BREAKING NEWS: Backstage Turmoil at Days

TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco set the online world on fire over the weekend with news that Days Of Our Lives’ Dena Higley was no longer writing the NBC soap. Now he has published an update on what is really going on behind the scenes.

Here is a preview of the latest but be sure to check out his Suds Report for the entire story.

"Here are the facts: Higley has not been head-writing Days “for quite some time.” A source close to Higley tells me, “If the press/fans aren’t happy with what they’re seeing, they should turn their attention to [co-executive producer] Ed Scott. He’s been writing and rewriting story, dialogue and scenes for weeks and weeks. He’s also encouraged actors, including one overblown diva, to rewrite not just her own lines, but her scene partners. [This star] has taken to telling others that she and Ed are the head writers. The mess on the air is not the doing of the actual credited writers, but by amateurs. What leaves their offices bears little resemblance to what ends up on screen.” The Suds Report has also learned that two other Days actors have been encourage to rewrite their storyline."

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    Copied from previous Higley post. . .

    Ok it sounds like anarchy over at Days, but not the end of the world! He made it sound like there was a nuclear bomb about to go off over there. . .there may be a bomb, but I don’t think days is about to be vaporized. A lot of it sounded liked shadowy rumor and I wonder to what extent it is all true.

    I’m not really going to be on Higley’s side on this one since she has writen some terrible stuff in the past. It may be Draconian, but it sound like Ed was trying to force her out and succeded.

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    This would seem to me to be true because there is as much chaos on the screen as there is off it. this show has too many identities and not one vision and that is evident in all the stories put together. None of them are under one umbrella and every character or set of characters are in different bubbles floating around having nothing to do with anything else on the canvas. i would love to know which actors are writing their own lines. That, i think, is dangerous, even if they do know their characters better then some of the writers. It is causing the loss of one true vision. I wonder if this female “diva” who says she is co-head writing with Ed Scott is Dierdre Hall? Who else would they let write their scenes, Peter Reckell, Kristian Alfonso? I am not sure BUT this show needs some an experienced head writer ASAP, one who cares and wants to help this show live as long as it can. These characters are iconic and there is still so much story to mine from the Bradys, DiMeras and Kiriakis’. Has Claire Labine retired because she could bring this or any soap back from the brink?

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    But Jeopardy, I must disagree for this reason:

    I’m not a fan of Days and only watch sporadically, if that. I’m not a particular fan of Higley’s because of some very questionable choices she made as HW of OLTL, but I am also very aware that many Days fans were quite happy when she replaced Hogan Sheffer (now at Y&R) and the quality of stories she wrote. So I have no horses in this race.

    There is a big difference between supporting or not supporting someone because you don’t like the quality of their work and supporting or not supporting someone on general principle and the basis of what’s right.

    For the sake of argument, let’s assume these reports are mostly true. If so,
    we must accept as irrefutable fact that Higley has/had a legal contract with the show. Ed Scott, who has been in the soap business for decades, not only knows that contract and union rules but also knows fine line between inserting himself as a producer overseeing the storylines and hijacking the entire process. Again if these stories are true, then Scott is clearly in the wrong.

    Days’ ratings fluctuate more wildly than any other soap on the air. Days is constantly on the verge of cancellation by a network that has made it plain and clear that it really has little interest in the soap business. So why at a time when all soaps are “on the bubble” in one way or the other, would a producer so obviously cause such problems for their show??

    If this gets ugly (and it very well might), one is looking at union investigations, lawsuits, and quite possibly further upheavals behind the scenes and on the air.

    Of course this isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened: several years ago, it was widely reported that Claire Labine’s head writing tenure at Guiding Light was sabotaged exactly this way. And most recently, Day’s itself has been rumored to have gone through this kind of mess with Hogan Sheffer. But there there has never been to my knowledge any allegations that there has been any actual hard proof to corroborate these illegal and potentially costly allegations of internal sabotage. Until now. This cannot in any way be good for the show.

    I can understand not liking Dena Higley’s writing style for any number of reasons. I can also understand not defending Ms. Higley herself, as she says herself she is not exactly the most easily liked person on the planet. But if Mr. Scott or any other number of higher ups did not like her for those reasons, they should have made a case for her firing or quit themselves instead of hijacking the writing AND involving other actors in what is an executive matter.

    I am always the one to make the case that we, as viewers, don’t know what happens behind the scenes (unless we’ve got some contacts). So I am absolutely certain there is far more to this developing story than meets the eye. And we have yet to hear from Mr. Scott, his camp or Corday Productions about their side of this. But my parents used to say that when it comes down to it, right is right and wrong is wrong. And it seems to me that if these allegations are true, then Mr. Scott has completely overstepped his bounds.

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    I’m just so disgusted with this show right now. I have nothing positive to say. Actors should not be writing their own stories. Period.

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    I’m not really defending Ed Scott, but it really seems as though we don’t have all the information. Well I think I’m not going to comment about it until we have more information if we get more.

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    As DS9Sisko wrote, I don’t think we really know what the heck is going on over there. That said, when I read that Scott and a couple of actors were righting some of the dialogue, it just rang true to me. I wrote on another thread that the dialogue has been absolutely horrible. I just couldn’t understand how writers could come up with this garbage and how Dena could be “okaying” these scripts because they were so awful.

    All I know is that things are getting UGLY.

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    Even as the chaos gets worse, in my heart, Days will be back in tip-top shape by Fall. I guarantee it.

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    Now Soap opera digest is saying that the whole story is not true and that Dena is still HW!

    Somebody is lying here. It’s either Days or Branco’s “source”.

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    Who is the overblown diva? I can’t get access to the link…Do you think more then one person is writing their lines?

    The Stax story is so boring right now can’t they just bring the sister back to Salem!
    I want more Patch and Kayla and more Sami (when she isn’t crying)

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    I never said DH was not working there (in fact, I said Ken Corday, who is on Dena’s side, would bring her back — duh!). And now SOD is confirming the story in their next issue. Double Duh. And yes, because I have no life I just like to make things up. Triple duh! And because Dena’s hugest fan, NOT! Quadruple DUH!

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