Is Maurice Benard Really Leaving?

Could this really be true or is it just another check out line attention grabber?  Will Maurice Benard really vacate his role as mob man Sonny Corinthos? Maurice Benard celebrates his 15th anniversary with General Hospital this month.

My thoughts: Most likely the mag did an interview with Benard regarding the end of his current contract and his feelings about things beyond General Hospital.  I wouldn’t take this as his exit interview but wonders never cease. 

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    Psh…whatever. Seen it before, esp by this mag, Mo isn’t going anywhere. Cover of magazine means nothing. I’m sure he’ll resign and we’ll live mob happily ever (insert gags).

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    I wouldn’t be surprised if he left, I sure as heck would. They have totaly ruined his character and I’m a huge Sunny fan. I’m sure with all the actors ABC has gotten from CBS lately, they would grab him in a minute. Never fear, the mob will live on and on with Jason. (eye roll)

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    I don’t buy it. MB is going to go somewhere else and start over??!!!Umm..yeah, OK…and pigs can fly. I’m sure that he is worn out from playing this character for so long. Even I’m worn out. He should have left a long time ago. You can tell he is ready to go when you watch the show. He has been phoning it in for I don’t know how long. I was a Sonny lover from ’93-’97. After that, I was over him. Plus, I don’t think Guza & Co. will even let MB take a bathroom break, so trust me, he ain’t going nowhere.

    Another thing, are they trying to kill me by putting VM’s pic next to MB’s pic. They just can’t do that to a S&B fan. Great, now I can’t breathe. VM’s crazy if she comes back because this show is a hot mess. Guza would ruin that character.

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    I will believe when I see it. And even then I would probably have doubts until his character is gone for a while. He has been phoning it in for a long time now, but also would be stupid to try and go somewhere else and start over (whether it is primetime or another soap).

    The show will not live or die without Sonny. And it won’t get a new breath of life if Brenda all of a sudden shows up (yes, I am sick of that one too).

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    GUZA A SCRIBE! The man is Shakespeare, Twain, Dickens, Chekhov, Hemingway, Dostoevsky all wrapped up in one man. Excuse me, I’m known to lay on the sarcasm really thick.

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    yeah same story, different year. i personally wish sonny was going….he’s nothing but a bully now. and i agree with lady, if i were MB, i would leave after what TIIC have done to his character – but after playing a character for 15 years i’d think he’s kinda stuck.

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    ROTFL…..season1217….re: “WHO WILL DIE” –that seems to be on the cover every other issue! I got ABC SID as a gift subscription, but it is so biased & unbalanced (a lot like the show) I can’t wait for my subscription to run out. And I HATE that they decribe Guza as the shows “Scribe”. He couldn’t “scribe his way out of a paper bag. JMHO

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