As the World Turns: Anthony Hererra Returns!

We Love Soaps is reporting that Anthony Hererra is returning to As the World Turns as the dastardly James Stenbeck. He will first appear on August 27.

Personally, I cannot wait. For me James Stenbeck is right up there with Constance Towers’ Helena Cassadine and Joe Mascolo’s Stefano DiMera. I never watched any of the Roger Thorpe era so for me these three my favorite daytime villains.

I’ve posted a classic James Stenbeck and Lucinda Walsh clip below for everyone to enjoy. It really doesn’t get much better than watching these two actors together.

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    The soap gods are handing out our Hannukah presents early!!!! (And I’m Baptist!)

    I was literally just thinking about how great it would be to have James Stenbeck back on the show and then The Best (I think it was Best) made mention that it was possible Stenbeck was behind the poisonings and lo and behold he arrives to cause all kinds of havoc!!

    You know what they say about talking up the devil! LOL

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    DS9Sisko, it was me! I predicted it! I knew that this had James written all over it. Luke, It’s high time that I become a blogger now, LOL.

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