Could GH’s ex-Logan be Cane’s new little bro on Y&R?

Soap Opera Digest
is reporting a casting call has gone out for "Will" on The Young and the Restless. Speculation is the role will prove a recast for Billy Abbott, the role made famous by David Tom then played by some other guys who I can’t remember at the moment.

Apparently recently-ousted General Hospital hunk Josh Duhon is the front runner for the role. While I would love to see a legacy character like Billy (son of the late John and Jill Abbott, half brother of Jack and Cane, uncle of Colleen, grandson of Kay)  back in Genoa City, I am having trouble seeing rough-around-the-edges Duhon as a Walnut Academy graduate/trust fund kid (Even if the casting call says "Will" doesn’t like to make a big deal about being loaded). But wouldn’t Duhon make an awesome recast for farm boy-turned Wall Street schemer Adam Newman?

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    Oh Josh Duhon as recast of Billy Abbott would be awesome! First, I wait for a half year that the recast Billy. To name the exact date – since the moment LML got officially fired. And Josh would be a great choice. In the role of Logan he showed what a great actor he is, so let’s let him try to make Billy the character we adored back when Tom was playing the role. Bring him on, baby…!!! xD

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    True Jamey, Josh would have been a good Adam, but since that’s not going to happen I’d really like to see him as Billy. David Tom was a great Billy and the Val Kilmer look-alike recast was fine, but Josh could certainly put his own spin on the character and make the role his own.

    I actually had wanted him to join GL as Shayne, but Y&R would be a much better career choice for him.

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    Frankly my dear, not in a million year!
    He does not fit in Y&R look at all, at all.
    I just hope it is a rumor and not a fact! JMO!

    Love the Adam they have, nothing wrong with him, he is sizzling hot with Heather!
    Duhon was NOT sizzling hot with anyone I saw!

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    The role of Adam Wilson doesn’t need to be recast at all, IMO. Chris Engen is doing an excellent job in the role and I am absolutely loving Adam. I really enjoy his understated portrayal of Adam; he’s quiet but he’s not letting any of those fools intimidate him. He’s not a pushover; he’s his own man.

    I’m not familiar with Josh Duhon’s work but he certainly is a good-looking young man and even bears a slight resemblance to Daniel Goddard, and even David Tom, who originally portrayed Billy Abbott.

    I think it’s good news that Y&R is looking to bring back Billy Abbott. The Abbotts were nearly decimated during LML’s reign of terror and this is just plain wrong. It’s too bad they can’t un-do John Abbott’s death. But they can bring back Eileen Davidson as Ashley and I hope that they do that. Jack needs his sister!!! Now, if they would just boot the dreadful Tammin Sursok out of the role of Colleen and get Adrianne Leon back, I’d be happy.

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    Josh could make Billy a little edgier. He could even be Heather’s 1/2 brother …same mother, different father. He could be a Newman or JT’s brother.
    I always thought Logan would have been good with Brooke Lynn.
    So we could bring back AL as Colleen and then have her get involved with Josh’s character if he wasn’t an Abbott (or related to Gloria!)

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    Great Idea………I really enjoyed Josh on GH……….just his role kinda stunk…….I would love to see him with better part……….I think he is a great idea for Y&R

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    I think he would fit in better as maybe a ranch hand at Victor’s. Josh has that cowboy look. Or maybe Jack’s son Kyle. I don’t like SORAS’ing but that’s Y&R’s favorite word. He could be just as scheming as Jack and just as big a slut as Jack was when he was younger. Although, I doesn’t necessarily see him talking about lipstick shades he could be an architect like his mother. They could also bring back Jack’s other son Keemo (that’s an unfortunate name). There needs to be more Abbot namesakes.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Daisy, it’s never too late in daytime. LOL They should toss the Adam they have and put Duhon in as Adam. He would be explosive with Eric Braeden, Josh Morrow and Michelle Stafford. The current Adam has about as much enthusiasm as someone about to apply Preparation H.

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