Rebel With An Environmental Cause

Days of Our Lives’  Peter Reckell is a rebel with an environmental cause according to a new interview with TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco.  

In the interview, Branco asks Reckell about Days of Our Lives being renewed, his thoughts on Ed Scott, his fans, Dena Higley’s writing and the importance of Shawn Brady to Bo. Here is an excerpt.

TVG: It’s a shame Days fired Bo’s mini-me, Brandon Beemer [ex-Shawn] because he’s kicking butt on The Bold and the Beautiful. Do you miss working with Jason Cook [ex-Shawn; Matt, GH] and Brandon?

PR: The character of Shawn is important in Bo’s life. As for the actors who played the part, I’m very proud of them both. Jason and Brandon learned the business working on Days, and because they worked opposite me most of the time, it’s nice to have been a part of their evolution. I’m happy they’re still working, but miss them for sure.

Check out the interview here.

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    *Let’s talk business first. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Days cast this happy before. Co-executive producer Ed Scott is working his magic, huh? I always believe you can tell if a cast is happy by watching the show.*

    HUH? Isn’t this the same guy who was reporting that Days would never recover and that soap actors are unhappy? Now I’m confused.

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    Who said the actors were unhappy with Ed and the diva writing the show? Perhaps it was Peter penning his own stories — LOL! No it wasn’t but presume much? Duh! Also, I did this interview during the Emmys when I was in LA. Moreover, if Dena’s not writing, the cast is happy — duh times squared!

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    Thanks for the interview. I have loved Peter Reckell since he rode into Salem on his bike. Loved his interactions with the REAL Roman.
    Bo & Hope are one of my fave couples of all time.
    DAYS knows how to do romance; if only other soaps (cough, cough GH) would try it once in a while.
    Love that Peter is an environmentalist; he’s talked about it for years and it was good to see DAYS slightly incorporate a “green” story a couple of times.
    Would love to see a photo of his baby!

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