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Here’s the Scoop! 07.29.08

How about a little Lulu? 
There’s more information regarding her losing it and just what Laura’s role will be.  It looks like Lulu pays her mother a visit next week.  Since Genie Francis’ return isn’t until August 26th, I’m guessing Lulu visits the wig in the rocking chair.  Will Johnny know Lulu’s taken off to Shadybrook?  If I am understanding the RUMORS correctly, no he won’t.  Does Lulu land herself in Shadybrook?  Again, IF I am understanding these RUMORS correctly, she does and Johnny may be breaking her out.  Has anyone seen the movie "Mad Love" with Drew Barrymore?  The plot of Lulu and Johnny’s story (minus the murder) seems a little like that movie and we all know Guza has tried to rip off movie plots before.  When Lulu winds up in Shadybrook, look for Johnny to bust her out and then realize that she help that he can’t give her.

Laura’s involvement?  RUMORS had her only in Lulu’s mind, then word was that Genie Francis would be back longer than originally announced.  The latest?  It’s like a ping pong match folks… back and forth, back and forth. 

Luke and Scotty square off?  I am hoping this one pans out!  It looks like Luke will return to PC in time to mix it up with Scotty over Logan’s death. 

Spixie!  What’s in store for the twosome?  Well, most likely a triangle with Dr. Matt Hunter.  We all know they didn’t bring Jason Cook on for Matt and Maxie to be enemies or just friends but the fan response to Spixie has been huge and we all know what the fans did for LuSam. 

Speaking of Dr. Matt Hunter… Will we see him on Night Shift?  RUMORS have been pointing to yes.

Liason Fans!  Don’t forget Friday is a good day for my fellow Liasonites! 

Night Shift Scoop!  Here’s the episode description for "Family Values":


Episode 205 ("Family Values") – Robin fights with Robert when she discovers him trying to leave the hospital. Meanwhile, Kyle sees a different side to his brother Leo, when a woman named Alison gets banned from her partner Cynthia’s hospital room by Cynthia’s homophobic parents. Elsewhere, Jagger has a hard time letting Saira work with Stone, while Toussaint and Claire find a corpse that’s not quite dead on "General Hospital: Night Shift," TUESDAY, AUGUST 19 (11:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m., ET/PT) on SOAPnet.

What’s up with Jagger?  Well Antonio Sabato Jr. had hinted at a love interest for his character.  Could it be Robin’s med school buddy, Saira?

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    Well, at this point I’ll happily take the 5 seconds of Liason, because that’s 5 less seconds of Lulu I’ll have to see. Yesterday, I pretty much fastforwarded thru everything except Ric & Claudia.

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    How about NO LULU?
    Guessing it’s more Liason angst on Friday…longing looks and “we can’t be together”. What else is old?
    I think Jagger and Saira w/b hot together.
    I don’t see any chemistry with her and the NewLeo.

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    Regan Cellura

    We should… the scenes in the park should go like this:

    Liz and the boys, Jason happens upon them, Cam sees him and calls out to him.  They spend a little time together, Elizabeth offers for Jason to hold Jake which he turns down.  Monica comes up on the family, Jason leaves and Monica spends time with her daughter’s best friend and her boys.  Then there’s the scene with Monica and Jason where Monica is RUMORED to tell her son she knows he loves Elizabeth and let her go. 

  4. Profile photo of Danielle

    I have some questions, just wondering if the drug story to point back to Ian Devlin and will we find out that Logan and Ian were working together and that could be why Logan was discharged?

    Also, I am looking forward to Shriner and Geary going at it, let’s hope its not silly and actually serious giving these two sometime to shine for once!!!!!!!

    As I recall in the movie ‘Mad Love’ Drew’s character committed suicide, is Guza playing with the idea of Looolooo stepping in that direction?

  5. Profile photo of pchca

    ugh can they please start giving Matt & Maxie some alone time? every scene they share, someone else is in it too. how are people supposed to see their chemistry if spinelli is always lurking in the background? and the sooner they stop writing matt as a jerk, the sooner people will start to like him. they are wasting jason’s talent

  6. Profile photo of Belinda

    Writing Matt as a jerk? His being a jerk is the least of my worries about a he and Maxie hook up. He is a mob affiliate who is KILLING PEOPLE by substituting fake drugs for real ones to make a buck. Can they stop writing him AS A CRIMINAL? Then (and only then) might (and I mean MIGHT) I be able to stomach a Mataxie mix. Like Maxie needs to fall for a murderer so the process of making every living human being in Port Charles a criminal or a criminal supporter can be complete? As long as every new man on the show is a criminal I refuse to support any romances they have. Period.

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  7. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I have some questions, just wondering if the drug story to point back to Ian Devlin and will we find out that Logan and Ian were working together and that could be why Logan was discharged?

    Not sure what the backstory will be on this.  As far as I know, Logan’s flashbacks should only be for Lulu.  I doubt what Ric showed Claudia yesterday is what he was holding over his head. But I also doubt that Ian had anything to do with Logan while he was in the military.

    As I recall in the movie ‘Mad Love’ Drew’s character committed suicide, is Guza playing with the idea of Looolooo stepping in that direction?

    Her character did not committ suicide in that movie.  She moved back to Chicago and got help.

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    I am not so happy about the Liason scene, it just another cance to give us pain. I just cant see that once again the “can’t be together”,”its not safe”. I love LIASON, so much, but all thier scenes lately look the same.
    I want something new with them.
    And by the way I think that its stupid that Monica will not notice that Jake is Jason’s son, I think that if she will know that. it will be beter to the whole story.
    Thank you for the Scoops Regan
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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    I am never happy to see Scot Baldwin in Port Charles. The character is so filled with hate and bitterness that he chews up the scenery and he accomplishes nothing! Really, what has Scot done in the last 2 years to warrant his position with the city? He is a bitter, angry complication in any plotline. I can do without him.

  10. Profile photo of Danielle

    I see what your saying Engradypind, however, its the way he has been written by Guza. Scotty was always bitter against Luke but he learned to love again with Dominique and Lucy.  He always had a scheme which I loved about him. I wish we would see more that side of Scotty and wish they would put him in a love story with like Alexis or Diane.

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    Regan Cellura

    CODY PAUL FANS…. I’ve told you that Graham Shiels once again returns as Cody Paul for three more episodes in August.  He’ll appear on the 6th, 11th and 19th.  According to the man himself, Graham says the August 6th episode is his biggest yet.

    From Graham’s message board in response to his upcoming airdates:

    Yes I am. I will be on:

    August 6th, 11th, and 19th as well.

    Totally looking forward to more beyond that, too. The episode on August 6th is so far my biggest so I’m looking forward to seeing that one. Yay! Is that gay?

  12. Profile photo of Dr.House

    I really hope they make Cody a part of Jason’s outfit. As of now, he’s completely alone in his new “organization” outside of Spinelli and he’s not exactly muscle LOL.

  13. Profile photo of Belinda

    Oh, great then I could hate Cody as well as the other mobsters, hitmen, criminals on the show. Just give us a few people who are not bad guys, why don’t they? The bad guys fight amongst themselves and no one cares. There are no good guys and I miss them. (strong expletive)

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    Regan Cellura

    We don’t know for sure what Cody will be doing.  He tipped off Jason about Karpov and it’s SPECULATION that his character will be expanded to working for Jason.  Right now, all we know for certain is that Cody will be back for three more episodes in August. 

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    Thanks Regan for the spoilers. I can’t wait for the few seconds of Liason on Friday, as you know it’s August 1st so here’s hoping that good things will follow for the rest of the month or else I will be doing what I do everyday, GH on and not paying much attention to it. I don’t know if I want Maxi to go with Matt, I kind of like her with Spinelli, maybe Nadine will find out a good side of Matt and them two will hook up. All I know is, we need some more love in the afternoon.

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    Can’t Llu going into catatonia, while Laura stays permanently? I would kill for that story twist.

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    I liked the character of Scott when he was on PC so much better. On GH he’s just so dang bitter…oh poor baby Luke stole Laura from you, it’s been 30 yrs GET OVER IT! I’m so over this soap. LOL I haven’t watched in 7 days and I think it were to tune in tomorrow I wouldn’t have missed a damn thing. Although I would’ve loved to have seen Jax jump outta the plane….sounds like it was funny!

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