General Hospital: The Latest Promo!

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    I hate these new promos. You know nothing is gonna happen to Jason, please. Long time GH viewers know that this promno is nothing but alot of hot air. There use to suspence with the promos, not knowing what was coming up. But, sad to say, GH is so predictable now.

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    Kelev Ra

    Didn’t the latest ratings show that GH lost like 127,000 viewers or something like that? Gee, can we tell why!? :( I was one of those viewers… No Liz, No Liason, No watching !

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    I stopped watching 2 weeks ago. I keep up with the scoops/spoilers hoping that some heads will roll or the romance will come back (not the ‘I can’t stand you, so let’s do it’ sex). Plus, I just got sick and tired of having to FF’d almost everything.
    I’m debating whether or not I wanna tune in for Genie’s return. We’ll see.
    On the flip side, Y&R has been great.

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    GH badly needs a change. Mix it up! Use vets! Would it be so much to ask if, say, Liz’s roof fell in, and Monica invited her to live with the Q’s, since she was Emily’s friend and all the Q’s are dead/gone, and Edward & Big Alice were stuck babysitting Jake? Or Maxie moved in with Bobbie to get away from Mac’s over-protectiveness? Or Tracy had a health scare, and was treated by Dr Matt, who showed that he isn’t a jerk by his excellent bedside manner, becoming almost a surrogate son to her? Or Mac and Nadine started falling in love?

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    I like mob “when it is written well”
    this is not IMO “balance” has always been the issue for me…I have had nothing but back to back violence nonstop villans esp since Would you die for love?

    “Lead up to the mob confrontations” make me want them to kick some bum….be subtle not just unnecessary mob activity..let it be in the background then implode! Let me say come on Sonny and Jason get em’ go get em’

    But to splatter my screen when it doesn’t make sense..
    eg Carly is she Jason’s consiglierre now? Her son just got shot in the head; now, she is giving Jason advice re: violence? No wonder her husband jumped out an airplane to be rid of her…

    I want Jason Morgan to have his “own storyline” that does not involve Carly, Sonny, Claudia, Spinelli but


    I want him to have a storyline about “his life” with his son and the woman he loves..he can never have a storyline without it getting hi-jacked by Carly. As a Jason fan, I’m tired of it…let this character have one storyline about “his family” and trying to get closer to them after all its not that many of them left.

    Jason’s story at this point in time should be totally about getting off the, over a decade old, Carly crazy train and coming to grips with his diminished Quartermaine family. He may lose Monica so instead of pushing her away he should be embracing her esp after Emily’s death; not looking at his 10 years ago ONS pregancy stick in another one of her who’s the baby’s daddy dramas….

    This is not what a mob lord should be shown to do. Until he can be scribed away from cartoon Carly; I can’t take his tenure as a mob kingpin seriously.

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    Love the idea of Liz living with the Qs.
    Liason & the kids should move in and have Jason get his memory back slowly.
    Another mob storyline…does ANYONE care?
    It would be nice if Carly could be the one who was shot and put in a coma for at least a year or two to get her off our screens. Morgan won’t miss her; she’s never around.

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    zzzzzzzzzzzz…mob……..zzzzzzzz….shoot out………Jason is in trouble…zzzzzzzzzz………Sonny angry…zzzzzzzzz…….”he’s going to die”….zzzzzzzzz……

    SSDD – wow, I wonder what will happen?
    This is why I now watch OLTL

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    I wonder when Guza and co. will get the picture?! I’ve tuned out and I LOVE OLTL. Hey broncobetty, what do you make of Rex and Bo in 1968? Time travel? A dream? I think it’s a dream, but I look forward to everyday….on the edge of my seat, now THAT is good storytelling, ahhh I miss the good ol’ days of GH, oh well GH loss is OLTL’s gain. :)

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    I hear ya Jenny, in fact as I’m reading it I’m thinking…that sounds like me. LOL! I stopped watching 2 wks ago as well, I used to FF on my DVR and on my VCR before that and relized that I was only watching MAYBE 5 mins worth of good stuff….if that. It wasn’t enough to keep me interested. I want my liason…together, with Jake and Cam…I like Scrubs, a little less bickering, they are cutesy on NS so that is better, not as bad as they are on GH so I can live with it…I wish GH could be more like NS, but from our mouth to their ears….I want to tune in for Genies return but feel (not because of her, don’t get me wrong) it won’t be worth it….they’ll botch it, ruin her….and then she’ll be off again til they need her. I’m just plain sick of it. I want Brenda, Laura….Liason, love in the afternoon, love…laughter, drama, excitement….and when I say those last two (to TPTB) I DO NOT mean MOB! Anyways….sorry Jenny…I had to get on my soapbox and now I’m off. LOL
    I understand, yeh I used to watch Y&R many yrs ago as a teen, loved Danny and Cricket. I think I watched almost all the soaps as a teen. LOL Now my fave and only is OLTL. :)

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    Yeah, b/c drug smugglers are SO much more dangerous than doctors who try to kill mobsters with rifles and mistakenly shoot young boys in the head instead. Talk about forgetting your Hippocratic Oath! Drug smugglers are also much more dangerous than control freaks who take a hotel lobby full of people hostage for NO APPARENT REASON and blow the place up, only to walk around free to DATE the DA, despite the fact that his actions caused the death of one character (Alan) and severely injured another (Robin). Yes, let’s fear the drug smugglers, Jason. At least you have your priorities straight.

    I’m SO over General Mobsters. Someone please notify me when the the show starts focusing on the families I care about again: The Q’s, The Scorpios, Bobbie and the Spencers. Until then, I’ll be watching real love in the afternoon, on LIfetime Movie Network.

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