Bo and Hope Renew Their Vows on Days

Days of Our Lives is pulling out all the stops this summer and what better to help boost the show’s ratings than a Bo and Hope wedding? Bo and Hope will be renewing their vows and it looks like the show is going all out, even bringing in a romantic horse and carriage for them to ride in.

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    Bo and Hope are one of, if not, my favorite supercouple of all of daytime and I have been watching since the very beginning. the great thing about them si that they have proven that you can be a married couple on a soap and still have carry story and the chemistry between them gets hotter and hotter through the years. i cannot wait to see them renew their vows. Their first wedding in London, in my opinion, was the best soap opera wedding of all time. I love them now as much as I loved them then. Plus, with everything they have been through in the last 10 years (Chelsea turning up, the death of Zach and Bo’s recent illness), they deserve another chance to tell their family, friends and the viewers how truly in love they are with each other. I am not sure if this was Dena Higley;s idea with all ther backstage stuff we are hearing now but whosever idea this was, it is a great one.

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    Do we know when this will air? Don’t want to miss it.
    Wondering how this will all happen.
    They’re one of my top couples of all time as well. I remember when they first met!
    Yeah, it’s weird if there’s no Shawn D. and no Shawn Sr. either and Victor is in the hospital. And no Jennifer – Hope’s best friend.
    Still it’ll be great to see. I don’t think it’ll top their England wedding but DAYS can do romance well when it tries.
    Why can’t GH ever have any romance???
    Oh yeah, because they can wouldn’t be a mob show.

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    Can’t wait. I never fast forward their scenes. One of my favourite all time couples too. Peter and Kristian’s chemistry just gets more amazing every year.

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