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Here’s the Scoop! 08.05.08

Team Spixie!  The Jackal P.I. and his trusty sidekick Maximista go to work digging up information on Karpov. 

More Q’s?  I’m hearing more Quartermaine action and they’re fighting!

Scotty tries to see Laura… but is denied access to his one time love. How much do you want to bet that he just misses Lulu?

Will Claudia and Nikolas team up to find their on the run siblings? Remember there are still RUMORS that these two lock lips, again.

Scrubs Stuff… if you’re a Scrubbie, you’ll see more of your couple on NightShift.  They’ll have their little bits on GH but you’ll get the meatier stuff afterhours.  REMINDER: Tristan Rogers aka Robert Scorpio returns tonight! Again, still hearing they’re having a girl and Robin’s delivery SHOULD be on General Hospital, not NightShift.

Typical Guza… RUMORS are saying that Karpov is the bad mobbie with Jason and Sonny being the heroes.  Will this storyline bring all the mobsters together in an effort to bring down Karpov?  This storyline COULD and MAY tie more characters to the story.  Alexis, Jerry, Sam, Lucky, Nikolas, Nadine, Jason, Sonny, Karpov and Claudia.  They all have some role in this great drug caper.  Will this be once again too much mob or a storyline that finally brings the canvas together while still making Guza’s mob front and center?

I pointed out that Dr. Matt Hunter seems a little too interested in the Doctors Drake.
  Will he be a Drake?  Remember, when Josh Duhon was first cast, he was not supposed to be a Baldwin, he was supposed to be a Drake.  They’ve been itching to add someone to the Drake family.  Memo to the writers: the fans want a nice Jason Cook character, this jerk you’ve given us, not working.

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    Long time reader, first time poster :-) First, thank you for your great tidbits! Second, I heard a rumor a while ago that Johnny was going to be Jason’s enforcer. Is that still out there or are they gonna have Cody be his enforcer now?

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    Regan Cellura

    Here’s a few that just popped up…. Is a shipment blowing up?  Who’s the blower and who’s the blowee?  Jason sends a message and Karpov’s shipment blows sky high, any guesses as to who is piloting the ship?

    Did that Monica, Elizabeth, Jason and the boys scene hit the right spot with the fans?  It may have as RUMORS now suggest that we’ll get more Monica and Elizabeth with the boys.  Remember, Jason and Monica are supposed to have another scene together.

  3. Profile photo of pchca

    Hopefully someone listens to your comment about Jason Cook. I love him to death, but agree that he’s not gaining any viewers by having Matt continue to be such a jerk. Looking forward to Maxie bringing out the softer side of him… ;)

  4. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Long time reader, first time poster, thank you for your great tidbits! Second, I heard a rumor a while ago that Johnny was going to be Jason’s enforcer. Is that still out there or are they gonna have Cody be his enforcer now?

    Welcome to DC and thanks for the question.  It appears that Cody will have a job with Jason as we hinted may be happening.  The show has said the character of Cody is on recurring status and will be used as needed. 

    The Johnny RUMORS were that Jason and Johnny would team up and Johnny would fill that enforcer type role for Jason.  It looks like that one is simply an OLD RUMOR that hasn’t come true and most likely was just good fanfic. (Trust me, I have read some good fanfics)

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    Yep, all the mob, all the time.

    What crap! How much more boring will the show get before someone pulls the plug on these awful story lines? I hope it is soon. I have run out of patience with things mobular. Someone could drop a bomb on Port Charles and wipe out all the mob and its attendants and I would not miss them one bit. Falling a total wipe-out, we need to begin seeing some major redemption.

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    Regan Cellura

    There are RUMORS that Elizabeh mixes it up with a newbie… I’m assuming, as are most, that it’s this new guy that SHOULD be debuting today.  Will that bring Liason together?  Who knows.  The RUMORS have suggested that there is more Liason coming up towards the end of the month. 

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    I am so sick of criminals and murders (aka Sonny and Jason) being the heroes. Here’s a concept…let’s have the police or FBI or somebody in law enforcement come into Port Charles and fight the mob, get rid of Karpov. Let’s make law enforcement the good guys not the guys who bully, murder, racketeer, smuggle, etc. etc.

    So so so very sick of the hero worship of the criminal element on this show. My role models were NOT the crims. Somebody at the top needs to seriously look at their own morals because if this is representative of thier beliefs, they need help.

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    I couldn’t agree more with pxlbarrel. I can put up with Jason and Sonny and the mob crap because I have no choice but it burns my rear that we have to idolize the bad buys oe we don’t get anyone to idolize. The way this show glorifies criminals is pathetic.

    The Daytime Diva, Daytime Confidential~ ABC Edition, View from the Recliners Edge

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    Thank you for the scoops Regan :)
    I was hoping that the new mobster will be the thing that brings us LIASON.
    maybe I was worng, I just think that this storyline has no meaning.
    people allready think that Jason is good and a hero, so why point it to us again??????????
    I love Jason as the hero ,but comon can we see him doing something for himself and not others, for a change??????????

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    While I don’t think the word morals should ever be used when talking about soap operas, I mean the backbone of soaps are breaking the Ten Commandments on a daily basis, I do understand exactly what you mean. For example, Elizabeth nearly castrated Lucky for his use of drugs and it’s affect on their family but she continues to make dough eyes at a dude who kills people without batting an eyelash. Also, Robin and Maxie make nice with Jason and Sonny, two people who constantly spit on the guy that raised them while their fathers were globe trotting. I know people love Jason but can’t Mac and other characters not in the Jason-Sonny-Carly circle get some love.

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    I know everyone is going nuts about the LIASON storyline going nowhere and while I was just tired of hearing about it, I can understand the frustration because of Spinelli and the loves of his life now stalling out as well it seems.

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    Hi everyone.
    I am a newbie and I am a long time GH watcher. And when I say long I am talking like since 1975. I still remember the GH song. Thats a long time. I watch GH now more out of hoping things will change then watching for enjoyment. I fast forward just about everything. Except for Maxie, and scrubs. I am sick of the Sopranos wannabes being the heros. In my time they were the bad guys and the cops were the good guys. There was alot more romance on the show. Now it just seems to be violence. You know I look now not for scoops but hoping to see if Guza has been replaced. Right now the only GH i truley enjoy watching is Night Shift and an old video tape of most romantic GH weddings. Those were the days….

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    “I watch GH now more out of hoping things will change then watching for enjoyment”………… wannanewGH……….ICAM about what you’ve written. I’m just watching out of habit how & keep HOPING something will change for the better. I love LIASON & really can’t understand why they are pushing them back for MORE MobstersRus. I so hope Guza will be replaced as GH really needs some good Romantic writing these days. JMHO

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    I hope so! I am a first time poster, but long time GHr… I love the story of Jason and Elizabeth from the very start! I really hope the fans get what they want!

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