“Bitchy Bangs” Returns to One Life to Live!

TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco is reporting in the latest The Nelson Ratings that Melissa Fumero is returning to One Life to Live as Adrianna "Bitchy Bangs" Cramer.

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    *happy clapping* I never in my life thought I’d see a time when I’d be thrilled to see Adriana again, but man, am I looking forward to a little more Bitchy Bangs! Yay!

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    I’m sure she can add some spice now to the Rex/Gigi/Brody crap. I would have loved it if she and Rex has stayed married and she and Brody, being all tortured by the war and a man-whore, began a torrid affair. And Dorian hated her w/ Rex imagine her horror at BB falling for Brody.

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    Just when we thoguht Llanview was safe! Okay, if we MUST have BB back, here’s my dream storyline. She and Brody team up to fake a relationship to make Rex and Gigi jealous. But they end up falling in love (or lust, whatever, I’m not picky) for real and ride off into the sunset together, right after BB drops the bomb on Rex that Shane is his son, putting a (temporary) wedge between Rex and Gigi. Are you listening, Mr. Carlivati?

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    I’m actually excited! I loved Adrianna the bitch! Bitchy Bangs and Dorian where awesome together.

    It suddenly makes sense why she wasn’t removed from the opening credits today. I couldn’t figure out why she was still in. I never would have guessed she was coming back! I noticed the removal of Forbes and Tobias (after David Chisum’s removal from Friday’s episode’s credits.)

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    YES!!! I LOVE BB!!!!! Lets just hope that RC doesn’t revert her back to AdriYAWNa!!!!!! Maybe she’ll get back at her mother “Dorian” for all the trouble she has caused her!!!! Welcome Back Melissa!!!!

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    I hope that they don’t give Adriana and Rex closure. I’d rather she come back, drop the bomb about Shane’s paternity and just leave. So if she ever decides to come back the animosity and tension will still be there.

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