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Here’s the Scoop! 07.28.08

More Sam?  That’s what I am hearing so all our Sam fans, you should be liking what’s coming up.  Ms. McCall is in the thick of things with this great drug caper.  There will be plenty of LuSam as well.  Elizabeth will ask Nikolas to help the couple reunite while they’re hiding out in the cubby next door, sucking face from what I’ve seen.  Lucky MAY want to clue Elizabeth in on the fake break-up but Sam is RUMORED to shoot that idea down. 

Four Musketeer Talk… GH Fans remember the summer of teens days with the Four Musketeers (Emily, Elizabeth, Nikolas and Lucky) and whatever drama they wound up in.  Nikolas and Lucky reminisce and Lucky comments on how different things turned out for the brothers and the ladies they loved.

Roommate Rumble… Matt and Maxie bicker over him eating her food and Maxie doing something to the garage door opener. 

Jerry and Karpov… he’s working with the Russian mobster helping him land his counterfeit drugs in Port Charles.  Will Jerry use his connection to Alexis to further his dealings with Karpov?  From what the RUMORS say, Jerry’s intentions towards Alexis are genuine however, he’ll give Karpov the impression that his relationship with the DA is simply a means to the end.  Could this be what has Sam going to her mother with a warning about Jerry Jacks?

More Angst?  God Guza get over the angst already.  Unfortunately I am seeing RUMORS of more angst for Jason Morgan.  All about the sacrafices he made to be where he is today. 

Ric and Claudia… Looks like these two are hooking up but what about Rick Hearst’s vacation?  One RUMOR has Claudia going through Alexis’ office looking for Ric’s whereabouts.  The plot point to facilitate the actor’s vacay is that Ric took Molly on vacation.  The RUMBLINGS all suggest that Ric agrees to help Claudia at a cost.  Is his fee sex?


Put this in the crazy but COULD BE TRUE file… Jax skydives his way out of the jet to get away from Carly.  Another CRAZY RUMOR, surrogate storyline re-do?  Get your salt bolders out, Carly may approach Elizabeth about being a surrogate.  Will Johnny break Lulu out, again?  RUMORS say that when and IF Lulu is hospitalized, Johnny breaks her out.

Dispelling a RUMOR… I am very happy to report that Claire Coffee has commented on the RUMORS that Nadine will be written out.  On her Official Message Board, the actress says:

Hi Everyone -
Just wanted to address the rumor floating around…
I didn’t shoot my last episode and Nadine isn’t going anywhere.
In fact, things are just starting to get interesting!


Word of caution/reminder: When the RUMORS first broke of Coop’s demise, Jason Gerhardt publicly put those RUMORS to rest and then a few weeks later, Coop was hanging from the rafters. 

Night Shift Scoop:  Just a little drop on NS, Robert and Jagger both being back in Port Charles may not be a coincidence.

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  1. Profile photo of ghaddict

    Oh yay….i’m so happy for Sam…not only because she is getting a story but because it involves people like Nikolas, Nadine, Matt, Jerry and Lucky….it’s kind of sad that it has to tie back into the mob but it has the potential to be really interesting…..
    Thanks for the scoop Regan!!!!!

  2. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    You made me a happy camper!! Thanks Reagan.

    PS. You always find the most beautiful shots of our favorites. All 3 women look gorgeous in these photos, but I cant resist…..what the heck is NLG wearing – half tank top, half high school prom dress – and yes she STILL looks great!!! LOL

  3. Profile photo of Beth

    Thanks, Regan. :) How sad is it that the only thing I see that I would be remotely interested in is Lucky and Nikolas reminiscing about the Four Musketeers? *sigh* I think I’m too old for this show anymore.

  4. Profile photo of kristal1122

    I can’t believe Carly would actually have the nerve to ask Liz to be a surrogate. Courtney was one thing, but Carly is entirely another. I don’t particularly like Liz, but I will be rooting her on as she laughs in Carly’s face. This can’t be true!!!

  5. Profile photo of season1217

    The only problem with them reminiscing is if there are flashbacks it would be limited. The best time for the 4 musketeers was when Jonathan Jackson and Amber Tamblyn were on.

  6. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    The Four Musketeer mention is Lucky and Nikolas comparing the great drug caper to the days of Liz, Lucky, Em and Nik.  I doubt there will be any flashbacks and we’re probably giving it more attention then TPTB will.

  7. Profile photo of scrubslove12

    Anymore of this nonsense and Guza might as well change Jason’s name to Angst. Give the man a break. And by “break” I mean give him Liz and his kid for real plus five minutes free of Carly and his bromance with Sonny. Jason needs a hug.

  8. Profile photo of season1217

    Am I reading it correctly, Jason has made sacrifices? When was choosing to remain a cold blooded killer instead of being with the woman he claims to love and raising his own son supposed to be a sacrifice. I could care less about his angst due to his “sacrifices”. Whatever happened to a man trying to be all he can be for the woman he loved like Luke or Duke?

  9. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Amen season1217! There’s nothing as unromantic as a man not willing to change his world for the woman he loves. Season mentioned Luke and Duke – and for me, a great example from back in the day is DAYS’s Patch – there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for Kayla – including giving up his mercinary ways. That’s Love! That’s Romance! Guza really doesn’t seem to get that…

    LOVE the Sam/LuSam stuff!! YAY!!

    As for this one: Jax skydives his way out of the jet to get away from Carly That gave me my first big laugh of the day!! I can’t imagine it’s true, but it’s so funny to picture it, lol. And Carly asking Liz to be a surrogate — I would love to see that!

  10. Profile photo of season1217

    Patch is a great example and there are countless others as well but daisyclover1938 now that I think about it maybe I’m wrong. You know this show is about romance during wartime. I think that’s a quote from Shakespeare, correct me if I’m wrong.

    Also, if that is true that Jax is going to jump out of the jet I would watch in a heart beat. That would be comic gold. It probably will be one of those fantasy moments where he’ll just fantasize about doing it. Although, if I were in a plane with Carly I’d do it.

  11. Profile photo of roe0824

    I am glad to see more of Sam, I like her since she is no longer with Jason. It could be interesting to see Claudia & Ric together. I also hope that Nadine stays, last I heard she was on contract so I hope that stands true. I don’t think Carly would ask Liz to be a surrogate and I know Liz would say no, just a rumor I am sure.As far as Liason, I don’t think we will ever be happy. Guza will never give us the one thing that we really want which is pretty stupid.I know about all these plot points and I am hoping that he will surprise us and that everything is being hush hush for a big story with them two.

  12. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    You know this show is about romance during wartime. I think that’s a quote from Shakespeare, correct me if I’m wrong.

    Season1217, I thought it was Aristotle who said that, LOL ;)

  13. Profile photo of xex16

    I would give anything for Carly to ask Liz to be a surrogate, Liz turns her down, Carly goes to Jason and asks him to help convince Liz. Could you imagine the look on Jason’s face? LOL

  14. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    Ah yes…the 4 musketeers. Those were the days when the soap was still on a high. :) Saw Am Tam on Regis and Kelly today. She’s getting her pilots license and STILL no mention of GH (well except Cameron who was guest co-host for Reeg), and that was only cause they were all ABC soap alumni. Is she that ashamed of her time on GH?? Girl needs to get her head on straight. LOL GH gave her her break and she is where she is today because of the show. I’m off my soapbox now, besides, it’s not like I’ve watched anything she was in since leaving GH.

  15. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    I very seriously doubt she’ll ask Liz to be a surrogate. She can’t stand Liz, can you imagine her carrying her and Jax kid?! LOL Yeh I take that with a huge grain of salt.

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