RIP: “Search For Tomorrow” Vet Larry Haines

The daytime television community is mourning the loss of Larry Haines who played the role of Stu on Search for Tommorow opposite Mary Stuart as the legendary heroine Jo.

Jo and Stu’s  friendship was a constant staple of the beloved, classic soap. Haines, who was 89, died on July 17. Here’s a clip from SFT’s final scene featuring daytime’s best platonic supercouple. Rest in Peace.

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    I watched Search For Tomorrow towards the end of its run and I remember Jo and Stu! I thought they were great!! (and boy did I LOVE David Forsythe as Hogan!)

    RIP Larry Haines

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    This one one of the first soaps I remember watching as a really little girl…B&W then…15 minutes, too I think. One of my Mom’s favorite shows.(That and Love of Live & Guiding Light)

    I always loved Stu…he was just so cool. You could always count on his friendship with Jo. I cried when this episode aired…and just did again when I watched this clip now.

    RIP Larry Haines…….bless you.

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