TV Guide Canda’s Soap Power: The 21 Most Influential Players

Soap Power: The 21 Most Influential Players

TV Guide Canda’s Nelson Branco just published his Soap Power: The 21 Most Influential Players at TV Guide Canada and it is a must read for everyone wanting to catch a glimpse into the various facets of the industry.

We here at Daytime Confidential are humbled to be included on the list. After reading Soap Power: The 21 Most Influential Players return to Daytime Confidential to listen to Nelson Branco reveal his list exclusively on the Daytime Confidential podcast.

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    Oh, wow, wow, wowzers and whoa! Congratulations to Daytime Confidential for making the infamous list!!! Onward and upward; indeed!!

    The Daytime Diva, Daytime Confidential~ ABC Edition, View from the Recliners Edge

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    Congrats DTC! Nelson’s list is quite provocative – as usual. He’s becoming a bit too personal though with his gripes against the brass. He’s definitely got a flair for the dramatic which makes him a perfect guy to cover soaps.

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    I’m really getting tired of Nelson. He is entitled to his opinion, but does he have to be on almost all of the podcasts lately? He really wore be out with all his hyperbole (there is no hope) about Days this week. I also don’t care to hear abotu him vs Barbara Bloom for the 42nd time.

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    I am truely honored to be among some great people here at Daytime Confidential. These people are my friends who I love dearly and I will continue to support this site wherever it may take us! 

    Thanks Nelson for putting us on the list!!!  :)  You know your stuff and thanks for telling it like it is!!!

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    I’ve been upfront and personal in the industry — and trust me, I’m NOT exaggerating when I say it’s dying. No one is denying that in the biz. There’s a HUGE difference in the industry and it’s sad and depressing. I see it up close and personal. These actors are sick and tired of being treated like slaves thanks to the mismanagement of IDIOTS. Used to be, soap stars were LIMO’d to the studios and now they can’t even afford craft services. I make more money than the soap stars — and that’s a shame. I exagerate for effect, but only to articulate the truth effectively. Does that make sense?
    And finally, let me say: I was on TWO podcasts out of TWENTY in a month — I hardly count that as ALL THE PODCASTS. I mean, I’m bad at math, but… Also, I GAVE DC MY EXCLUSIVE LIST REVEAL BEFORE I REVEALED IT! My editor thought I was crazy to do that!

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    Great podcast. Congrats to all of you at Daytime Confidential for making Nelson’s list! Strangely, when I heard NB put you guys on the list, I felt a wee bit proud. Having listened to this podcast from almost the very beginning, I think it is so cool and amazing that it has grown into such an influential force . . . Congrats to Luke for his vision, and everyone who contributes to the podcast, forums, and website.

    Good job, y’all!

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    Remember …. we all have opinions. Everyone is entitled to them, even you, and they all mean something to someone.

    Nelson, I thank you for the complement!


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