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Robert’s back!  What did you think of Tristan Rogers‘ return last night on Night Shift?  Drop a comment and weigh in on Night Shift episode three. 

I appreciated the nod to history and it’s clear that Sri Rao (Night Shift‘s new head writer) is the fan he claims to be. But what about the decision to give Robert Scorpio a brain tumor?  Tristan Rogers gave his thoughts on Night Shift thus far on his official message board.

"We are now two shows into the series and the news is all positive. Oh yeah, say some? From a business standpoint yes. The figures are positive even if all the comments are not. My only desire is that you give this a chance. It is not the same animal as NS1 was. It has been put together in a different way. How is that, say some?

Well the premise is quite simple. It’s about …….a hospital. The action, situations, drama and relationships are all centered around, for the most part, medical issues. We do not bring in anything else. And why should we? All manner of health related problems are a large part of life, with plenty of material available for a TV show. If this was not so hundreds of medical shows would never have happened.
And so it was with this in mind that the producers and writers set about developing NS2.

My character is as "kick ass" as ever. It’s just that the situation is different. He isn’t trying to save the world, just himself. And he needs some help.
The family dynamic is also different. Father, daughter; doctor, patient.
My mantra in the business is that "I seek to entertain". If at the end of the show you can’t wait for next week, I’ve succeeded."

Tristan also talks about the decision to give Robert Scorpio a brain tumor:

"NS will change some perceptions of Scorpio. Not badly, it’s just we make him more human. I mean even Superman gets hurt in todays reality. I would not have agreed to do this if I didn’t think it would be positive. And believe me we get back to the basics of some well written drama that pulls apart this character. This will get to all members of his family.

Hope you like it.



Just Released!  Another episode description for Night Shift.


Episode 206 ("Playing With Fire") – Patrick comes to a better understanding about Robin’s HIV after he meets a couple who are quarantined from each other, despite their desperate desire to be together. Meanwhile, a jealous Leo tries to steer Jagger away from Saira, Robert struggles with another setback and Claire secretly signs Kyle up on an internet dating site on General Hospital: Night Shift, TUESDAY, AUGUST 26 (11:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m., ET/PT) on SOAPnet.

General Hospital: Night Shift stars Antonio Sabato, Jr. as Jagger Cates, Tristan Rogers as Robert Scorpio, Kimberly McCullough as Dr. Robin Scorpio, Jason Thompson as Dr. Patrick Drake, Sonya Eddy as Epiphany Johnson, Billy Dee Williams as Touissant Dubois, Adam Grimes as Kyle, Carrie Southworth as Claire, Ethan Rains as Dr. Leo Julian and Azita Ghanizada as Dr. Saira Batra.


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  1. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I loved Robert’s nod to his past with Luke, Sean, and Anna. Dare I hope that Anna and Robert will be reunited on NS? I also loved the scene where Robin was left sitting with her fathers head in her lap and she was crying for her daddy. I love Kimberly McCullough.

  2. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    I loved the nods to GH’s great past as well, including the Steve Hardy Memorial Sign. I only hope Robert is reunited with Holly, not Anna. Robert Scorpio was in character and his scenes with Robin were great. Mr. Rao knows his history and it shows! Great episode! I’m looking forward to episode #4.

  3. Profile photo of season1217

    I didn’t see the episode last night but does the tumor explain Robert’s years of being a dead beat dad and why he didn’t know his own daughter was about 6 or 7 months pregnant or did they blame Guza Syndrome? And from the sound of it Sri Rao has Carlivati Syndrome. Can they also manage some Duke references? I have a slight obsession. And was Tristan’s comments about family also a reference that Mac will be involved? I know Robert is Robin’s father but I would like for Mac to get some consideration as well. He is as much Robin’s father as Robert is.

  4. Profile photo of Trisha

    I agree with season1217 about Mac being as much Robin’s father as Robert, since Mac raised her and I would like to see more of him in the storylines involving her pregnancy. Though I would like to see him show up on Night Shift 2 because he is after all Robert’s brother. I would figure that if Robert is in town and has a brain tumor, Robin would in the very least give uncle Mac a call and give him the heads up. It bothered me a little that she waited with Jagger for Robert to come out of surgery instead of with Mac and her mother.

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    Regan Cellura

    I do have one gripe about NS… Now I’m assuming that kiss was supposed to have us softening up to the new Leo (not the actor, the character) but I still can’t get past what a jerk they’ve turned the character into.  Where did the cool cardiac surgeon go? The one that walked to the tune of his I-pod?  I liked him much better.  Rao’s version, not working for me.  Is it that every writer figures every show needs the "bad" guy?  The "jerk"? 

  6. Profile photo of Dr.House

    So far so good on the show. Nothing overly compelling, but nothing too annoying either. Some of the new actors/actresses are kind of bad to be honest, but they seem to be getting better.

    The new Leo is annoying and I don’t want to sound mean, but is the guy playing him like 5 foot tall? Just a random obvservation LOL

    And with all of the family connections in Port Charles it always bugs me that more people aren’t brought in during a crisis. As mentioned, with Robert in the hospital, Anna should stop by and Mac definitely needs to be there. It’s like when Nicolas was dealing with a brain tumor on GH and he barely ever saw Alexis, Lucky, LuLu…but thankfully Nadine was there! LOL

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    I keep reading that Mac raised Robin. I think we need to remember that Anna and Robert were presumed dead in 1992/93 (I think). That would have made Robin about 14 years old which makes sense since Robin was accepted into Yale in 1995 (during the Stone storyline). Anna raised her alone for 7 years. Robert was a presence in her life for 7 additional years. Mac took care of Robin from age 14 to the time she left for Yale (3 years?) Let’s not shortchange Robert and Anna as parents. While Mac took care of Robin after her parents’ supposed death, Robert and Anna were in a fair chunk of her life up until they vanished.

    This same criticism is always aimed at Felicia. She was an extremely attentive mother and when she left Port Charles, Maxie and Georgie were well into their late teens (I think). They were hardly waifs waiting for mommy to come home.

    Cheap shortcuts in writing have distorted these versions of parental history.

  8. Profile photo of wannanewGH

    Loved night shift. So when is this writer going to replace Guza..??? soon maybe. Loved all the different stories going on. Don’t like the new Leo. The other one was c&c.. Cool and cute..Robert making all those references to the WSB was like going back in time when I was young and thin and everyhting was right with GH. ;)

  9. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Thus far I like NS2 & Welcome Back Robert Scorpio!!

    I miss some of my favorite characters, Drs. Winters, Lee, (& Archer) from Season I. No offense to the new Drs. they should’ve included the Drs that never get story on GH as well. I am surprised since they have a lot of psychiatric segments …Where is Kent’s Dr. Winters, why wasn’t she included this year?

    I totally & completely agree:
    that Mac should be on another NS eppy with Robert (I read that Anna is suppose to appear)… Mac is a character who can barely get a segment in on GH it would have been wonderful for these characters to be included so I can get a chance to see them together.

    2. Its the writing of Ethan’ character (not Ethan) that is totally incorrect, where is my pony tail, laid back, guitar playing, IPod listening “all about medicine, cardiologist”…? Dr Leo Julian was “not” a womanizer he would have prayed with that patient. He would not have ratted that little adopted girl out…He was spiritual and took Drake to school on many occasions including the “Bucket of Chicken” dialog on GH. Who is this Leo Julian? This is not his persona, I don’t like the “writing” of this character as much. Julian and Batra are the strongest actors out of newbies “for me” even though he’s being scribed way off base.

    3. I’m getting use to the grainy quality visually (but editing still needs a little work for me)

    Mostly Positives:
    1. Antonio, ASJ,
    2. Jagger Cates
    3. Toussaint (I like this character)
    4. One thing I noticed about the scribing right away.
    No angst riddled, plot point-anvil driven scribing…just nice and easy
    suavamente. Plop plop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is…Just smooth,
    no herky to jerk me around.
    5. I enjoy watching this, and “enjoy” a few scenes outside the
    hospital setting; eventhough I like this being all about
    the “Night Shift” its a nice touch…to get me out the hospital in
    some scenes. So I don’t feel so caged in…
    6. Oh did I say I enjoy Jagger Cates simply
    gorgeous and that voice.
    “Oh my, who is that? Where you been hiding him?” He can
    come and stay in my big ole’ house…thought that scene was
    quite appropriate.

  10. Profile photo of season1217

    Cyberologist, I also agree with you as well. I don’t like the way the writers explained Robert’s absence from Robin’s life for all those years and when I heard him say, “Your pregnant?”, that really upset me. Robert, Anna, Mac and Duke (I always have to add Duke, it’s an obsession) love Robin and would never abandon her, ever. It’s a testament to the bad writing on GH that it was even implied. My thing is that for a long time I questioned what was even the point of having Mac around, I didn’t care. But the more I saw the way they were treating his character the more it upset me. He deserves more and better and some recognition. This man has been shown to be selfless and caring on more than one occasion but he continually gets the shaft. I just wanted him to be recognized for the things he’s done.

  11. Profile photo of mrsnoahdrake

    Thank you Sri Rao for bringing back the Robert Scorpio that we all knew and loved. Thanks for the nods to history and mention of Sean, Anna, Luke, Faison and the DVX. Brought back a lot of memories.
    I love that Scrubs are not bickering anymore and they are coming together as a couple.
    Glad Robert at least mentioned the HIV status (which is ignored on GH); would be nice to go into that.
    It would be great to see Mac visit his brother. I know Finola won’t be on till later but she is needed as well.
    Don’t care about Kyle and Izzy wanna be.
    Love Saira but DO NOT like her with nu-Leo.
    The kiss was kinda gross. They have no chemistry.
    Put Saira with Jagger. Robin can set them up.
    Didn’t like the twenty-something couple, though you did get the point across about hypo-throidism as well as insurance. How about mentioning Nik’s new free clinic?
    The false pregnancy storyline held my interest more, probably because of Saira.
    Looking forward to more of Tristan, Kim & Jason. They make the show worth watching.

  12. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    Mr. Rao he deft makes the show worth watching….while NS has a few bumps with the Greys Anatomy wanna be…it’s still really good, and I wish GH were as good as NS. Mr Rao really needs to head on over to GH and show Guza and his croonies how it’s done. :)

  13. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Thank you thanks so much for this!!
    I want to put this on my website…. I keep saying Robert was not a dead beat dad and the inference that he was is totally incorrect.

    He didn’t even know of Robin’s existence for the first 6 yrs or so of her life! Thanks again…because I know I get fuzzy re: the history of GH its been misrepresented.

  14. Profile photo of season1217

    pxlbarrel, I’m not shortchanging Robert and Anna as Robin’s parents nor would I do the same to Felicia. While my recollection is a little shady, Robin had no idea Anna was even her mother for the first 6 or 7 years of her life and Robert didn’t know she existed until that same time. I love to see YouTube clips of her interaction with them and especially with Duke who was also her father in a way. I just feel Mac should be included because, although, he only raised her for 3-4 years, they were the most crucial years of her life. She mourned the death of her parents, Stone, and the discovery that she had HIV. Mac seems to me to be the one that has been shortchanged. The writers for a long time have written him as this man who continually gets knocked down while taking on other people’s responsibility. The mob has been lifted up while Mac looks like an idiot. The only arrest he can make is Patrick for cryin’ out loud? He raised Maxie and Georgie while there biological father was completely absent from their lives. I don’t like when Maxie talks about Frisco as her real dad. No, Mac is her real dad and father, Frisco’s just a sperm donor.

  15. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    Season1217, I wasn’t specifically referring to your comment but a more general feeling that appears popular lately that Mac raised Robin after Robert and Anna abandoned her. While Robin didn’t know Anna was her mother until the Asian Quarter storyline, Anna was still there with her as the de facto mother. It’s not like Anna gave her up when she was born. She was “luv” to Robin and it’s a fitting nickname. And disputing the thought that Robert and Anna abandoned their child does not, in any way, reduce Mac’s importance in Robin’s life. Or Sean’s or Tiffany’s. (Half of her screen time seemed to be at Sean and Tiff’s penthouse!)

    Robin was raised by Anna for most of her childhood with some help from Robert after Robert discovered the truth. Mac took care of Robin when she was at her most vulnerable. It doesn’t take anything away from Mac to say that. (and I agree, a most underused and maligned character since the mob took over the show)

    And I also agree that Mac is Maxie and Georgie’s father if not biological but in every other sense of that word. Maxie talks about Frisco as her real dad because she was old enough to remember Frisco but I have no doubt she considers Mac to be “dad”. Georgie has only known Mac as her father. I’m not even sure Frisco appeared after Georgie’s birth in 95.

    In other words, Mac is an extraordinary character who deserves better than to be stuck on GH (bring him to NS at least so he can have some screen time) but so were Anna/Robert and Felica. They aren’t the deadbeat parents that GH writers would like us to think they were.

    AND it leads me to rant about one of my pet peeves yet again. Anna/Robert/Felicia were the good guys in GH history. They were part of the WSB team that fought for justice and fought the mob. So what happens when they bring them back onto the show in it’s mob infested state? On GH, Robert’s a deadbeat dad who seems to have lost his superspy abilities (let’s hope he’s better on NS). Anna’s a looney tune groupie who despises being a granny (you’ve got to be kidding…) and Felicia is a deadbeat mom who abandoned her children to her ex-husband (did they actually divorce?) The good guys are the bad guys and Sonny’s the perfect dad. Grrrrrrrrrr.

    Finished ranting.

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