Former AMC Star Lands Gig on The Young and the Restless

TV Guide is reporting that Billy Miller (ex-Richie; AMC) has been cast as John and Jill Abbott’s son Billy on The Young and the Restless. The former All My Children, star was let go from last month from the ABC soap.

Last seen in Genoa City, the youngest Abbott heir was at his father’s funeral shortly before moving to Hong Kong with big sis Ashley and his niece Abby who have both since relocated to Los Angeles.

No word on the actor’s first airdate.

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    BRAVO to this piece of casting news. Having been the most interesting thing about All My Children during his time there, Billy Miller will be a welcome addition to a REVITALIZED and ON FIRE The Young & the Restless. And he looks like he could be Peter (Jack) Bergman’s brother. :-)

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    I think he is a really good actor from what I saw of him on AMC, but I was hoping he would have come on (and don’t laugh at me) Guiding Light as Shayne Lewis. I think he would have been GREAT with Zimmer and Robert Newman over there. Ah well. He will be fab on Y&R I’m sure.

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    There were rumors that Josh Duhon would be cast as Billy… But I’m happy that Billy Miller got it, he’ll be great. So….that frees up Duhon to join GL as Shayne which I would LOVE to see (I won’t laugh at you nathan77, if you don’t laugh at me, lol)

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    I think Josh Duhon would make a great Eric Brady recast on Days. It’s about time Sami’s brother comes back to town with a little more edge and hooks up with Chloe.

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    THIS is fabulous, very cool news. Y&R is definitely bringing it on. BTW, yesterday’s epsisode, the first script to be written by Thom Racina was briiliant. Every line of dialogue mad depth and subtext for days. The scenes between Nikki and Victor were Emmy-worthy as has been their performances all last week into this week. It was just such old-school, amazing soap opera with avery good, heavy A story – the Newman family and B story – the Winter family. They are setting up future conflict and pacing it so well. Having Devon tell Mr.Stanford business major Neil that he wanted to drop out of college and pursue music was character-developed story and beautifully written and then having Karen get some sass and spark finally and tell Tyra it’s time to look for a new apt. was simply the writing of a master craftsman. The Newman family stuff was powerful, dramatic and like the Gods on Mt. Olympus turning on each other, stuff of mythology. When Victot told Nikki that he would rather she was in the morgue drawer then Sabrina I was totally floored and shocked. I did not even think Victor had such a depth of hatred inside himself. But, the most beutiful scene was when Victor went to Sabrina’s office, put on the opera and Jack watched him from the sidelines. The set-up was perfect and the meaning was sad, yet we as the viewer know that this will bring so much story to the canvas. It was an absolutely single brilliant episode. Y&R is now must watch day of TV. Not that I was not watching it daily but now it deserves it. If they keep on writing shows like this for the next year, Ron C. & co are going to have stiff competition for the Emmy’s next year. bringing Billy back to the fold just shows how committed TBTB at Y&R are about brining back the core families and pushing the show into the future with it’s next generation. Nelson Branco has written an amazing review of last week’s Y&R in his current Nelson Report and the ratings are already reflecting this positive change.

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    I actually want David Tom back on AMC as Paul Cramer (I know he’s dead) because I loved how he tormented Babe. I’ll never forget the episode where he grabbed her by the face an proceeded to berate her. I in no way endorse physical violence towards a woman but come on it’s Babe.

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    I am so so so happy for Billy Miller.. He is such a great talent… this might make me watch Y&R again.. This from a diehard ABC girl.. Yay Billy!!! It’s Aiden Turner playing Aidan Devane.. so cute


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    Jillian Bowe

    petitejolie, I think Forbes March (Ex-Nash) could be a great Eric Brady. He does look like an older Jensen Ackles and has blushes of Alison Sweeney thrown in there.

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    I’m really glad that Y&R is bringing Billy back. It’s about time that Cane met his half brother. It’s long past time this happened. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens here.

    Now, bring back Ashley to the canvas and recast Colleen with a stronger actress (preferably Adrianne Leon) and we’ve got the Abbott clan back!!!

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    Jamey Giddens

    I’d love to see what David Tom would do with Shayne Lewis, especially if Tom Pelphrey was on at the same time and they pitted them against each other. I’d also love to see Sabine Singh as Marah.

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