratt can do with it”

    ..and if he cannot do anything with it. Let the hooker get blown away by the tornado when it comes.

  2. Profile photo of terrifictam

    I hardly watch AMC these days but I voted Frankie and Amanda. Any storyline for Amanda these days would be good. Chrishell is too talented to be backburnered

  3. Profile photo of DS9Sisko

    This is just a classic soap story: An impossibly good man falls in love with a fallen woman and tries to reform her. I think this isn’t told with any particular originality, but it’s also not told badly either.

    As much as it is a classic soap story, it is also a classic AMC story told in many different forms over the years. I don’t see the what the “issue” is about in terms of the criticism.

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  4. Profile photo of DS9Sisko

    Chuck and Donna were, what? 32-35 years ago? It was a great story then and like I said this one isn’t original, but it’s not badly done. I think a 30+ year gap is long enough to retell a classic AMC-style tale.

    Fans are always talking about honoring history and telling classic soap stories, but I often wonder if they really mean it…..

    THE EDGE OF NIGHT: 2008 – Hi-Octane Version

  5. Profile photo of Danielle

    DSisko, I sort of take offense to what you say I am a 30 year viewer of AMC. Now I realize that not all people may not agree with me, but in my opinion, the story is not done well at all.  I like a classic soap story just as much as anyone, but all the character does is yell and get beat up, only today did she actually say thank you to Frankie.  I blame the writers completely for this debacle. I just hope Pratt puts a new twist on it then I will retract my opinion. Until then you have your opinion and we have ours. Thank you.

  6. Profile photo of DS9Sisko

    Danielle, I’m not sure exactly what you are taking offense at since I did not disparage you or anyone else who has posted here.

    I disagree with the assessment that this is a story that is being told “badly.” I, too, have been watching AMC off and on for over 30 years and I remember Chuck and Donna vividly (as a side note, I was intensely interested because Candace Early hailed from close to my hometown in Arkansas, so she was a bit of a “home girl” for me). And if my memory serves, it was the exact same set-up: Sainted Dr. Chuck , over the strenuous objections of the magnificently apoplectic Phoebe, tried to help down and out Donna, despite her absolute refusal to be helped and her constant belligerent attitude toward him until they fell in love. Except this dynamic played out for months and months and months with Chuck and Donna, not the few weeks that Saintly Dr. Hubbard and Randi (and the magnificently apoplectic Angie) have been going at it.

    It’s a classic AMC tale being retold. It comes at a time when AMC is getting back to its roots with classic characters (Angie, Jesse, Frankie, et al) and topical issues (the Iraq war). Just because it’s not original does not mean that it is being done badly.

    I have long said that soap viewers often say they want classic soap stories but often reject them out of hand in today’s environment. I doubt, if Chuck and Donna were on in today’s environment and if the story were told the exact same way that it would be as well received as it is nostaglically remembered.

    We can certainly agree to disagree without being disagreeable and that is exactly what I was doing. I disagree with you. Nothing more or less.

  7. Profile photo of feminist09

    Danielle I agree with you. The writing is a mess! I think part of the problem is that the story is so rushed and the dialogue is bad, just like everything else on AMC. There is nothing to be invested in emotionally.

  8. Profile photo of Mimi

    I am having a hard time with all of the ABC soaps about now. Very poor writing on all 3. I don’t know what’s going on but I sure hope they can fix it and quickly!!!!

  9. Profile photo of BigDede

    I really hope Pratt can fix it. The ONLY reason I watch AMC is because of the Hubbards. I have the biggest crush on Jesse and Frankie. But I would love for Pratt to make Randi more of a Gia type character. I loved Gia on GH and if he can write Randi like Gia than that would make me happy but I would rather he be with Amanda. I still don’t know why they didn’t do Frankie and Colby. Frankie with the original Colby was so cute and just think of the history between Colby’s mother and the Hubbards. They should have stuck with that storyline and not recast Colby.

  10. Profile photo of williamjc

    Randi is cute, no doubt, but she really is starting to be annoying. It’s getting to the point where Frankie should just be, “You know – I get it. You don’t want to be bothered and actually believe this slimebucket named Fletcher is the one for you. Babygirl, you got it. And when he beats you like Ike beat Tina for the 100th time, please and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, please don’t come to PVH. Go to County. Find a backalley doctor who won’t ask questions. Anybody and anywhere but PVH.”

    Then he should go to ConFusion to get a drink and run into Amanda. Let the fun begin….

  11. Profile photo of n69n

    FRANKIE has more chemistry with TAYLOR.

    Denise Vasi isnt the strongest actress, but at least she’s making an attempt.
    cant say the same for Brianna Mongrief…who i think is actually getting worse.

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