Y&R: Sabrina Goes to the Deluxe Apartment in the Sky

Even The Great Victor Newman can’t prevent this.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Yippee Skippy!!! I wonder if the mobster limo service that picked up David and Evil-Lynn can swing by and pick up Gloria, Jeffrey, Adrian, Jana, Adam, Faux-lleen and Heather??? Of course as legacy kids the last three would just sustain enough injuries to warrant recasts but the others can all join Bree Bree in the sky!

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    Jillian Bowe

    Snowi, I am LOVING the mafia being in GC for doing what they did and that’s saying something because I’m a bit mobbed out due to GH.

    season trust me when I say this, you are a bit lucky not seeing Y&R with Victor and Sabrina. It would’ve made u want to do an upchuck! Not only did I throw my lunch up but I threw my keys @ the screen also!

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    She may be dead but I don’t think it’s the last we’ll hear about her. I just went to wikipedia and there’s the issue of her past and whether that article about her is true. Is there conformation that the article is true or is that something that we’ll probably find out later. When I get home I’ll look at some YouTube clips and see how bad she and Victor were together. I’m sure once I hear all those cutesy names I’ll probably turn it off. I’ll keep my barf bag ready though Jillian. Thanks for the tip.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Exactly Jamey! Vincent Irizarry was poorly used. I could have seen him with possibly Jill. Ji-Min could’ve been with Dru and Skankrina I mean Sabrina, I can see some lil’ chemistry with she and Nick.

    season, just throw something soft at your TV.  Tanyia2, I was humming that bad boy when I saw this clip and BAM! The title came to pass.

    Thanks DS9Sisko…

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    Oh la la mon cherie a woman is dead! Poor Bree, yes she had the emotional energy of of a gnat and was at times quite wooden, but I think in large part, that was due to the way her character arc was written (more like caricature-arc). How very Sarkosey/Bruni of them. BTW, did anyone catch Bree’s eyes blinking like and indicator light while Victor was lamenting her after she bit it? I mean couldn’t she even play dead for 30 seconds? Actually, Bree was just starting to grow on me. Thank God I found my fungus cream though.

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    She was moving on up!
    (Movin’ on up!)
    By Victor’s side!
    (Movin’ on up!)
    So she could buy art that was priced….so hi-high! (Movin’ up!)

    Moo-hoovin’ onnnn up! (Movin’ on up!)
    With hair that was so dyed! (Movin’ on up!)
    She thought she had a piece of thaaaaa pie!

    Patè don’t fry in the kitchen!
    Foie gras don’t burn on the grill!
    Sabrina’s mama loved Newman’s money!
    Victoria gave looks that killed!
    For a minute Sabrina was in the big leagues,
    gettin’ her turn at that bat.
    As long as she lived, it was her and Victor’s baby,
    And there was somethin’ quite wrong with that!

    Now she’s moved on up! (Movin’ on up!)
    Po’ Sabrina done died! (Movin’ on up)
    And gone to that deluxe apartment in the skyyyyyyy! (Movin’ on up!)
    Sabrina done moved on up! (Movin’ on up!)
    Po’ Sabrina done died! (Movin’ on up!)
    And you can bet yo ass that Nikki….ain’t criiiiiiiiiieeeeeeed!

    THE EDGE OF NIGHT: 2008 – Hi-Octane Version

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    I know that I did think she was brought on so quick without anyone to get to know her and put on frontburner when we already have enough newbies to no one cares about. So I glad she is gone. And the battle between Jack and Victor can begin.


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    I knew she was going to die, but did you guys have to post the scenes before most people have had the chance to get home from work to watch and see for themselves. yes, i could’ve not watched but I think you could have waited until after 5PM Eastern time to post this so as not to ruin it for people who actually want to watch the entire show in cintext.

    Otherwise, i am not sad to see her die. This was absolutely necessary for the show to move forward and to get back to it’s core. Next time, though, please think about what you are posting before you post it.

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    Jillian Bowe

    KingTV that’s why I have a spoiler tag posted with the video. You can always not watch the clip and then see what we’re talking about.

    Season its cool but what you said was funny! Let the games begin with Victor and Jack!

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    So glad she’s gone and dead. PLEASE don’t have any twins popping into town!

    I couldn’t stand their baby talk to each other. The little french here and there was just so aggravating!

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    Oh, Mon amie. I love like that only comes once in a lifetime and is too sacred and special to be shown on television or any medium where people can see or hear. It’s too special and private and … and … oh I can’t go on. To know that I could never be that lucky to ever experience a love so pure, so true, so french saddens me I can’t go on. Until next time cherie, we we, see see, pee pee.

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    This is the first time in my life since Victor came on the show that I didn’t cry when he did. I couldn’t feel his pain cos I was soooo happy she died.

    Nikki better watch out now. Ol’ Vic’s going to be on the warpath now. I can’t wait for Jack/Victor battle. Let the games begin!

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    I was starting to like Sabrina and they kill her, why not Vicky, she is boring like hell and had a more than fair chance to prove herself!

    To each their own!

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    I liked the character Sabrina a lot. So cultured, articulate, and intelligent. I hated to see the character written out, and wish viewers had given the character, and romance with Victor, a chance.

    But I have thoroughly enjoyed ALL the Emmy worthy scenes and performances by Victor, Jill, Nikki… even Nick, while comforting his mom. I think Victor’s got the Best Actor award locked up next year.

    However, I hope this isn’t a “jump the shark” moment on Y&R, with Victor going after the mob, an increased mob presence on the show, etc… Save that boring mob/crime family stuff for the other shows, not Y&R.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Sabrina could have been a fascinating character and a viable foil for Nikki and Victoria, in the hands of a more suitable actress, i.e. Alicia Coppola (ex-Lorna, AW), Robin Christopher (ex-Skye, GH, AMC, OLTL) or Crystal Chappell (Olivia, GL), but I am sorry Raya had about as much spunk and enthusiasm as a pile of wet newspapers you find after a week’s rain flooded the porch while your family was off to visit Aunt Midge in Arizona.

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    I don’t know I think it could have been the writing and direction for her character. I was completely annoyed by the character of Ethan on AMC but James Scott is just shining on DAYS. Sometimes we blame the actor but maybe it’s just the character. How else can you explain Vincent Irizarry’s David?

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    Jamey Giddens

    What’s crazy is that Victor had zero chemistry with Bree Bree, Nikki had zero chemistry with David and Jill had-wait for it-zero chemistry with Ji Min, but their deaths are providing Eric Braeden, Melody Thomas and Jess Walton with Emmy worthy performances.

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