DC #275: One Life to Live’s 40th Anniversary With Nelson Branco

Join the Daytime Confidential gang and TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco as they celebrate One Life to Live’s 40th Anniversary by taking a trip down memory lane and reminisce about how they became hooked on the ABC soap and who is their favorite character.

They discuss One Life to Live’s two 40th Anniversary episodes and all the special moments, the little tributes to the show’s past, the Mendora story, Viki’s heavenly experience, Dorian’s reunion with Mel and Bo and Rex’s trip into the past.

All this and more on today’s One life to Live 40th Anniversary episode.

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  1. Profile photo of purplebraids

    I saw the 40th anniversary show most of it was good the parts that didn`t have messy Tess in them I liked ,Bo and Rex in 1968 was so funny and Bo sayig David not being born wouldn`t bother him was just so true to his character that I loved it .Tess tring to kill Natalie ,Jarde ,and Viki just doesn`t make sense because the real she should be mad at is Jessica for stealing Nash anyway Tess comes off as a low grade con artist and her plans never seem to work at .I never believed that Tess was created because Jessica was raped as a little gril because I`v been watching One Life TO Live before Jessica was born and I don`t remmber her being raped as a child so I don`t believe it but I do believe Tess was craeted after Jess lost baby Megan and it makes more sense to me that way.

  2. Profile photo of liason4real

    I’ve really enjoyed the the two special 40 year episodes, nice touches to history and characters that I love or love to hate. How many people remember having to get up and actually turn on the TV without a remote? Better yet, we use to use pliers when the knob fell off! I remember watching OLTL when Carla/Clara passed as white, as a minority, I was stunned and had no idea such a thing was possible. From the Lord’s, Craig’s, Woleks to today’s Lord/Buchanan, Cramer’s, Vega’s, and McBain’s, I am really enjoying OLTL. I would love for OLTL to have more minority characters, Rachel, RJ and Hank should be back on the show, with Laila getting more screen time. I’ve heard rumors that Cassie is coming back to the show, maybe Rev. Carpenter, Kevin, Joey, Dr. Larry Wolek and Dr. Danny Wolek could give us back a core family from 1968. Anyway, kudo’s to RC for giving me, a fan of the show since I watched over my Mom’s shoulder as a kid.

  3. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Jamey, I totally agree that the Margeret s/l was horrible, just as the Truman show and the Santis and the last ten years. I glad that RC is on and taking the show back to what it should be. I think the Karen Wolek on the stand, Marty gang rape s/l, Carla/Clara s/l and other classic s/ls that made OLTL stand out.


  4. Profile photo of DS9Sisko

    A great podcast, one and all! My apologies to anyone if I’ve mixed up who brought up these things first, but…

    Thanks Tina, for going prior to 1980 to recall some of OLTL’s great stories prior to the Rauch era, forcefully calling out the diversity issue and for paying homage to Herb Callison and Joe Riley, the true TRUE love of Viki’s life.

    Thanks Jamey, for not completely drinking the kool-aid on some aspects of the show and giving some props to the Mendora denouement. (And I thought I was the only one who liked it).

    Thanks Danielle for the shout out to one of OLTL’s greatest stories ever, Karen Wolek’s prostitution arc and Judith Light’s performance during the trial, which was also my official introduction to OLTL.

    Thanks Nelson, for loving OLTL before you even watched it, because it led to your passion for the show! And the first episode you saw was Tina interrupting Cord and Kate’s wedding? Wow!

    Thanks Luke, for your Bo & Rex love, giving props to the fantastic Mel & Dorian scenes and these great podcasts.

    And a special thanks to everyone for hating the Santi’s! LOL

    THE EDGE OF NIGHT: 2008 – Hi-Octane Version

  5. Profile photo of ABCJunky73

    My OLTL history has to be the fact that I’m named after a OLTL character. My mom was a huge OLTL fan and when Dorian and her sister Melinda was first aired, my mom loved the name Melinda. I go by Mindy now thou, but I guess you could call me a OLTL baby. My first actual memory of watching OLTL as a child was back in 1978-79 when Joe Riely first brought Clint on to take over The Banner. Vicki didn’t like Clint at the time and it took them a while to develope a freindship and eventually fall in love with each other.

    I truely enjoyed both 40th aniversary eposodes! Seeing Erin Tropey again brought me to tears. Bree Williamson is great as Jessica, but Erin will always be Jessica to me. I watched her from the moment she (Erin) first aired on OLTL and seen her grow from a young child to young adult. And having her play her dead daughter Megan was a tribute to Erin Torpey’s time as Jessica.

    The 1968 storyline I think is great! Everyone in that storyline needs to submit Emmy reels! I do hope that Bo and Rex are father and son.

    Tina was definatly on her game in the Mendora thing. The thing with Sarah is that I liked the actress who played the character prior to this one. I just hope the rumore is true that the actress who played Brooklyn on GH will take over the role (Andrian Franz I think her name is)

    Agnes Nixon is the SOAP GOD, seeing her as “The Soap Creator” was great! Dorian and Mel’s scenes were AWESOME! Mel was the only one to get Dorian in check. Asa’s little scene with Vicki was great! I miss him! Vicki as Nicki is always great!!! Nicki is Awesome Awesome Awesome!! Ericki Slezak is her best when she is Niki!

    My worst OLTL time whould have to be the Wild West thing (going back to 1888). That I thought was the most stupid storyline they could have done. And then the whole Santi thing (I’m shuttering right now saying there name).

    My favorite OLTL character of all time, whould have to be Megan Gordan, Vicki’s oldest child, who died of Lupus. That whole week leading up to Megan’s death I thought was the best writing for that show at that time. Everyone conected with Megan got to say their good bye’s, bringing Jake back to his love, Dr Larry Woleck fighting back tears outside Megan’s room screaming to God that “I delivered that young woman, don’t make me watch her die!” Vicki locking herself up in Megan’s room after her death refusing to come with the fact that she died.

    Tina, played by Andrea Evans is also my favorite. The days of her and Gabrielle (and I still think that it was bogus that they killed Gabby off) were priceless. Marty, played by Susan Haskell, is also one of my favs.

    As for the future of OLTL, I hope Ron Carliviti listens to the fans and start using more minority storylines. I miss RJ, I miss Hank, I miss Racheal! OLTL is really good at making black actors/actress storylines. Let’s get to know Shawn more. Make RJ bad again! Have Racheal go back to her drug problem again! I hope OLTL is around another 40 years and I hope RC can keep on giving us more great stories of a great soap that is One Life To Live!

  6. Profile photo of KingTV

    Loved the podcast and everyone’s memories, thoughts, likes, dis-likes, favorite stories, characters and opinions in the 40th anniversary shows and OLTL in general.

    LOVED OLTL’s 40th Anniversary shows. They were so poignant, witty, beautifully produced, directed, written and acted. You could tell that all involved worked so hard on making these shows a tribute to the past and a connection to the future. The perfect bridge between story-lines and character development. Too much spectacular acting to mention. My only gripe is that Sarah and Christian went over the falls on Tuesday, July 22nd and we never saw them again for the rest of the week. Huh? Did I miss something?

    AND – Nelson et al, you can find these daytime paperbacks that Nelson mentioned on Amazon. I did not check Ebay yet because I have been having so much fun perusing through all the different covers and names like “The Young and The Restless #1: Unveiled Desires.” LOL! They pretty much all have a few or more. The seem to be numbered although there are special ones that are, in effect, “The Love Story of … & …” I basically looked at some OLTL, GL and Y&R books but I am sure each soap from back in the day at least has an anniversary book that would include a summary from over the years.

    Watched Judith Light as “Karen Wolek” (a bit before my time. I came to soaps in about 1979/80 as an eight year old on my momma or step-momma’s couch, loving that whatever I was watching was so dramatic, glamorous and full of fur-wearing, sassy, manipulative, man-eating divas and I was HOOKED FOR LIFE!) losing it on the stand at Viki’s trial for the murder of Marci Dane and admitting she had been a hooker and Marco was her pimp, who beat his prostitues up and took most of the money and seems like he was just an all around sleazeball on YouTube and I swear, that was probably the single most brilliant piece of acting that I have ever seen on a daytime drama. She built the confession up through a series of Herb’s questions, her lies, his pressuring her and she knowing that he knew the truth already until she erupted into this screaming admission and collapsing into tears, shame and fear. It was truly captivating and I recommend any soap lover to watch it. I have seen some Meryl Streeps on daytime like Beverlee McKinsey, Kim Zimmer and Susan Flannery (just to name a few) but this is so raw, so real and so organic in it’s purpose. WOW!

  7. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Loved OLTL’s anniversary episodes. I actually cried a couple of times!

    It’s funny, I have a similar story to the one NB shared on the podcast. When I was young I had to go to Greece for two months and thought I would be SO bored. So I packed as many soap magazines as I could find and begged my mother to send me more throughout my stay there and I read them all cover to cover. Sure enough, by the end of my vacation I knew everything there was to know about soaps, lol. That was my first introduction to ATWT, GL, & OLTL and eventually led to me watching all the soaps.

    And the other good soap-related thing about my trip was that they were airing really old episodes of B&B and AW, which were a real blast to watch :)

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