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Here’s the Scoop!  08.08.08

The Scrubs Proposal… I dropped it in the comments yesterday (remember to check there for updates!). RUMORS are circulating once again that a proposal is coming for Robin and Patrick. Our faithful SPOILER readers will remember those OLD RUMORS regarding Scrubs and their proposal(s). I am once again hearing that what MAY happen is Patrick popping the question with Robin turning him down much to the disappointment of family and friends. He MAY ask again only to be turned down, again with Robin making the third time the charm. Those OLD RUMORS had Robin finally proposing to Patrick.  Whatever it is, whoever is asking, and whichever proposal….I am hearing its a grand gesture and very romantic. Another RUMOR says that the first proposal is a spur of the moment event at GH. Baby Shower for the mommy-to-be?  RUMORS say yes! 

Is there another Liason scene coming?  I am hearing its on Wednesday.  The angst ridden couple talk about the danger (again) and how they could have been a family.  I’m a Liason fan and I’ll take whatever little bit I can get but can we at least change the dialogue up a bit? Please… pretty please?  This convo should be before the Jason and Robin stuff I spilled the other day.

Naudia vs. Nikadine… it looks like we may get a love triangle.  The Dark Prince can’t resist the Mafia Princess but RUMORS say not to count out the Nice Nurse.  Nikolas and Claudia pair up to look for little bro and baby sis.  Nikolas reminds Claudia that she can trust him considering he’s still sitting on a whopper of a secret.  Remember, don’t count out Clic either. 

Does Lulu know what Johnny’s planning?  He’s willing to turn himself in to get Lulu the help she needs.  RUMORS say she freaks when she realizes what her boyfriend is up to.  Further on down the road storyline, there are RUMORS of a brother-sister scene between Lucky and Lulu (finally!).

Sonny cuts ties with Karpov.  Will he have a new enemy now?  What about Sonny and Jason?  Is their friendship broken beyond repair?  SPOILERS say the former partners sit down and talk, really talk. Michael’s shooting is the topic. Will they mend their friendship and reclaim their status as Guza’s greatest pairing ever?  I’m hearing Jason leaves when Kate comes in and tells the Fashionista that Sonny is out for good and he won’t be coming around anymore.  It appears that while they’ve settled things, they’re far from beng besties again.

Secret Agent Man?  RUMORS are saying that we will see Dr. Matt Hunter with Karpov. These RUMORS go on to say that after his meeting with the drug smuggling, Russian Mobster, Matt makes a call to update another person on what’s happening in Karpov’s organization.

Threats against Kristina… remember I mentioned both Trevor and Anthony? Well it looks like Trevor reminds Alexis about Anthony’s prior threats towards the little girl and suggests she find a way to handle the Johnny and Lulu situation.  Later, Alexis is RUMORED to find Anthony with Kristina.

Soap Opera Digest confirmed what we already told you.  Finola Hughes will appear on Night Shift as Anna Devane. According to the mag Ms. Hughes will be on a "few" episodes of the primetime spinoff.

RANDOM RUMORS… Sonny and ZaCrazy stuff coming up.  Claudia and ZaCrazy, daddy wants her to move back home.  Jax is back.  Remember Kate interrupts Jax and Carly and what could be a reconciliation. Karpov getting close to Carly’s son? Jerry hurt? 

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  1. Profile photo of Jenny

    Lovin’ the Scrubs stuff. :)
    I’m not a Liason fan but geez why can’t Guza give fans of this couple what they want??!!! I just don’t understand the fascination with all this angst.

    Free Rick Hearst!!!!

    Thanks Regan ;)

  2. Profile photo of roe0824

    Good morning Regan, as always thanks for your morning spoilers. The only good thing about this show so far is Scrubs. I am a liason fan and I am also getting tired of the same old same old, just let us fans be happy for a change and get them together. Guza thinks that putting them together their would be no story? Well, there is so much he could write, so much to tell that if he can’t figure that one out then he should be let go as writter. The canvas are going nuts this morning with their dissapointment of the show,they better start listening to us fans or their won’t be anymore. Also, where is Diane/Max, they are so much fun to watch, if you won’t give us some romance, give us some comedy and lately, Spinelli is getting on my nerves, he’s not fun anymore, please let him talk like a human again. Matt Hunter, would be nice if he was working on the good guys side, wonder who, maybe Jagger? I know they wanted Matt/Maxi together but maybe a Matt/Nadine would be better. Also, someone should shoot Trevor, wanting to warn Alexis about Kristina? That’s his granddaughter!

  3. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    Thank you Jenny!! :) It’s nice to see someone who isn’t even a fan asking for them to give us what we want. I don’t get why they won’t either….I mean we’re tuning out cause of it (and well all the mob bs), so if I were Guza I’d be all about Liason and kissing up to the fans, ya know?
    I’m loving the scrubs stuff as well, but 3 proposals??? WTH??? I’m sorry but Patrick has come A LONG WAY from the womanizer he used to be, to where he is now. I hope we really don’t have to go thru 3 proposals. I love scrubs but sometimes I wanna bitch slap Robin!

  4. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Roe… Molly is Trevor’s granddaughter, not Kristina.   I was also thinking about Diane and Max today as well, where have they been?  I love Spin… love his dialogue, love his energy, I almost pissed my pants at that scene with Maxie, Jason and Spin yesterday. 

  5. Profile photo of Amy

    Even though I just watch Scrubs clips, I’m hoping that they move forward with the Liason storyline. Jason and Liz are cute together and having Jason live with kids would be funny and hilarious (shhh, I might even tune in just to see Cameron’s expressions). The writers have a fresh storyline right at their fingertips, that people might really enjoy. Ugh, I just don’t understand the fascination with recycled mob storylines.


  6. Profile photo of roe0824

    Regan, thanks for correcting me about Kristina, after I wrote it, I realized it that is was Molly but Trevor should still be shot for threating a little girl.

  7. Profile photo of Jenny

    ITA, there is so much story to tell with Liason. They have so much history. They should be laughing and breathing a sigh of relief that they have found their way back to each other. This would be a good time to lay the romance on thick. We should be drowning in it. The main reason I have been on the fence with Liason is because of the lack of romance. I feel that if I see more Liason lovin’, I would become a fan.

  8. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    I adore Cameron as well. Please keep that kid!!!

    In my fantasy of the Wednesday scene, Liason utilizes a handy supply cabinet and we get shirtless Jason :P A girl can dream…..

  9. Profile photo of Kelev Ra
    Kelev Ra

    I agree with all of you.. Scrubs, good, but 3 proposals?? Liason being a couple instead of the stupid angst would be a nice change and probably a smart move since the fans are really PO’d right now… no more bla bla bla the danger, ILY but can’t be with you bla bla bla.. Move it alone Guza.. give the fans what we want. Thanks to the non Liason fans for your support, that is a nice thing. And I think they have gone way overboard with this same old mob stuff day after day after day… Give it a rest already, I can’t take a little of it, but good grief, the show is just to painful to watch. Romance Please!!! And please make Spinelli stop referring to himself in the 3rd person.. it was funny at first, but enough already.. Love Spinelli, but I think the fans are burned out on his jibberish now.. And last but not least.. KS is on the top of my list for talent on the show.. she is just fun to watch..

  10. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I agree with all of you :
    PUT LIASON TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is truly getting boring with the angest, if they will be together the show will be more intersting , because it could invoved with so many character.
    I love the scene between Jason/Spinelli and Maxi, I hop we will get more of them.
    Thank you for the scoops Regan
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  11. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Sorry season , but I have to disagree with you , I think that Maxi/Spinelli and Jason are good together, and I know that her involved with Jason is damaging Mac, but still you got love her. how she allways annoying Jason.
    and by the way Lulu was invoved with Jason and she is the sister of a a policeman, so what difference?
    the only thing is that Lulu is more annoying!!!!!

  12. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I’ve got to agree with season1217…I’m not happy with Maxie hanging out with Jason either and I really hated Lulu being all buddy buddy with him too, because it was a slap in the face to Lucky.

  13. Profile photo of season1217

    I didn’t think about Lulu but the same goes there too. They are constantly incorporating people into the mob who don’t belong there. I’m not saying that there scenes aren’t good (I wouldn’t know, I don’t watch the show like that anymore) but I have issues w/ this show and the treatment of Mac, heck, with the treatment of the majority of the cast but I would like for Maxi and Robin to be doing more w/ Mac than w/ Jason. Uncle Jason?! How about Uncle Mac!

  14. Profile photo of soapluver

    I’ll take what ever Liason I can get, but why can’t be just get our couple and let them be a family? Guza and his angst!
    I’m liking Matt being double agent, I hope he is one of the good guys!
    Thanks for the scoops Regan!

  15. Profile photo of ghaddict

    I agree with season1217 and daisyclover1938…..I really don’t want Maxie hanging out with Jason either…..I mean is it just me or do people forget that Jason is a CRIMINAL….Maxie is the daughter of the police comissioner and she really shouldn’t be at the mob kingpin’s hangout…..i’m also afraid that the character may become way to heavily mob related and Guza would eventually ruin her for me….which would really suck since after Sam she is my fave……

  16. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    You’re so right ghaddict, people overlook Jason’s criminal life. I get that he’s the hero of the show, but I would love it if there were at least a handful of women that were completely disgusted with him and what he does.

    And you would think that since Georgie’s murder was indirectly caused by all the mob stuff, that she would be really repulsed by it.

  17. Profile photo of Kea

    Thank you so much for the spoilers Regan!

    Am I the only one tired of this little cat and mouse game that Scrubs have seem to be playing since Robin got pregnant? I mean really…3 proposals? Lol. I’m glad they’ll finally be happy in the end though. That’s all I’ve wanted for the two.

    Not a Liason fan by far but can Guza get his crap together? Either bring them together or break them up for GOOD! Seriously, this is becoming ridiculous! It’s the same thing for these two every scene they have together. Smh.

    I’m on board the Naudia train but the triangle between Claudia/Nik/Nadine does sound interesting. I’m still highly opposed to Clic but we’ll see what happens. I’m hoping Naudia comes out on top in the end and I can definitely see that happening if GH gets Sarah to sign after her contract is up in January…and I’m praying they get her to do so!

  18. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura


    LuSam fans… you’re boy is declaring his undying love for his girl.  Will it take a dangerous haps for it to happen?

    Sonny has an addiction to power.  Kate gets it but she still wants him out of the mob.

    Is all just a dream?  No, you won’t wake up from the GH Mob infested nightmare.  But I am hearing that a "dream/fantasy" episode is coming.  Packed full of coulda, shoulda, woulda’s and most likely some comedy as well.

    Maxie to the rescue.  She’s saving Spinelli.

    Alexis goes to Sonny after Kristina is threatened.  Sonny lashes out at Anthony but when you’re out of the biz, do your threats fall on deaf ears? Can Johnny help Alexis?

    Liason have scenes!  RUMORS say LuSam do fill Elizabeth in on the fake break up. 

    What kind of questions is Matt Hunter asking?

    Don’t have SoapNET?  Well if you’re a DirectTV subscriber you’re in luck.  They’ll be airing Night Shift on channel 101.

  19. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    A Dream fantasy episode, probably will be a liason together, right???
    because right now its just a fantasy, guza dosent want them to be real.
    but it does seem to be good!!!!!!!!!

  20. Profile photo of ghaddict

    YAY for Lusam…..when is Jason going to find out about Sam working for Karpov???????didn’t you spoil a Jasam scene a couple weeks back or was it just a rumor??????

  21. Profile photo of ttny007

    The best story line could be Jason and Liz together rasing a family and sonny not getting a family. They could show Jason really giving up the mob vs sonny just pretending to do that. Jason could get it all and Sonny could have nothing. Also they should make Kate unable to have kids and have Liz get pregnant again with a girl. There are so many different ways the storyline could go, but just doing nothing is not the answer.

  22. Profile photo of Jenny

    I’m guessing the “dream/fantasy” episode will have Spixie’s name written all over it. True, Jason stares a lot but I think he is just looking for the nearest exit….out of this show.

  23. Profile photo of aunti2egl

    Yeh Jason is great with kids and I’d finally like to see him be able to be a dad to his own son, and Cam adores him as well…that kid they have playing him is SOOOO adorable, what a cutie!
    As for the recycled mob crap, I don’t get it either, but that’s Guza for ya, as one note as Sonny is. Go figure.

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