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Here’s the Scoop! 07.25.08 

Sonny and Jason fight?  We’ve all been witness to the mounting tension and RUMORS have had the downfall of Jason and Sonny for almost a year now. The latest? I am hearing the longtime friends will have a blow out.  A pretty big one from what I can tell, Jason tells Sonny he gave up everything for him. 

Laura’s return… which SPOILER should we believe?  Tyler Christopher was disappointed that he wouldn’t be working with Genie.  Then word broke that Genie Francis MAY be back longer than originally thought and would interact with Luke.  As quickly as that news broke, RUMORS started pointing back to Laura only appearing in Lulu’s mind.  NOW, our pal Nelson Branco reports that Genie will stick around for two months, Tony Geary will return in time and the scenes are chilling.  IF Genie is back for two months and out of her catatonic state, she better have some scenes with her sons.

Robin’s Plan?  Remember she has a plan to get back at Eli for dissing her mom and don’t forget, Max is in on it.  Will Robin arrange for Max and Milo to kidnap the rockstar?  That’s a RUMOR out there and it’s Anna to the rescue. 


Could Lulu lose more than just her mind?
  Will she risk losing Johnny as well?

Romance coming for M&M?  I’m seeing some RUMORS that Matt and Maxie have a romance coming.

Plugging up the leaks?  There are some rumblings that false info was deliberatley given to see who was the leaky pipe.

Contract Status… Maurice Benard, Rick Hearst and Kelly Monaco all have their contracts coming up soon.  Maurice was RUMORED to not be renewing with GH. Rick Hearst has been heard saying he’s done and who knows with KeMo.  Maurice says a month ago, he would have said no to renewing his contract, now things have changed enough for the actor to consider re-signing.  Rick Hearst is currently on vacation and I’m sure we’ll hear more when he returns.  Kelly, I hate the will she stay or will she go talk.  Usually when Guza thinks she’s leaving, he writes the character of Sam horribly.  She hasn’t been on much recently, however, SPOILERS all point to a pretty good storyline for Sam and more interaction with Alexis, Jerry and Lucky.

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    So Kemo and Mo’s contracts are up…..I bet they both resign for big bucks! Mo is Guzas ace, he’s the mob boss, I’m sure Guza will offer him whatever he wants to get him to stay…if it’s what Tony has (vacas more than he’s on screen I say GO FOR IT MO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Then we’ll never see ya. :)
    As for KeMo…I so hope she doesn’t resign. But we all know she will because WHO DOES GUZA LOVE MORE THAN MO? KEMO!
    Those spoilers sound so good, but not good enough to start watching again…I’ve haven’t watched the whole wk and oddly enough haven’t missed it, I guess cause OLTL has been too dang good. :)

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    Thanks Regan, interesting scoops. I know you said you hate to use dates and you mentioned 7/25 as the Jake paternity reveal. Any news on that or has that been “stalled” or totally dropped too? Oh and by the way love Steve’s picture, still cannot believe he did not make TV’s Sexiest Soap Men. Shirtless or not he is still the most gorgeous man EVER!!

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    Regan Cellura

    I know you said you hate to use dates and you mentioned 7/25 as the Jake paternity reveal. Any news on that or has that been "stalled" or totally dropped too?

    Yep I hate to use dates and I would guess Jake’s paternity will not be revealed today.  Liason is stalled according to most sources.  One RUMOR points to a payoff at the end of the stall another says even the actors have given up their fight.

    Re: KeMo and MO… Guza doesn’t make the deals, he only writes the stories. 

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    I hope Maxie and Matt don’t get together!!! Why do the writers always take a good thing and ruin it!

    As for Sonny and Jason, they both need to get over themselves. I like both characters and I wish they would just get along. But I see alot of people (fans) don’t like Sonny at all so maybe it would be a good idea for him not to renew his contract.

    I hope Laura stick around!!!!

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    ITA Regan, bringing Genie back and not having her in scenes with her whole family would be a travesty!!!

    I’m looking forward to an M&M romance. I’m not crazy about what they’ve done with Matt so far, but I’m remaining hopeful!! :)

    While I’m not the biggest Sonny or Ric fan (except when he was with Alexis), I can’t imagine the show without Mo or Rick so I hope they re-sign w/ the show.

    And as for Kelly, well you know how I feel about that!! Whatever she decides, I wish her luck and success, but I REALLY want her to stay!!!

    aunt2egi: you wrote that Guza loves Mo and KeMo even more… I’m sure he does love them both, but I’d say Steve B is his #1

    And thanks Regan for acknowledging that Guza writes Sam horribly when he thinks KeMo is leaving. Last year was a nightmare for a lot of Sam fans, so I’m hoping Guza has learned his lesson and doesn’t start writing her as a caricature again :(

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    I do really hope we are coming to a Sonny/Jason blow up. The tension is there and has been building. It would actually be something different with the mob story and their relationship if Jason finally had enough of Sonny and told him where to go. This would be an actual case that I would not have a problem with Jason winning in the end (since he usually is the hero). Sonny gave Jason the business yet is still trying to getting his say in on matters. So I would love to see Jason stand up to Sonny and remind Sonny who is in charge now. Not crazy about all the mob stuff, but that has potential to be interesting.

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    Thank you, Regan. I’m glad to see that Genie’s return just may have more substance than originally thought, but I’m not going to get my hopes up until I actually see what the show does with all of this.

    And I’m just going to put a probably unpopular opinion out there – I don’t have a problem whatsoever with the possibility that some actors may not re-sign with the show. It’s beyond time that this show gets shaken up a little, and if it takes getting rid of a few characters that have dominated so much screen time to the detriment of other characters, then so be it. I have no doubt that MB and KM could find another job in a heartbeat, and Rick Hearst has been beyond wasted on GH. He would never want for work. I just think it’s about time that the show quit resting on their, IMO, dubious laurels at this point and stop being so lazy. I want to see them actually TRY for a change, and if it takes getting rid of their fallback characters to do it, then so be it.

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    Regan, do you know what the purposely leaked rumors were? Anything to do with RH saying she doesn’t want Liason together anymore?

    I am ready for a Sonny/Jason fight! Jason did give up everything for him.

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    Regan Cellura

    Do you know what the purposely leaked rumors were? Anything to do with RH saying she doesn’t want Liason together anymore?

    I am ready for a Sonny/Jason fight! Jason did give up everything for him.

    I don’t believe that was the false drop… the fakes were more storyline directed, not backstage stuff.  I believe the reveal that was RUMORED for today, an enemy finding out about Jake and possibly the MOC stuff may have all been exxaggerated, but those are just MY GUESSES.

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    The story Sonny and Ric has gotten recently i would not be surprosed if they didnt resign. Sonny’s split personality has become unbearable and Ric, everyone knows he’s evil but when he didnt protect his own children when Alexis came to him is not hime. Guza has been messing up characters, Liz supporting Sam and Lucky, Sam who watched her kids get kidnapped and the hired men to torment her and Lucky that has been verbally abusive and controlling towards her, yeah that is so Liz, not. The stories on GH is beyond unbelievable. When good stories appear, maybe some fans will start watching again.

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    While I do hope that Jason tells Sonny off for all the sacrifices he made, I know that Sonny will once again put that blame right back on Jason by stating that no one made Jason do it. He made his own decisions and knew the consequences of those decisions. Basically, the typical cop out of the damage he forces on others.

    Jason needs to step up and say, “Screw everyone else! This is what’s going to happen. Liz, you are going to marry me. Carly, you’re going to get spanked like the child you act like. Sonny, if you don’t stay away, I’m going to send some goons to rough you up. Everyone else, if I can stay out of prison and solve your problems, then you can learn deal with your own individual problems. And if anyone hurts anyone that I love, not even hell can hide you.” It that or dawn a costume and become the Batman of Port Charles.

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    I hope that Mo and SB don’t resign because the show has been so terrible lately and too much about Sonny and Jason and the mob for ten years that I am so sick of it. I hope someone is listening and get Guza out and get some new writers back.


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    Kelev Ra

    I really would not miss MB that much, he has run his course. I will miss SB when (if) he leaves next year. They have screwed the whole Liason story up so bad that it has made me tune out of GH anyway. And they just keep adding more boring mob stuff at an endless pace. :( I would like to see just once, Jason tell Sonny where to go though!

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    I will look forward to seeing Genie and hope that these writers do not mess it up. Here’s hoping!!! I won’t hold my breath though.
    I don’t see Sonny going anywhere. I would like to see him get a vacation deal like Luke has though. I think we could all use a break from him now and again. I hope that the writers will learn from past mistakes with Luke and Jax and write his vacations a little better. I hate the way the two of them are written out all of the time. Jax keeps leaving Carly and never stays to man up. Luke has a bad heart and they have him wandering Mexico drinking and smoking. Silliness!

    As to Sam, please let her go. Or, let her be the villainess she plays so well. I so want Lucky to hook up with someone who wants him and not just revenge or a handy body. I didn’t think anything Sam did last summer was out of character. It was completely within the bounds of her running scams and trying to look out for herself. I actually thought that it was about time they had her do something other than cry and back up Jason in crime. I kind of thought they were trying to convince her to stay by writing something for her that was a little more interseting than visiting Jason in lockup and being a good little mob moll.

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    Honestly.. I used to be such a huge Sonny fan but I agree that Mo has been givin horrible material over the last year and a half or so. I wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t resign.. or if he did I’d be ok with him having a schedule like Tonys.
    KeMo.. I love her.. Do I think she could go onto bigger and better things.. yeah.. maybe a primetime series or something but I’d like to see her stay on for another contract.

    SB- I want him to stay.. I do get sick of the Jason mob stuff but I’m waiting for the day he bumps his head again and magically remembers his childhood (hey its a soap).. I’d love to see the struggle between being in the mob and remembering who he was.. even if it’s temporary. And get the Qs involved!!

    RH is wasted at GH and it’s so sad b/c he’s so talented.. he needs a good story!


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    That’s OK. It is only my opinion. you get to have yours. I respect that.
    The thing that I believe is that some SAMfans may have trouble dealing with rooting for the villain so they blame her actions last summer on bad writing. Is it bad writing and bad for Sam to be placed front and center in a front burner storyline? She was completely written in character and Kelly Monaco got to stretch her acting skills. She got to play out Sam’s revenge. She didn’t have to cry and be Jason’s cheerleader. That had to have been a nice change of pace. She hasn’t really been used much in the last few months. Kelly Monaco is probably looking back at last year as the good old days. At the very least, plot was moving. It wasn’t stagnant or boring which is a lot better than it is right now.
    Like I said, that is only my opinion.

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    Again totally disagree…100% disagree. I’m sure no one is interested in a Sam debate here, so the only thing I’ll say is that a character’s fans know better than anyone what is “in character” and what is “out of character” and putting kids in danger was completely out of character for Sam.

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    Please tell me what it is about Sam that she even has fans. The character has never been respected enough to be anything other than Sonny’s mistress or Jason’s girlfriend. When it was found out that Alexis was her mother they could have done so much in the way of character development. She’s a Cassadine!! But as with this show coulda, woulda and shoulda.

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    Regan, it’s being reported in Canadian TV Guide that Rebecca Herbst went to the GH writers and requested a Jason/Liz break up because their s/l is “stalled”. Have you heard anything about this?

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    I hope that its not true and that Rebecca Herbst didnt ask that.
    I love liason , and i want them to be together.
    but, I anderstand Rebecca , its probably very boring doing the same thing all that time,” we can’t be togethr”, “its not safe”, and so on…..
    I think that both Rebecca and Steve are very unhappy with whats going on with their storyline…

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    season1217, you’re right there is so much they can do with Sam. Like you mentioned, she’s a Cassadine, is Alexis’ daughter (and who is her father anyway??!!), and there are so many different, interesting avenues they could go down as far as her relationship with Lucky. But yeah, they’ve wasted a lot of opportunities. That’s why, if KeMo decides to re-sign I’m hoping it’s for the long-term. When you only re-sign for a year, TPTB are less inclined to invest in the character.

    As for what Sam fans love about her…oh there’s so much!!! I don’t think the DC crew really likes too much time taken up with Sam stuff (or Sam vs. Liz stuff for that matter) because it tends to turn into a debate, but I will say that her fans see her as so much more than Sonny’s mistress and Jason’s girlfriend :) Briefly: She’s brave, adventurous, smart, she’s the underdog, has had a rough life but still has a heart of gold, sexy, loyal, flawed but a good person, funny (though Guza toned that down in her last year with Jason), and always helps people when they’re in danger (which is why what happened last year was so awful and out of character). LOVE HER :)

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    Regan Cellura

    Do you know anything about the "RUMOR" about JOSH DUHON joining Y&R as Billy Abbott?

    I have heard the rumblings… He may be still under contract with GH, the last I saw he was contracted thru August.  GH would have had to have given him permission to talk with Y&R.

    Regan, it’s being reported in Canadian TV Guide that Rebecca Herbst went to the GH writers and requested a Jason/Liz break up because their s/l is "stalled". Have you heard anything about this?

    I would imagine this is true, Nelson has pretty good sources LOL.  But I would also ASSUME that her request was more along the lines of if you’re not going with Liason, break us up and give me a storyline elsewhere.

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    PUT LIASON TOGETHER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this storyline can bring really good things to GH.

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    I can’t imagine RH requesting a Liason breakup… I mean, this is her shot to finally be on the front burner for the longterm. I could def see her going to TPTB and saying “What’s the deal???” though :)

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    When it comes to contracts, I suppose it depends on what sort of profile the actor or actress brings to the show. Tony G gets covered by the non-soap press so he gets a great contract. Ditto IR – how many actors in daytime have the birth of their child reported in the mainstream, thats why he has his outs. Ditto KeMo – suebooo you ragged on her TMZ video but how many of the young soap folks would tmz even bother with (plus she gets coverage from DWTS and named sexiest on daytime). Kristen Storms seems to be well on the path to getting that kind of profile. MB gets invited to things like the View and Oprah on a regular basis. FH and RS while not having the best storylines have been pursued and allowed to come and go with an open door – thats reflects thier clout. The only one I cant understand is Genie – she gets the coverage but not the contract??

    So I suspect tptb will be smart and will do what they can to keep KeMo. I think she likes being at GH and LOVES working with GV, so unless they completely botch the negotiations I would be surprised if she doesnt re-sign.


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    Regan Cellura

    I can’t imagine RH requesting a Liason breakup… I mean, this is her shot to finally be on the front burner for the longterm. I could def see her going to TPTB and saying "What’s the deal???" though

    I would imagine that’s how it went with a little if you’re dropping Liason as a couple, at least break us up and let us move on.  So far, it has gotten ReH less airtime, not more.

    As for actors getting more mainstream press… TG and IR are not the only ones.   Alison Sweeney from Days gets covered, Joshua Morrow’s (Y&R) recent family expansion got covered by People… Andrea Evans from OLTL,  Caitlin Van Zandt, Hunter Tylo.  I don’t necessarily feel that an actor’s mainstream press should dictate their contract.  I do see how an actor’s possibilities of going primetime dictating their contract. 

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    So I suspect tptb will be smart and will do what they can to keep KeMo. I think she likes being at GH and LOVES working with GV, so unless they completely botch the negotiations I would be surprised if she doesnt re-sign.

    EET, from your keyboard to the Soap Gods’ Ears!! :) I would SOOO go into mourning if Kelly left GH

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    I don’t believe I ever “ragged” on Kelly Monaco’s TMZ video. I believe I pointed out that the photo was an answer to the pregnancy rumors I keep reading about her. GH keeps dressing her and everyone else I may add in loose waisted tops. The photo showed her full length in tighter clothes. She wasn’t looking very pregnant. Oh yeah, I pointed out that I wanted a creamsicle. Is that considered “ragging”?

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